About Mean@$$ and this Blog

About Mean@$$:

I am Lindsay Brennan, Teacher Librarian at Legend High School by day, and Phantom Menace (#R2D2) of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, skater extraordinaire (or just ordinaire 😉 ) by night.  I taught high school English and coached girls and boys swimming for five years at ThunderRidge High School before transferring to the library position here.  Because I was no longer coaching, I joined the Castle Rock ‘n Rollers where I learned the basics of Roller Derby before transferring to RMRG in November 2011.  Though I don’t coach anymore, I try to stay involved in students extracurricular activities by running the Boys Basketball Scoreboard, the Volleyball Scoreboard, etc.  Since joining RMRG, I was drafted first to the United States Pummeling Service (Going Postal since 2011!) and then qualified for our “B” travel team, the Contenders.  While I don’t see myself making the “A” team, the 5280 Fight Club, I do want to be the best skater I can be and do the best job I can on and off the track for my league and the teams I am a part of.  I constantly strive to learn new skating skills/improve the skills I have, etc.  I love Roller Derby.  I love skating.  I love my league.  I love my teammates.  I love being fit and strong.  I love Roller Derby.

Enter: this blog.  It started as a place to post my Total Body Transformation (TBT)  struggles and triumphs… that’s what it still is.  I post regarding my diet and exercise and comment on my friends and league-mate’s blogs.  Sometimes I post recipes of things I’m eating/want to eat, whether they are TBT friendly or not.  Sometimes I just reflect on life or derby, etc.  Apparently people enjoy reading my musings…  so I post pretty frequently.  I like writing, and I like amusing people.  The current round of TBT started on September 1, and runs through December 1.  So far I’ve posted (*nearly*) every day and made some progress with my goals.  We’ll see if I last 90 days this time…

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    Teresa said,

    Thanks for following my blog. Hope you enjoy the recipes!

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