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Monday, March 3 & Tuesday, March 4

Monday, March 3

  • 20 minute ab/arm workout w/ Misto (this sounds like NBD.  it was.)
  • 2 hr Misto practice
  • 1 hr TT32 practice

Tuesday, March 4

  • 1 hr spin class.  2 spring tabatas. 

sooooo… tired.   have only had 2 glasses of wine this week.  

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Once you pop, you just can’t stop…

applies to Dove Dark chocolates as well as Pringles.

Food: 2952+

  • Honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, banana, coffee, sugar free carmel macchiato creamer
  • strawberries, clementines, yoplait greek w/ fruit and granola, no bake energy bites
  • Tomato Basil Tortilla w/ turkey, reduced fat swiss, greek yogurt cucumber dill dressing, spinach, and a mushroom.  Apple & Crystal Ice Black Raspberry antioxidant sparkling water.
  • 10 Dove Dark Chocolates.  Sad Panda.
  • Spinach w/ grilled chicken, strawberry, clementine, boiled egg and mushroom salad w/ greek cucumber dill dressing.
  • Zone Perfect Fudge Graham Protein Bar
  • Energy bite, snap peas… wine… Yogurt Pretzels…


  • 1hr. Leslie Spin
  • 50 Push Ups
  • 50 Situps

Weight: 153.6

I don’t know what happened.  I ate my snack too early?  I had strawberries and clementines instead of my apple?  I was hungry all morning.  I thought since the strawberries and clementines were individuals I could trick my tummy into thinking I’d eaten more than I really had…  Nope.  I even ate my energy bites early (w/ my snack) instead of saving them for after lunch.  The result: maybe just one Dove chocolate after lunch… or 10.  Seriously.  1 became 10.  Sad Day.

Then for dinner.  Had my salad and was full-ish, but was heading to Spin Class, so decided to add a protein bar to ensure I had enough energy to get me through the class.  Bad idea.  I was a ‘lil bloated…  plus when I came home from class, I had the psychological need to eat…  so I ate snap peas while making lunches…  and snuck an energy bite into my mouth instead of my lunch…  and finally decided to whip out my emergency non-candy-bar sweet treat: Yogurt Pretzels.  I ate them til I felt sick from sweetness.  Then went to bed.

Spin was so hard yesterday!  Lots of heavy endurance-y stuff.  I was dripping sweat the entire class.  It was awesome!  I felt great afterward!  I usually go 1-3 times a week, and have been barely making 1 class lately.  Which means I enjoy it so much more!  I know what you’re thinking.  I should apply the same thing to derby.  The thing is: I enjoy derby very much, and when I miss a spin class, I don’t have to worry about getting behind on strategy.  A) don’t care.  B) strategy in spinning?  nope.  Derby is different.

I skipped walking Reilly yesterday.  We walk her twice a day rain or shine or snow or drizzle. Yesterday was windy blizzardy during her walk time, though.  I told Tim “Reilly text me earlier and said she doesn’t want to go for a walk because the wind is making it too cold…”  😀  We played ball in the house instead.  It was fun.

My school’s newspaper has a WordPress now.  I commented on a post as “PhantomMenace.”  Hopefully this doesn’t mean they’ll find my “meanass” blog…  that could be bad…

Oh–finally weighed myself this morning.  I’ve gained 3lbs.  Ugh.  Motivation.  3lbs of chocolate fat that needs to go!  Must resist!

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  • honey nut cheerios w/ 1% milk, coffee, creamer
  • apple, greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola
  • parmesan herb sun chips.  apple.
  • subway 6″ turkey avocado on wheat w/ all the veggies & honey mustard.  (no cheese…) and a mor (sparkling flavored mineral water.)
  • Spicy Shrimp Noodle Bowl
  • Party food.  Wine.  Soda.


  • 50 push ups
  • 50 sit ups
  • Reilly Walk

I’m feeling sucky.  I missed Tuesday spin b/c of basketball.  I missed Thursday spin b/c of basketball.  I missed Saturday spin b/c…  I just didn’t go today.  And I skipped my push ups and sit ups.  Naughty Menace.

Balance is a goal, right?  I can’t seem to figure it out.  Basketball is getting in the way.  I either have to skip spin or Tim time.  (It doesn’t interfere w/ derby.)  Last night I skipped Speed Skating for Tim time–I made him dinner before the party.  It was delicious and a good decision.  Then I got home at 1am and so slept in a bit instead of going to Saturday Spin.  I’m feeling panicky about it, especially in light of my upcoming week:

Tomorrow–scrimmage.  Monday–practice.  Tuesday–basketball.  Wednesday–practice.  Thursday–Valentine’s Day, Friday…  Speed Skating?  Saturday… Spin?

I’m thinking if I go to work late Wednesday, I can hit the early morning Spin Class…  and maybe feel less guilty.  I dunno.  Otherwise it’ll be 2+ weeks no spin class.  !!!  What if I don’t make it??!!

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  • Honey nut Cheerios w/ 1% milk, coffee, creamer, banana
  • Spinach, mixed greens, cherry tomato, snap pea, tofu salad w/ light italian dressing.  Rice Krispie treat.  VitaRain Zero.
  • Energy Bite
  • 1% milk, cheese tortellini in meat sauce with parmesan.


  • 50 toe push ups
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 cobra crunches
  • Reilly walk
  • Leslie Spin (finally)

Thank you for the support yesterday, ladies.  It meant a lot.  I was better through the day… went to bed around 8pm.  Haha.  Woke up shitty again.

Trying to focus on balance, since that is one of my goals this quarter.  So last night when I had intended to eat a salad with the pounds of fresh veggies I purchased last weekend that are rotting in my refrigerator, and Tim was upset that I didn’t want to try his tortellini in meat sauce (ragu)… I had the tortellini.  Balance.

This week is tough, besides practice, Thursday bball, Friday bball, Saturday tournament, Sunday tournament.  No balance.  I considered taking Friday off of basketball–and immediately wanted to opt for Speed Skating class, also no balance.  I think I will feel guilty skipping skating, so I will just do the basketball–plus I’ll make $30.  Poor Tim suffers this week.  😦  But I warned him over break, and took my skating break and enjoyed it with him.  This whole month is rough.  I was thinking of sitting the Ice/Snow bout out, and the Punks bout, but now I’m stressed about my volunteering credit, even though I will be running Hoods line-ups Sunday.  (Does it count?  Tina says it does, but what if it ends up not counting?) So I dunno.  This is my month, though:



So Tim left a lil before me this morning–he always does–and.  Well.  Poor Tim suffers when I’m upset.  Men are so clueless.  He is trying to be sweet but it just isn’t working.  He hugged me while I was getting dressed and put his cold assed hands on my skin.  😡  He made my lunch, with a huge thing of leftover tortellini. 😡  Does he not realize there are pounds of veggies and fruits in the fridge?  That are rotting as we continue not eating them?  And it’s not like I didn’t cut them up into bite sized pieces that dip perfectly into his favorite wasabi hummus that I also bought that is also sitting untouched in the fridge.  I made a giant bowl of salad and brought some w/ tofu and left his tortellini in the fridge.  Which will hurt his feelings, because he is trying.  Which of course only stresses me out more and then makes me feel bad for feeling bad and being a bitch to him as a result.   Anyway.  Now I must continue doing all of the things.


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Almost there…. almost… there… just a few seconds…

Food: 2093

  • Honey Nut Cheerios, 1% milk, banana, coffee, creamer
  • Greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola, apple
  • Greek yogurt Tuna on wheat w/ reduced fat swiss, cottage cheese, banana, VitaRain Sport
  • Triscuits w/ Garlic and Herb Alouette spreadable cheese, red wine


  • Reilly walk
  • Sweets Practice

Good practice tonight, but I didn’t feel like I skated that great, more kinda blah.  Tim wants me to skip spin class tomorrow so we can… you know… be wife-husbandly.  I feel like I can’t say no, but…  but…  two more days of TBT.  And then I have the next few weeks off of school.. and derby…  so…  yeah.  I wanna ask.  But then Saturday we’re going to my parent’s for dinner, so…  I just don’t know what to do.

Avoided a tray of cookies/fudge etc. AND a bucket full of bagels and cream cheese AND the Dove chocolates today.  Woot woot.  I’m hungry still after dinner.  😦 I will just go to bed soon so that I get over it.

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