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Once you pop, you just can’t stop…

applies to Dove Dark chocolates as well as Pringles.

Food: 2952+

  • Honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, banana, coffee, sugar free carmel macchiato creamer
  • strawberries, clementines, yoplait greek w/ fruit and granola, no bake energy bites
  • Tomato Basil Tortilla w/ turkey, reduced fat swiss, greek yogurt cucumber dill dressing, spinach, and a mushroom.  Apple & Crystal Ice Black Raspberry antioxidant sparkling water.
  • 10 Dove Dark Chocolates.  Sad Panda.
  • Spinach w/ grilled chicken, strawberry, clementine, boiled egg and mushroom salad w/ greek cucumber dill dressing.
  • Zone Perfect Fudge Graham Protein Bar
  • Energy bite, snap peas… wine… Yogurt Pretzels…


  • 1hr. Leslie Spin
  • 50 Push Ups
  • 50 Situps

Weight: 153.6

I don’t know what happened.  I ate my snack too early?  I had strawberries and clementines instead of my apple?  I was hungry all morning.  I thought since the strawberries and clementines were individuals I could trick my tummy into thinking I’d eaten more than I really had…  Nope.  I even ate my energy bites early (w/ my snack) instead of saving them for after lunch.  The result: maybe just one Dove chocolate after lunch… or 10.  Seriously.  1 became 10.  Sad Day.

Then for dinner.  Had my salad and was full-ish, but was heading to Spin Class, so decided to add a protein bar to ensure I had enough energy to get me through the class.  Bad idea.  I was a ‘lil bloated…  plus when I came home from class, I had the psychological need to eat…  so I ate snap peas while making lunches…  and snuck an energy bite into my mouth instead of my lunch…  and finally decided to whip out my emergency non-candy-bar sweet treat: Yogurt Pretzels.  I ate them til I felt sick from sweetness.  Then went to bed.

Spin was so hard yesterday!  Lots of heavy endurance-y stuff.  I was dripping sweat the entire class.  It was awesome!  I felt great afterward!  I usually go 1-3 times a week, and have been barely making 1 class lately.  Which means I enjoy it so much more!  I know what you’re thinking.  I should apply the same thing to derby.  The thing is: I enjoy derby very much, and when I miss a spin class, I don’t have to worry about getting behind on strategy.  A) don’t care.  B) strategy in spinning?  nope.  Derby is different.

I skipped walking Reilly yesterday.  We walk her twice a day rain or shine or snow or drizzle. Yesterday was windy blizzardy during her walk time, though.  I told Tim “Reilly text me earlier and said she doesn’t want to go for a walk because the wind is making it too cold…”  😀  We played ball in the house instead.  It was fun.

My school’s newspaper has a WordPress now.  I commented on a post as “PhantomMenace.”  Hopefully this doesn’t mean they’ll find my “meanass” blog…  that could be bad…

Oh–finally weighed myself this morning.  I’ve gained 3lbs.  Ugh.  Motivation.  3lbs of chocolate fat that needs to go!  Must resist!

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  • 2 egg muffins, banana, 1% milk, coffee, carmel macchiato sugar free creamer
  • greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola, apple
  • 1% milk, greek yogurt tuna on wheat with spinach.  bell peppers, cucumbers, hummus.
  • Cheesy Penne with Broccoli and baked chicken breasts.  Red wine.  Lots.


  • 50 toe push ups
  • 50 sit ups (25 leg lifts, 25 cobras)

Tim and Misto convinced me that it would be okay to miss practice yesterday, even w/ a TT30 mix-up scrimmage.  (Snow = bad roads.)  Which was good because the scrimmage was cancelled.  So I went shopping!  😀  I’ve decided that since overweight and old teachers wear leggings to work, I should too. (My legs look way better, it’s a disservice to the people if I don’t wear them…) I bought some online at Kohl’s, but they fit a little awkwardly, so I went to try the smaller size on.  Ended up keeping the size I originally purchased (though ironically one of the packages says “M” but is actually “L” so I will have to return today to exchange them…), but picked up a pair of clearance real suede F-Uggs and some long sweaters for my new leggings look.  (Rocking them today.  Gray leggings, F-Uggs, lime green sweater!  Pearls.) Then I went to Levi’s and (sorry Rebel) exchanged the black skinny jeans for a new pair and some gray ones.  They look like khaki so I can also wear these to work, and those colors didn’t come in strait leg.  And it was 2 for $80.  Again.  And they gave me a coupon.  Again (bastards.)  Who wants a Levi’s Coupon?

Also–went to the Country Pedaler bike shop in Castle Rock and got some fancy cleats for my fancy new shoes.  I’m so excited to try them out tonight!  But I may hit practice instead… not sure.  Misto-run practice w/ scrimmage after is promising…  but spin…  new shoes…  we’ll see.

My shopping prevented me from so much as walking the dog yesterday, but you know what?  I don’t care!  It was awesome.  I had a great day.  I made more of that delicious Cooking Light penne (with chicken this time) and hung out with Tim.  Since he’ll be gone this weekend, that was an excellent use of time.  Plus I didn’t have to sit in traffic and snow trying to get to the War*house or risk driving off the “cliff” by the Rec Center like the last time I went there in the snow.  “Satisfecho,” incidentally, means “satisfied” en español, and is a phrase Tim used to use when we dated after we had a good meal and had that awesome feeling.  I’m applying it to life right now.  I’m content, I’m satisfecho.

Oh–and I was in bed asleep before 10pm last night.  Woke up feeling refreshed–first time that’s happened on a week day in a while.  I did take a Tylenol PM last night… Push-ups/Sit-ups are soooo much easier on a morning like this morning than they are after a late practice when I get home late and don’t sleep all night…  Gotta work on that.

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Flood Day!

No school today because a pipe broke and the D-Pod is flooded.  It’s a sign from the spirits, cuz damn I need this day off after that whirlwind of a fun, derby-filled, girl weekend.

I didn’t log my food or my exercise, but here’s what I can tell you:

  • I did my 50 pushups and 50 crunches each day.  
  • I played a shit ton of derby!
    • Saturday Scrimmage
    • Saturday 5 on 5 tourney
    • Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • I ate… some healthy food.. but mostly not.  😦  ?
    • Saturday–Quinoa Bowl w/ maple syrup, apple, almonds.  3 eggs scrambled w/ spinach.  Jimmy Johns vito for lunch… with a coke…  McDonalds cheeseburgers, fries, and diet Dr. Pepper for dinner…  some energy bites and cuties in between.
    • Sunday: … sausage, biscuit, egg breakfast sammie… plus a biscuit sausage sammie…  energy bite.  Naked Protein smoothie…  veggies and hummus…  beer.  nachos.

So yeah, mostly a bad Mean@$$, but I could have done worse.  (You can’t expect me to avoid McDonald’s or spicy sausage when everyone else is eating it!)  Anyway.  Was stressed out and feeling a lil sorry for myself when Eve & I pulled in to Sunday Bloody Sunday.  Slipped and fell on the ice, landed hard on my knee.  Then I laid there crying for a few minutes until Brix and Eve peeled me off of the ice.  My knee is fine.  It hurt.  I think for a split second I thought it might have been really hurt, but I think mostly I was stressed out and disappointed by getting our asses beat so hard by the MHC team at the Cheyenne 5 on 5 tourney.  It wasn’t so much “losing” to them as it was my three trips to the box as the jammer (in five jams…) that had me down.  Here, I’ll list them:

  • Serelson and Quigley hit me out.  Quigley dropped back, but I thought Serelson had hit me out.  Oops.  Stupid on my part.  I think maybe Serelson had hit me out, but Quigley still had a better position on me.  Anyway.  stupid.
  • Quigley and I were jamming together.  She hit me out, then dropped back.  I started skating back to get behind her.  Her team skated back with her.  So I paused to assess the situation and figure out what to do, when PG said (he was not reffing, but spectating at this time) “She’s not in play, you can’t cut her.”  I knew I had to enter behind her.  But when he said that, I assumed he meant since jammers are never in play, I could go in front of her–something weird with the new rules.  So I went in front of her… and back to the box.  (He meant NOT to cut her, b/c it WAS a penalty.)
  • Quigley and I were jamming together again.  I grabbed Eve’s belt to pull myself through their two blockers.  Quigley, next to me, saw, and rammed into my arm.  Intentionally.  She wasn’t trying to go through or anything, I wasn’t blocking her, but still: multiplayer major on me.

We were supposed to play them again, and I really wanted to, so I could redeem my integrity.  Plus.  Well.  I admit it–I have a little bit of a derby crush on Quigley and this night only emphasized it.  But it was 10:30 and snowing and we were in Cheyenne so instead we went home.  I’ll have to face her (them) another day to redeem myself.  (And it was really fun playign w/ Blew, Eve, Ho J, Batty, and Shank in our bad assed unitards.)

The other thing Quigley did…  her team was ahead and I think it was the fourth jam.  The other team’s jammer was in the box (another team of DRDers, but I think these ones were BA, not MHC) when Quigley, jamming, got a major.  She rolled over to the box and stood there, not sitting down, so that the other team’s jammer served a full minute, and was unable to score again during that jam.

Anyway, so I was laying there on the ice, upset about having been “Quigley’d” and my knee really hurt and I was crying and not getting up and Eve and Brix thought I was really hurt, like doctor hurt, and then I got in the War*house still crying and everyone was all worried and I felt really stupid b/c I knew my knee was just fine.  Ow.  But fine.

So yeah.  My weekend.


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Hooooray Beer!

Food: 3100 Calories.  Woot Woot


  • 1hr Body Combat
  • 1hr Body Pump

So.  I accidentally showed up for Body Combat at the Rec Center instead of Body Pump.  I read the schedule wrong.  Fortunately the teacher was Leslie, who I adore, and she assured me I’d be just fine, so I stayed for the class.  Interesting.  It’s like boxing the air.  And shuffling left and right.  And there was this short, older, wider man, who apparently takes the class all the time (or maybe he used to actually box?) and he felt the need to explain to me how to be successful in Body Combat at the end of the class…  (Meanwhile, I was watching everyone in the mirror.  Let’s just say it was a Cardio class and he didn’t really get any cardio in…)  There were a couple of dudes of a similar ilk who thought they knew everything, but mostly the class was filled with very fit females punching and kicking the shit out of the air.  I sweat a lot.  It was cool.  Glad I stayed.

Directly after Body Combat, Leslie taught Body Pump.  Lifting.  I hate that class.  I don’t really sweat at all, and I’m not really sure what my weight limits should be, so I end up all wrong.  For example, I didn’t have nearly enough weight on for the back circuit, so it was really easy.  But then I had wayyy too much for the Tricep circuit and nearly died.  Biceps were hard, too, but probably close to where they should be (read: I need to toughen up.)  My arms and shoulders hurt today.

I usually like Saturday morning spin, but yesterday was Sue’s class.  I don’t think Sue is the crazy Marimba lady, I think she is the easy hour and fifteen minute pyramid lady.  Either way, I was happy to skip for a Leslie class.  (I feel a bit like a stalker.  But I don’t care.)  Also, I did derby, derby, spin, derby, spin, rest this week.  I needed a lifting day, as much as I hate it.  And I think Body Combat was a good cardio workout for me that wasn’t Spin.  The one disappointing bit is that I didn’t get that many steps out of it (for Fitbit.)  So I didn’t hit 10,000 steps yesterday.  Oh well.  I also did not walk Reilly yesterday.  (I had planned to, but Snow & Beer got in the way.)

After class, I starved myself til my lunch date w/ Feist E.  I knew I’d be eating a lot yesterday, and I wasn’t that hungry, so I just held off eating.  Isn’t it weird how working out makes it so you need to eat and are hungry, but sort of a…  maintainable hungry?  Like an “I don’t have to eat right away, but I’m fucking starving” hungry?  I dunno.  Maybe I’m weird.  But when I’m having a lazy day and I get hungry, I stuff my face.  Exercise-y days I can hold off.  Anyway.  Lunch with Feist E.  That was awesome.  Miss her.  My derby wife looks just like a Super Model.  Every time I see her, I can’t help but think how beautiful she is.  She also used to skate for the Castle Rock ‘n Rollers, but now skates for the Boulder Bombers.  It’s cool that I still get to see her, and we still have so much to talk about despite being in very different places in life (she’s a mama) and on very different derby leagues.

A quick note–I had a Skinny Margarita that was very good and tasted almost just like Feist E’s regular marg.  It substituted Soda Water for Sweet and Sour.  So it was: Tequila, Triple Sec, lots of Lime juice, and soda water.  It was a bit fizzy which was cool, too.

Then I went to Tim’s friend Brian’s house where they were brewing beer.  I don’t get it.  It’s his man time, but he wanted me to come watch.  It was sweet.  And freezing.  We were outside.  And it was snowing.  Brrr…  Anyway, this was Tim & Brian’s fourth batch of beer, a Honey Porter.  And today we tried the first bottles of their first brew, but I forget what it was…  It was tasty, though.  They are calling their “brewery” “High Steel” because Brian likes the Broncos and Tim likes the Steelers.  I’m glad I got to try Tim’s first beer at it’s first tasting.  (I have this fantasy that he and Brian will make it big with their beer and I’ll make it big writing… somehow…)  So it was cool to be there at the beginning of it.  Anyway, I was glad to have been there, but I hope they don’t want me to come again because it was soooo cold and I had so many errands to run yesterday that didn’t get done.  Plus I really needed a nap, and ended up falling asleep at 8pm (which I also did Friday night.)  Lame.

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