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Apple & Grilled Swiss Sammie with Almond Tomato Soup

Apple & Grilled Swiss Sammie with Almond Tomato Soup

Check out this easy, light version of a snow day classic.

Did you know you don’t need butter to grill a panini? At least on a George Foreman Grill you don’t.

2 slices wheat bread
1/2 Granny Smith Apple peeled and thinly sliced (potato peelers work wonders here)
2 slices light swiss cheese
1 can Campbell’s Tomato Soup
8 oz. Unsweetened Almond Milk*

Place one slice of cheese on one slice of bread. Layer with apple slices. Top with the other slice of cheese and the other slice of bread. Grill on George Foreman grill until you start to hear the cheese sizzle (~5 minutes.)

Meanwhile, combine Tomato Soup and Almond Milk in a medium sauce pan on medium-low heat. Stir until smooth, serve when hot.

Slice sandwich in half, serve with soup.

The sandwich is delicious. The apple slices get warm and a bit soft, while still maintaining a bit of crunch. Make sure to use two slices of cheese, or the apples will only stick to one slice of bread. The soup… does taste a little different than if you use regular milk…

*Tim did not like the Almond Milk substitution, and prefers regular milk (or water.)  It definitely added a hint of sweetness.

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No Self Control


  • 3 eggs over easy w/ buttered toast, Naked Berry Blast, coffee w/ creamer
  • 3 Cliff Shot Bloks
  • Entire 10″ mediterranean pizza, 5 (?) mimosas.  Cheesy Bread.  Cannoli.
  • Wine.  Filet w/ gorgonzola.  Steamed broccoli.  Twice baked potato.
  • 8 (?) dark chocolate Reece’s.
  • Wine.


  • scrimmage.

Scrimmage was fun, always love me a Sunday Bloody Sunday.  I brought Rad Die a rose and a balloon since she was my Valentine.  😀  Then we went to the Walnut Room for lunch.  That was fun.  Bummed I didn’t get a Bloody or a burrito (thought I snagged one for breakfast for tomorrow.)  Next month.  And hopefully next month Tim will come.

I ate a pizza for lunch.  But then I was still “hungry.”  So I had cheesy bread w/ Eve and a cannoli.  The worst part is the cannoli wasn’t that good.  😦  But I ate it.  I had five mimosas.  Nom nom nom.  Steak w/ Gorgonzola and a twice baked potato with broccoli.  And wine.  Then I ate like eight dark chocolate Reese’s cups.  They’re delicious.

I’ll prolly eat more, too.  Cuz I haven’t had my bowl of ice cream yet today.  I haven’t been feeling super hot lately.  Not sure why.  😉

Back on the wagon tomorrow.

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Murderball Madness!


  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage muffin w/ coffee and creamer and Naked Berry Blast
  • Italian Sammie w/ fries and ranch and two beers
  • Bertolli Chicken Parmesan Pasta meal w/ wine and homemade garlic “bread”
  • dove chocolates
  • ice cream


  • Reilly walk w/ Tim
  • 50 pushups
  • 50 situps

Hit up my brother’s Murderball Tourney yesterday with my husband.  We met my dad, Rowdy, Eve, and Lops there.  It was so fun!  Matt is a fucking beast!  We saw two games yesterday; his team played and won three.  The first game they played against their own “B” team, so it was a bit of a blow-out.  But… it was cool to watch, and I got to the one friend of Matt’s I know play, Javi.  What was super cool is that while Matt is basically the best player on his team…  Javi didn’t get a whole lot of play time (he’s much more impaired than Matt.)  But… I got to see both play, and it’s cool that he’s Matt’s bf on the team.  The second game was really close, vs. the University of Arizona (@Tuscon) Wildcats.  Apparently they’d stomped Matt’s team earlier this season.  Well, the Quin’s returned the favor yesterday.  It was badass.  They had two girls on their team and both were really good.

Then we came home, I had Bertolli and wine and passed out.  Matt has two more games today, but it’s during Sunday Bloody Sunday so I’m missing.  Sad day.

It was super fun, and it was extra special since my friends came!  I posted it on the forum since I think Roller Derby and Murderball would draw similar crowds, and maybe we could cross advertise or something (or the Harlequinns could do a halftime show, which was an idea that came up,) but I didn’t really expect anyone to come.  Then three people did!  And it was super fun and we had a great time and I love ROLLERDERBY.

Oh.  And Matt is dating this girl Morgan and I met her yesterday.  Verdict pending.

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The number of these mouthwatering brownies I had with lunch today


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Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich

It would be lots better with lettuce and tomato, but I only had so much time this morning.  😉  I realized I haven’t been posting as many exciting recipes and food photos lately, so, here’s one.


  • Grilled Chicken breast, chopped (feel free to marinate/glaze your chicken)
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Mustard
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • (Red) Onion
  • Walnuts
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients together, serve on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, and cheese (if desired.)

I realize I failed to include ingredient amounts.  That was intentional, not laziness.  Use enough yogurt/mustard to coat ingredients and get them to stick together so your sammie doesn’t fall apart.  Greek Yogurt isn’t as gelatinous as mayonnaise, so this is tricky.  Everything else is basically to taste.  I used Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt, so I poured a shit ton of Red Wine Vinegar into mine to cover the sweet taste.  Totally worked, too.  I used a lot of celery and carrot because that stuff is healthy filler.  I didn’t use too many walnuts because those are fatty, while tasty and protein-ous.  I chose Horse Radish Brown Mustard, but yellow or another option would work fine, too.  I’d love to experiment with including grapes, apples (shoot!  I had those!), or strawberries to see how that tastes.

Nutrition Info (from myfitnesspal), a serving size is about 3/4 cup.  (Anyone know a good website to figure out Nutrional Information from recipes?)

Calories: 131

Fat: 10

Carbs: 5

Protein: 6

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