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January 2013 Challenge

I’m not doing pictures because I literally posted them two weeks ago.  Things haven’t changed much since then, though I’ve been indulging in everything bad for me and it is absolutely catching up at least in terms of how I’ve been feeling (lethargic and bloated with digestive problems to boot. I’ve been so sedentary, I get dizzy when I stand up.)

I’m doing this again.  Why?  I want to form habits.  I want them ingrained in me like second nature.  They aren’t quite there yet.

My “big idea” goals are: improve derby skills, balance my life, maintain weight at 145-150lbs. To achieve these three things, I will:

  1. 50 toe push-ups. 50 sit-ups, and 10,000 steps every day
  2. Actively drink more water
  3. Exercise 6 days per week:
    • Sunday: scrimmage
    • Monday: 2hr league practice, 1hr contenders practice
    • Tuesday: Spin
    • Wednesday: 2hr league practice
    • Thursday: Spin
    • Friday: off
    • Saturday: Body Pump/Body Combat
  4. One “Cooking Light” meal with Tim per week.

Balance is going to be difficult.  I’m so focused on derby, I leave little room for work or my husband, and those two things should come first.  Tim especially.  I enjoy cooking, and started the last TBT off more cooking/eating well than exercising, and I shifted somewhere in the middle.  I want to even everything out this go.  I don’t know if I can do it all, but I’m hopeful.

Oh–also–it is the height of basketball season.  I run the scoreboard for the team at my school, and they have home games 1-2 times per week through January and February.  That will cut into my exercising regime.

And I’m getting back into the swing of things today, but I’m not really starting until Monday, January 7.

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