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Mean@$$ got her Mojo Back

Food: 1562/2334

  • Honey Nut Cheerios w/ 1% milk, banana, coffee with creamer.
  • Leafy green and spinach salad w/ tomato, red/yellow bell pepper, snap peas, celery, broccoli, cucumber… and tofu w/ Light Italian Dressing and a VitaRain Zero.
  • Avocado w/ balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper, banana
  • No Bake Energy Bite, 1% milk


  • 50 toe push-ups
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 Cobra crunches
  • Reilly Walk
  • 2 hr League Practice (w/ 55 more crunches and toe push-ups)
  • 1 hr Fight Club Practice (woot woot!)

So I got my mojo back.  Sorry for my depressing ramblings.  Bob asked me yesterday what my favorite thing about derby is.  It’s how we derby girls band together and lift each other up when we are down.  You ladies did that for me, but more watching us band together to support Lops over the holidays, etc.  It’s how strong my derby family is–knowing what girls are going through and watching them power through.  I haven’t been kicking my puppy, but other people have and I let them.  Worse I let them convince me my puppy deserved that abuse and took it.  And instead of telling him he was good and sweet and loving him, I just let him suffer.  Poor puppy.  😦   Well I petted him.  He’s wagging his tail again.

I was “late” to practice last night (on time,) and when we did a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sprint w/ the same number of push-ups/crunches… I was the very last person to finish.  But you know what?  Fuck it.  I did all of my laps and all of my toe push-ups and crunches.  And I worked on my form like I was told to.  I get there early to warm up my lungs and I hadn’t last night.  Stupid week off of spinning ruined me.  Argh.  When we did a 10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10 at speed skating, I started tearing it up at the second set of four laps.  By the second 10 I was crushing it.  I’m slow to warm up, and that’s okay.

By the way, all the things did not get done.  Hahaha.  I have more things to do today.  I also failed at EATING ALL THE FRESH VEGGIES but I’m getting there.  😉

Sooooo didn’t eat enough yesterday.  Wow.  I felt it at practice, too (perhaps another reason I was last in the laps.)  I was tired, lethargic, and my tummy even growled at me during the last hour.




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Yep. Not quite starting yet–but getting there!

Exercise: Traditionally, I start w/ food… but… well… I look like a better TBTer in terms of exercise today…

  • 1hr spin class
  • 50 push-ups
  • 60 crunches


  • Sesame bagel w/ honey almond butter, orange juice, coffee w/ half & half, four turkey sausage links
  • Naked Berry Blast blended w/ Pom and Greek Yogurt, 1% cottage cheese
  • can of three bean salad…
  • leafy greens w/ firm tofu cube, balsamic vinegar, orange-honey-greek yogurt dressing, and some hummus.
  • 2 clementines
  • Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball, triscuits, cherry vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate syrup
  • 2 extra dirty martinis with olives.

Yeah, so I’m not quite TBTing yet, but I’m a step closer than yesterday.  I did my 50 pushups and situps.  I did not walk the dog, but b/c of Spin Class I got 10,000+ steps.  (I feel like spinning for steps is a bit of a cheat, though…)

I’m a little irritated about spinning.  Kim had a sub today, and while he’s a great teacher with great music…  he’s a chauvinist dickhole.  Once, I attended his Wednesday 5:45am class, that wasn’t on the schedule, I had just heard about it.  He told me “you can come back.”  As if you needed an invite to attend.  Then today I did well.  Or so I thought.  At the end, he ignored four females and invited a roid-ridden meathead in a cycling unitard to an unscheduled 10am Saturday class.  (Yes, I was jealous… of the unitard!)  Anyway.  Grr.

So I ate alright until I got home from basketball, when I downed some bacon cheddar cheese ball, ice cream, and dirty martinis.  Gotta get my fill of the dirties now so that I can miss them for three months.  *sigh.*  Speaking of–hit Costco today and did *not* get the giant jar of green olives.  Go me.

Oh–btw–Rowdy–my digestive system didn’t appreciate all the fiber today either.  I had mad farts sitting on the bench running the basketball scoreboard.  Fortunately there weren’t 7 other people on the bench w/ me… oh wait.  There were…

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149.2 … !!!

Food: 2226/2936

Interesting.  When I went to bed it had me over on calories by like 200.  wtf.  I could have had… a bottle of wine last night!  (Literally. And a glass.)  I’m glad I did not forego the Salmon Snacklets I had before bed, though.

  • Frosted mini-wheats & 1% milk with Coffee & Creamer
  • Apple & Greek Yogurt w/ Granola and Fruit
  • Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sammie on wheat w/ Slenderize Fuze and a banana
  • Milk, Chicken & Colby Jack Panini, Yoplait Light Strawberry Cheesecake (so does not taste like the commercials make it look like it tastes…)
  • Triscuits w/ Reduced Fat Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon


  • Calisthenics (what Fitbit calls “pushups” and “situps” etc.)
  • Short Reilly Walk
  • Spin Class

Crazy.  Avoided giant Chocolate Football cake (with cream filling) yesterday at lunch.  Bonus, cuz I could have eaten it!  Wtf.  So I ate well, and did some pushups, situps, planks, tricep raises, etc. in the back storage room of the library between 3:00pm and 4:00pm…  *blinks.*  Tim mentioned wanting me to skip Spin last night.  I didn’t want to.  I’ve done way too much leg work this week (Practice Sun, Practice Mon, Spin Tues, Practice Wed, Spin Thurs) but I skipped last Saturday… and I want a good, well-deserved, no-guilt cheat day today.  So I told him that, and he was fine with it.  So all those “Calisthenics” were for nothing.  Though I will say my abs kill this morning.  Ugh.  Bijou abs and Michelle Obama arms.  Things to work for.

Interesting tidbit about Spin Class: you keep your abs tight, right?  Well.  The past two classes, they’ve been tight enough that I could feel my bowels moving.  Literally.  I actually thought I might shit myself Tuesday.  Not really–I mean, I’d have gotten off the bike and run to the restroom, but.  I really thought I was gonna need to poo cuz I could feel the plumbing doing its thing.

What else?  So, after Spin Class (which was hard and sprint-y yesterday), I wasn’t super hungry, but I figured I should eat something.  (I’d eaten a meal prior to spin.)  I only had like 200 calories left to eat.  So, I had water with Triscuits and Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon.  Heaven in my mouth.  Soooo good.  Both Reilly (the dog) and Paris (the cat) were begging.  That put me like 200 calories over.  Which was sad b/c I’d worked so hard to stay under yesterday.  And I’d logged my “Calisthenics,” etc on Fitbit.  So I went to bed sad.

Then I woke up, and decided on a pre-poo weigh in.  (I haven’t been able to poo in the mornings lately.  Sad face.  And I didn’t poo after Spin Class, despite being able to feel things… ah… working themselves out.)  Anyway: 149.2  Yay.  Exciting.  That makes 4.5 lbs lost this month.

An aside about Fitbit:

I’m a little annoyed that it changes what my caloric intake should be like that.  50 calories here or there: ok.  But it literally gave me an additional thousand-ish calories after I went to bed.  And it had logged all of my activities and everything.  I don’t get it.  They have great customer service, so I’m sure I could email and ask and they would explain, but I don’t wanna.  It’s happened the other way, too, where I went to bed thinking I was fine and woke up to discover I was a couple hundo over.  Ugh.

In other news–it has me (had me?) on a 500 calorie a day defecit, to make my goal by… well… today?  I don’t remember.  Now that I’ve hit below 150… I don’t know what it is doing.  (Maybe that’s where the extra calories came from? Maybe when I weighed in this morning that changed things?  It shouldn’t have…)  Anyway.  Bleh.

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I’m gonna need a real cheat day soon. Like, a stuff my face and get wasted cheat day.

Food: 2054/1801

  • Jimmy Dean Honey Wheat Canadian Bacon Egg White sammie, coffee, creamer
  • apple, banana
  • Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich on wheat, VitaRain Sport, Yoplait Greek w/ Fruit and Granola
  • Triscuits.  Salad w/ Greek Yogurt & Red Wine Vinegar dressing
  • Chicken Salad Sammie on Sourdough, Red Wine, 1% milk


  • Reilly Walk
  • Leslie Spin of Death

Damn it.  I’m really bummed.  I forgot to log that fruit/yogurt yesterday during the day, so I thought I was under on calories and I drank my wine like a victory toast.  Savored every last drop.  Turns out it put me over.  Grrr.  And those triscuits.  I got home from school and ate a salad–which I managed to use my own advice to dress (I blended Red Wine Vinegar w/ Greek Yogurt–not super creative, but I was huuungry.)  But then I wanted to jam on some Doritos.  Like.  Real bad.  And Tim has had the pantry stocked with Doritos for months and I have eaten none.  None, I say!!!  So I ate a few triscuits.  So not the same, but it sort of satisfied the urge.  Still–freaking 160 calories for 6 crac–aawwww CRAP.  Fitbit only logged one triscuit.  Who eats one triscuit?  Argh.  Now I’m even more over.  😥  Shouldn’t have had the wine or the milk.  Ugh.  Anyway.  Triscuits.  Not quite Doritos.  And six, not quite stuffing my face.  I realize I had an enjoyable cheese cheat date last week, but… Ima need a junk food one soon, too.  Blergh.

Spin Class.  I’ve become a Leslie stalker.  I’ve gone to her every class since the first one I attended a few weeks ago.  Yesterday, just like Die said they would  be, my right hamstring was pretty tight. Same one where the knee/groin/hip has been bothering me.  Spinning was a ‘lil tough yesterday.  And–it was all climbing/lots of weight on the wheel–no sprinting.  Basically the class of death.  Death, I say!!!  😉 It was awesome.  I did it all.  And I sweat like a pig the whole time.  And when it was over, I had that Jello-feeling Sunny mentioned for a brief moment (I think I only noticed b/c Sunny mentioned it the other day) and it was Bliss.  🙂  So glad I went.  Oh–also–super hottie totally sat right next to me.  And before class I happened to be texting Blew, so of course I text her about that (he was totally her type–big.  Ripped. “Corn-fed.”)  And then I had this shit-eating grin on my face and was giggling like a child and Leslie said “something you’re happy about, Linds?” Uhhh… nope.  :D:D 😀  Anyway, it was amusing.  Oh–and I totally bike kicked his ass.  Haha.  (As I dripped sweat all over my bike and myself.)  Being married definitely has its perks.  Handsome boy sits next to me when I’m all sweaty and smelly?  I don’t give a shit.  I’m not trying to impress anybody.  It’s great.

Lastly–my hips were a popping all night last night again.  😦  They did not on Monday, I thought b/c of Die’s class.  Now I’m wondering if it had to do w/ my pillow/sleeping situation.  I am allowed two pillows.  One for my head, and one to hug and smother and lay on top of. (But in the summer Tim tries to make me lose that one, too.)  I’d really like a third to nestle along my backside, but Tim says no.  😦  Well, Monday, I came home to a third pillow and just left it there…  So I was more on my back with the pillow under me, and my huggle snuggle pillow on top of me, with my head pillow under my head.  (If I were cool like Quentin, I’d draw a diagram, but this, alas, is not Chickpeas and Hulahoops.)

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Shoulda Gonta Spin Class

Food: 2009/1908

  • 3 eggs w/ mushrooms, sourdough toast w/ Apple Butter, coffee & sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Banana, cottage cheese, Protein Chewy Bar
  • Beer.
  • Grilled Chicken Breast w/ Quinoa and Garbanzo beans and salad w/ Ken’s Bleu Cheese dressing
  • Wine.


  • “Scrimmage”
  • Reilly walk, short-ish

Tim’s watching football so I decided to write about today now rather than wait.  😉  So, small practice so we worked on drills.  Pretty chill.  My skating endurance has slipped due to my low attendance the past few weeks.  I’ll have to step that shit up this week.  Really wishing I’d gone to Spin yesterday morning rather than sleep in.  Ugh.  I do think we made the best of our practice time this morning, and had a really good group.  I did some pushups and situps and planks.  I was impressed with my pushups.  Usually I can only manage fiveish on my toes.  I did ten.  A few times.  So that was cool.  Took Reilly on a short walk.

Food’s been good.  Big breakfast, no lunch, minimal snacking, healthy dinner.  It says I’m 100ish calories over and to “exercise more to eat more.”  That’s outta the fucking question.  Well.  At least in terms of fitbit.  For fitbit only “steps” = “exercise.”  But maybe I’ll do some more planks or something so I feel less bad about the wine I’m drinking…  and the Mango Sherbet I’m fantasying about…

Oh–and my “food fuckup” of the day is…  Ken’s Bleu Cheese Dressing.  220 calories per serving.  Are you out of your fucking mind?  Really?  220 calories?  How the fuck can you pack that many calories in there?  Oh, right, it’s pure oil or some shit.  Blech.

OMG, how is there still football on???

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Blah, blah, blah, ‘n stuff.

I just feel like blah blah blah-ing.

First–girl stuff.  So my period sorta restarted about 12 hours after it stopped.  Can’t say whether that’s normal or not, since I usually rock the tampax and have been sporting a leftover kotex (read: pad) this go.  It’s usually very light like that.  Weighed in at 150.2 and 18.9% body fat this morning.  Holy shit.  I can’t believe it.  We’ll see if it stays there… this is likely the post period de-bloat, so it will.  We’ll see.  I haven’t been exercising/eating as well the past few days

Second–my hips.  They’re bad.  They pippity pop in and out of place.  Which is bad.  My right hip especially.  And my right knee is bothering me, too.  And my right groin.  The same muscle is what’s tight at my knee… (what’s a knee-groin called?)  I’m wondering if the knee/groin stuff is related to the hip displacement.  😦  I need to see Dr. Borman, just when, you know?  Busy busy busy.  Ugh.

Third–holy eff have I been a bitch today.  I bitched up a storm on every thread and it’s mom on the forum today.  More than one person thinks my comments are directed at them.  I think I’ve got that all under control, but I sort of feel bad. Then again, I didn’t say anything in haste and I didn’t say anything that I don’t sincerely mean.  So.  I just don’t know.  Sometimes you have to point out the obvious, right?  Sometimes you have to be the devil’s advocate, the bad guy.      I just did it a lot today.  😦

What else?  Oh.  Scrimmage today.  Oi.  Six of us.  😦  We did drills and stuff and made the best of it.  But I’m worried what the next few weeks hold in store for us.  It feels like we’re falling apart and all we do is bitch about it while nothing gets better.  Sometimes, I worry that I’m the problem. I hope somebody would point that out if it were the case.

… I think that’s all for now.  Oh–wait.  Psycho.  I managed to piss off Psycho Babble today as well.  Oi.

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Blah, blah, blah, time to double down.

I’m stressing a little, so I’m just going to reflect and come up with a plan.  This week I am missing both Monday and Wednesday night practices, and I can’t  make up Thursday b/c I have Parent/Teacher Conferences and I ditched the last ones for the MHC/FC scrimmage…

Without Monday/Wednesday practice this week, I have an additional 9hrs of free time this week.  My book club, which I stopped attending in June of 2011 due to derby-induced busy-ness, is discussing one of my favorite books, (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,) this evening at one of my favorite people and one of the best hostesses I know’s house.  At 6:00pm.  How I would love to attend. Unfortunately, life is in the way and I can’t.   *Sigh.*  Would have been weird to show up 18 months later all “Lisbeth’s eidetic memory is clearly symbolic of…”  Quick aside: I loved that book and Lisbeth.  So much that I really wanted to use her for my derby name.  I wanted to be: Lindsbeth Salander.  Or something.  But it was too hard to say, and the pop culture reference so diluted it wasn’t worth it.

Ok.  So.  “To Do.”

  1. Exercise.  I am skipping practice and thus must:
    • Tues: Spin w/ Leslie @6:00pm tonight.  (She is the weird Marimba music instructor.  *Sigh.*)
    • Wed: Exercise on my own.  Long Reilly walk, push-ups, and planks.  At least.
    • Thurs: 😦  P/T Conferences.  I don’t know what can be done.  (Regular work day 7-4, “Dinner,” then “conferences” in my dress clothes 5-8:30)
    • Fri:  Same.  Crap.  Maybe Karen will come in at 7:00 so I can go to Kim’s Spin class from 5:45am-6:45am.  I could be to work and in jeans and a polo by…  7:30…  We’ll cross that bridge later this week.
  2. Z & V Stuff.  Rowdy and I are now captains.  Yay us.
    • line-ups (not worried about this even a little bit.)
    • Gifties.  I have great ideas, just need time to put them together…I think I can get stuff this afternoon on my way home, then put stuff together Wed & Fri after work.
  3. Work.  (Funny that I put work last.  Tee hee.  I think just because it’s the thing I’m least concerned about completing–it’s a matter of doing, not of finding time to do.)
    • PTI/PGI… thing.  I get an extra couple hundred bucks for jumping through a bunch of metaphorical hoops.  At least one of which is due next Wed.  I have no idea how to even start yet.
    • Order Books.  (One of the best parts of my job, I just haven’t had any time, but I need to do this STAT!)
    • State Library Survey thing.

Okay.  That makes my week appear a little more manageable.  I worry that exercising is what will go uncompleted. I have been doing so well w/ TBT and derby, I don’t want to give up/start slacking now.  Especially because I think it’s time to double down.  😉  Any time it seems like it’s the right time to take a break, I double down.  Made Sunday practices?  Double down.  Skills tested?  Double down.  Made Conts?  …that was actually like a Quadruple down, but still.  Doing well w/ TBT?  Double down.

Also–twice this weekend it was suggested to me that I lift.  Eve said it first, and I don’t remember why.  Batty said it second, in response to my: “I am the world’s slowest jammer.”  I get through, but I’m so fucking slow it’s absurd.  Everyone can catch me.  Sprint muscles.  She suggested Kettle Bells.  Ugh.  I’m not sure if lifting is the answer, mostly b/c I don’t want to, but… also.  Kill Bill (spin instructor) said something about big muscles vs little sprint muscles last Friday, and the subsequent drill perfectly illustrated what he meant.  (The slow heavy weight–>sprint no weight one at the end that I mentioned when it happened.)  Anyway.  Time to double down.  I’ll take a “break” in December.  After TBT.  (Btw, I think we should TBT again January 1.)

Lifting.  Somebody help me.  I need to.  I know I need to.  BodyPump?  How often?  Derby 3x/week, Spin 1-2x/week, Lifting…  1x/week?  2x/week?  20 push-ups and a minute plank every day?  What should I be doing?

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Creature of Habit

Food: 2735/1661 calories  (oops…)

  • Frosted Mini-Wheats w/ 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, Luna Bar
  • Apple, Natural PB & Simply Fruit J, 1% milk
  • Yogurt (chocolate?) pretzels
  • Meatloaf, Quinoa, Wine


  • Longish walk w/ Reilly

Oh man.  I don’t know how people do it.  I skipped practice yesterday.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted and derby-d the eff out.  In two years, I’ve not had a break, and I simply do not miss practice.  I transferred literally the week after Champs last year, then worked my ass off to move through the practice ranks, get skills tested, be drafted (Sunny–remember I was worried no one would want me?), see if I could make Conts, not get kicked off Conts, and then possibly play both Cont bouts.  (Which worked.  Yay.)  I’m still over here all “what can I do to be a better derby player?”  w/ my TBT.  Apparently some people think I am trying to lose weight.  I’m not, really, but if that happens, cool. I know some of my belly is not muscle and thus not conducive to effective derby-ing.

Anyway, my point.  I dawdled out of work yesterday.  Left at 3:15 instead of 2:57 because I wasn’t rushing home to get my shit done and go to practice.  I took Reilly on a nice long walk because I missed her all weekend and wanted to spend time w/ her and she loves walking.  I have been wanting to make meatloaf for weeks, so I made meatloaf.  It was like 7:00 by the time my dinner was in the oven.  So much for Body Pump at the Rec Center.  So much for “lifting” on my own.

Then.  I entered “Meatloaf” onto fitbit.  700 calories.  Whaaaaa?  *Sigh.*  So much for meatloaf sammies.  Whatever.  It satisfied my meatloaf urges (yeah, that’s a weird statement in context… out of context… yikes.)

Blah blah back to topic.  A few weeks ago, Queen had posted about habits.  How they are formed, etc.  I can’t seem to make myself work out at home.  I don’t know.  I can make myself go to the gym (grudgingly,) but trying to lift a 5lb weight on my own, use my Wii Active, or do a couple of push ups…  it just never happens.  Which is why I’m trying to go to the classes at the Rec Center.  Ugh.

Also–and I think today is a two post day, two people suggested I start lifting, not just Spinning, this past weekend.  Plus Suzy Hotrod said to also (in the last fiveonfive.)  So.  Spinning.  Lifting.  Derby.  Oh My!


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Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and Elevensies

Food: 1262/1757

  • Breakfast: Quinoa cooked in 1% milk w/ 1/2 Pink Lady apple, maple syrup, and almonds.  A banana, grapefruit juice, coffee w/ sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Second Breakfast: 4 egg white omelette w/ cherry tomatoes, spinach, and a pinch of parmesan cheese.
  • Lunch: Honey Roasted Almond Butter & Honey Sammie on wheat w/water
  • After Practice Snackie: Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar (not my favorite,) and 1% Cottage Cheese.


  • 2 hr league practice
  • 1 hr cont. practice

Was feeling sickly yesterday, so I took a long nap.  Had a huge two part breakfast that was very protein heavy.  It kept me feeling pretty full most of the day (yay!) So I tried something similar today. Also, it looks like I only had 1200ish calories yesterday (???) Practice was good, Rad Die ran it, and showed me some stretches for my groin.  Apparently to stretch your groin, a provocative position is required, though there are several to choose from.

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Give me the strength to…

Since Parent/Teacher Conferences were yesterday, the fridge is full (literally) of goodies.  I had a hard time fitting my lunch in.  Casseroles, meatballs, brownies, cookies, cakes, fruit, pasta, etc, etc, etc.  Everything bad for me.

Today, I will eat my pre-packed snacks and lunch and not the leftovers from last night.

Also, a question…  my groin.  It hurts.  I want to ice it, except that it would be weird to put an ice pack on my vagina considering I work at a high school.  And after school, I am running the Volleyball scoreboard.  Sooo…  I’m not gonna be icing it.  I did put Tiger Balm on it.  (Another thing not to do when you’re working in a school.  The surrounding areas…ah… “tingle” as well…  *blushes*)  And I took some advil.  I’m gonna see if my doctor will call in some muscle relaxors for me for tonight.

My question is…  Spin Class in the morning.  I haven’t been since last Wed.  I have done no extra-derby exercise since last Wed.  I really need to go, esp. considering my endurance issues.  But…I don’t want to aggravate it.  So…  To spin or not to spin?  Tomorrow. ?

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