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1912’s “Perfect Woman”

1912’s “Perfect Woman”

Isn’t it interesting how Body Image has changed over the years?  A society’s ideal body image illustrates the culture’s values.  For example, in 1912, preceding the first World War, a 5’7″ woman weighing 171lbs with a pear figure was considered ideal.  Oh–and blue eyes and “light” hair.  Food wasn’t as readily available in 1912 as it is today.  There were no potato chips or CocaCola or other high fat, sugary foods.  This woman, Elsie, was a model of health and opulence.  A strong, curvy woman in 1912 was harder to come by than a rail thin one in 1912.  

Enter 2012.  Potato Chips, Coca Cola, Easy Cheese, Chocolate, etc, etc, etc.  What’s easier to find?  A curvaceous 171lb woman or a rail thin 120lb one?  One has to work at thinness these days, which I think, is why it is valued in our society.  

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Horseradish Cock Sauce (aka “Cock Radish”)

Mix together 1 part Cock Sauce (Sriracha) and 1 part creamy Horseradish for a spicy, delicious dipping sauce.  I enjoy it with pizza rolls.  For a spicier sauce, increase the amount of Sriracha.  For milder, increase the horseradish.


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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #fitstats for 12/25/2012: 2,280 steps and 1 miles traveled.

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Etc ‘n stuff

I’ve mostly still been doing well-ish.

Monday I ate well through the day and had my Almond Snickers bar after an incredibly tough practice…  Tuesday I ate well if you discount the fourish pizelle cookies I ate…  also the glass of Simply Apple w/ Rum…  I had burritos last night for dinner, w/ sour cream and extra cheese and salsa… it was sooo good to have some real food.  But I also went to Spin class, so…  I think that was fine.

In other news…  my back kills me  when we do those 100 laps.  Rad Die says hers does too…  so I’m wondering… what does that say about me?  What does it mean when I have to sit out because my back is killing me?  Does it say I am not as tough as some of my teammates?  Is it mental toughness in this situation, or is it physical toughness?  Do I fight through the pain or sit out?

Friday during Speed Skating I sat out for a few laps, then jumped back in, then had to pull out as we were starting the very last lap.  I was soooo disappointed in myself, but… I also had new wheels on, had already tripped and caused a three person pile up on turn 1, and going into that lap I clipped my own wheel…  it seemed safest to drop out.

Monday…  I fought to keep going until after my turn to lead for five laps.  I had to really fight once we got to Shank, who was right in front of me.  I was struggling the two or three skaters before her.  So, while I’m happy with my performance (80 laps, a three lap rest, then three more laps, then they were done)…  I wonder.  I wonder what is preventing me from finishing.  Is it physical or is it mental?  I am generally able to keep going until after my turn to lead.  Did I do 80 laps Monday and 65 last Friday because of where I was located in the pace line?  Or was that really when I needed to drop out?

I guess time will tell.  And…  do I keep pushing to get to the 100 laps?  They were going so fast then, I wish I had just stayed in the line and finished.  But in terms of speed…  I was not quite there.  I could have dropped to the back of the line…  I dunno.  I just don’t know.

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For Sunny. ;)

A review of my first few days after TBT.

Friday (technically still during TBT)–Ate well all day, went to Speed/Off Skates and hadn’t eaten enough.  Nearly passed out during Aussie hell–err Off Skates and had to step out for a bit to eat a Luna bar.  Dr. Boreman’s party–drank champagne, but ate cocktail shrimp, sugar snap peas, and a few bites of cheese, so I call that success.  (The shrimp was amazing, btw.)

Saturday: Yay!  Done.  Skipped Body Pump and slept in.  Eggs and toast for breakfast, with a smoothie.  Triscuits with cream cheese, cucumber, and smoked salmon for lunch.  Altogether way too effing much lasagna and salad for dinner at my parents.  I *LOVE* my mother’s lasagna.  It’s my fav. comfort food.  And I ate a bunch.  Then we made Christmas Pizelle Cookies, like we do every Christmas.  I ate a shit ton of those.  They are basically butter and sugar mixed (with eggs, vanilla, and anise) fried.  Delicious.  Holy Eff.  I’d bring some to practice, but they’re so light they’d end up a mess on the track.  Maybe I will tonight anyway, we’ll see.  Also some wine.  (White.)

Sunday: Scrimmage–started at 11 and I sweat a fair amount.  Even suffered through a few power jams–still need to work on endurance.  And my lower back.  Talked to Thunda about that.  We’ll see how it goes. Eggs and toast for breakfast.  Overdid it and had wicked diarrhea–I need to remember I’m eating healthy for more reasons than just being fit.  Salad and two bloody’s at Scruffy’s–not the back mac which is fucking delicious, so good for me.  Then tricuits w/ cream cheese, cucumber and salmon for dinner followed by a large warm piece of cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.  OMG.  Hit the spot.  And of course a glass of wine.

I think I did pretty well, considering.  I celebrated being done a bit and indulged in some things.  My mom’s lasagna, cherry pie with ice cream, and a skipped workout.  But I did sooo much better than I was doing before TBT, so I think I’m okay.  Also, I bought myself an almond snicker’s bar at the grocery to enjoy at some point this week.  Mmm… treats.  They taste better when you earn them, you know?  Anyway.

Eating my usual, but I got a box of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal instead of eating my stale honey nut cheerios.  😉

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Annnd… done. Results

Final Measurements:

  • Weight: 150.3  (too much cocktail shrimp and champagne at Dr. Borman’s last night…)
  • Chest: 38
  • Waist: 27.5
  • Thigh: 22
  • Bicep: 11 (flexed), 10 unflexed
  • Forearm: 8.75
  • Neck: 13.5



Differences in Measurements from September 3:

  • Weight: -10.1 lbs.*
  • Chest: N/A
  • Waist: -3.5″
  • Hips: -1.0″
  • Thigh: -.5″
  • Calf: -.5″
  • Bicep: 1″*
  • Forearm: -.75″
  • Neck: -.5″

A couple of quick notes.  First–January 2012 and July/August 2012, I was weighing in closer to 165/166lbs.  So if you heard me say I’d lost 16lbs, that’s why.  I’m also unsure of that bicep measurement.  I don’t know if I flexed or not at the beginning, but I know my number bands are not fitting now, so I know my biceps are smaller… (I lost fat but didn’t gain muscle there–yet.)  3.5″ off my waist is totally BA, though!  And 10lbs!  Woot woot.

Moving forward.  I’m taking now til January 2 off-ish.  I will still exercise and try to eat healthier, but I’m not going to beat myself up over Holiday Treats.  Then January I want to do something else to continue to stay fit/tone up my arms and core (new goal: Michelle Obama arms and Bijou abs.)  Also to continue exercising outside of derby and eating healthy.  Yay.

Some other take-aways.  I started this TBT out more eating healthy than exercising more, and ended it more focused on exercise.  I’d really like a balance there, but it’s so hard to do both.  I love to cook and I have missed doing it these past few weeks (months.)  Hopefully over my Winter Break I will have time to cook healthy and exercise and moving forward in the new year to do both.

(Here are my before pictures:)



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Just hold ’em off for a few seconds

Food: 2633

  • Turkey Sausage Muffin, milk, coffee, creamer, banana
  • Greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola and an apple
  • Greek yogurt tuna (this is pretty good, you can’t really tell it’s not mayo) on wheat w/ reduced fat swiss, cottage cheese, banana, VitaRain Sport
  • … oreo cheesecake slice…
  • Giant Salad w/ roma tomato, English cucumber, mushroom, and imitation crab.  Honey-greek yogurt-oj-apple cider vinegar dressing.  Glass of red wine


  • Long Reilly walk
  • Spin Class.  Lots of sprinting. 

OMG.  I love-loathed Spin Class today.  Sprinting is a good thing for me to work on.  And I enjoy feeling the sprint muscles in my thighs/calves engage.  But then I’m sprinting.  And sprinting.  And sprinting.  And it’s miserable.  But then it was over and it felt pretty good.  

I feel like I’m starving myself, yet I had 2600+ calories today.  Granted the cheesecake is a factor (there’s soooo much crap everywhere I turn) but still.   I didn’t eat before spin, huge salad after.  I felt like I could have eaten less, too.  I get that way–sort of a hungry/not hungry after exercising hard.  It’s weird. 

I’m exhausted.  So tired.  

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