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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #fitstats for 9/29/2012: 15,283 steps and 7 miles traveled.

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Forceps, please?


  • Frosted mini-wheats and 1% milk, coffee with sugarfree french vanilla creamer
  • Greek yogurt w/ granola and fruit, apple
  • Stroganoff & fuze
  • Frozen Quesadilla Pizza, Salad (mixed baby greens, spinach, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, dillweed, cucumber, reduced fat sour cream, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper), Red wine


  • ūüė¶ ¬†didn’t.

I had a colposcopy today. ¬†I suppose it could have been worse. ¬†She said something about the…tool.. having been…sharpened… recently. ¬†The… um… ¬†fact that it was well-maintained meant the… biopsy… ¬†went quickly and relatively painlessly. ¬†It felt like I was sitting there with a speculum in my hoo-hah for an eternity, though, and the longer it was in there… I dunno. ¬†Maybe I was clenching? ¬†Maybe I was just nervous… but it was exponentially more uncomfortable as I sat waiting. ¬†Apparently things looked good (she kept saying “Not impressed” which at first freaked me out, but she also said “looks good” so I think she meant she wasn’t impressed w/ the abnormal pap results? ¬†I dunno. ¬†I was a lil freaked out and likely not paying enough attention/focused enough.

Anyway, once it was finally over, I had this brief moment of like… ¬†almost vertigo. ¬†I was laying down, so the world didn’t go sideways, but I had this intense nausea/dizziness and things sorta went black for a second. ¬†I wanted to throw up. ¬†I think I could have. ¬†I didn’t. ¬†I got dressed, carefully drove home, and laid down to nap for a bit. ¬†It hurt. ¬†After.

When I woke up, I tried to take Reilly for a walk. ¬†But… she was sooo hyper from not getting her walk at 3:30 when I got home, it just didn’t go well. ¬†She saw a rabbit three doors from home and ran at it. ¬†Normally I can manage that behavior, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. ¬†I feel kinda like a Grannie. ¬†So we returned home. ¬†No afternoon walk for Reilly. ¬†(Tim takes her every morning at 5am.)

Anyway, I realize I’m fine and I’m being dramatic. ¬†But something about having a piece of my cervix snipped off just really bothers me. ¬†The idea of it is nauseating. ¬†Actually, it stung a bit, but it was fine. ¬†I should have been able to walk the dog just fine. ¬†I just… ¬†didn’t.

And for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. it’s scary walking in for a pap, right? ¬†How about when you see this on the counter:


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Salads and Salad Dressings

Often when I “diet” or try to eat healthier, I find myself eating more produce. ¬†More vegetables, more fruits, etc. ¬†Salads are a natural option… but what if I only have two or three “salad” ingredients? ¬†What if I don’t have lettuce?

And what about salad dressing? ¬†That’s where the calories in a salad comes from, but it’s also where most of the flavor is as well.

Some things I’ve learned.

Salad: Even if you only have two ingredients, you can easily make a really awesome salad.  Even if one of the ingredients is not lettuce.

  • Spice up your salad with SPICES. ¬†Rosemary, Dillweed, Garlic, Salt & Pepper, Sage, Thyme, etc. ¬†Don’t go crazy–stick to one, maybe two spices, but it will add a ton of flavor and few (if any) calories to your salad.
  • Who needs lettuce? ¬†One of my favorite salads is sliced Avocado in Balsamic Vinegar… Or avocado and tomatoes, tomatoes and cucumber, etc. ¬†Once, I had *some* lettuce, but not enough for a “salad,” so I used basil leaves as flavorful filler lettuce leaves. ¬†That turned out to be one of the best salads I’ve ever made.

Dressing: ¬†A good dressing can make or break your salad, and also your caloric intake. ¬†Do you know how incredibly easy it is to make your own salad dressing? And generally, they taste a whole lot better than store bought dressings… at least if you’re getting light dressing (nothing beats Ken’s Bleu Cheese in my world.)

I started making my own dressings when I had run out of balsamic viniagrette. ¬†It’s just balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and spices right? ¬†Pretty much. ¬†You can make your own dressing by mixing anything acidic with anything oil-based. ¬†Add herbs and spices for a twist. ¬†Examples include:

  • balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper
  • lime juice, olive oil, cilantro
  • lemon juice, olive oil, and sage
  • red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper

Simple, right? ¬†Well… ¬†there are a lot of calories in Olive Oil… ¬†and what if I’m craving a creamy dressing… like ranch… ? ¬†Easy. ¬†You could of course buy some light ranch at the store (*vomits* ever notice how disgusting those are. ¬†Ew.) ¬†Or… ¬†use light sour cream instead of olive oil. ¬†Most dressings are mayonnaise based. ¬†I learned in making dips for parties that most of the good ones have a mayonnaise/cream cheese/sour cream base. ¬†And usually… you can switch up which of the three you’re using. ¬†Whenever I make spinach dip and it calls for mayo, I substitute sour cream. ¬†It works wonderfully when making your own salad dressings. ¬†A personal favorite… ¬†Cilantro, lime, sour cream. ¬†Nom nom nom.

Oh–and if you are craving ranch–I’d recommend a 16oz container of reduced fat sour cream and one of those Ranch Dressing packets. ¬†Light, creamy, and delicious.


(Sorry, I forgot to take a pic until after I’d started eating…

This salad is:

  • Baby mixed greens & spinach
  • Cherry/Yellow cherry tomatoes from my garden
  • Cucumber from my garden
  • Red pepper
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Dillweed
  • Balsamic vinegar, reduced fat sour cream, salt & pepper dressing

(with a glass of ice water.)


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Practice? You talkin’ bout PRACTICE?! We talkin bout practice, not a game… practice.


  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin Sammie, 1% milk, Grande 3x Skinny Vanilla Late
  • Greek Yogurt w/ granola and fruit, Apple
  • Beef ¬†& Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff, Fuze, 1% cottage cheese
  • Almonds, “Mocktail” Seltzer water and & splash ifBlueberry Pomegranate Juice
  • Triscuits with almost no reduced fat cream cheese (nearly out), Smoked Salmon, and Lemon Sage Wild Rice
  • 2 small (for me) glasses of red wine


  • Reilly walk

Oi. ¬†This 4pm business. ¬†It was nearly 5 by the time I got home. ¬†Since it was so late, I’m stressed about the shit piling up, and I forgot I need to prep for the neighborhood Chili/Soup Off that’s Saturday… ¬†I made an executive decision to skip practice. ¬†Woot woot. ¬†Felt so bad for poor Reilly that we went on a decently long walk. ¬†Went to the store for yet more blister/heel slip prevention shit. ¬†I want to take Bob’s advice and get heel booties for ankle stability, but I don’t want to be the douche bag that got low ankled skates to rock ankle booties with them. ¬†Bob pointed out that it would be temporary, til my feeties are used to the skates… either way, I don’t want to be that asshole. ¬†Plus, they’re expensive. ¬†(Anyone have a used pair they don’t need anymore?) By the time I was home, it was 7:30. ¬†Yikes. ¬†Good thing I skipped practice, I guess… … … I’ll go Saturday and still get an extra in…

I’d love to talk about the soup I am making, but there may be spies out there… ¬†suffice it to say that it’s in my crockpots brewing… ¬†it will be delicious. ¬†Two years ago I got second place with a Beer Cheese Brocoli soup. ¬†(Last year I missed b/c I skated at the Fillmore with the Castle Rock ‘n Rollers against RMRG’s Kill Scouts–what a long time ago that was!) ¬†I lost to “man chili” that wasn’t very good… obviously it was good, it won. ¬†It just… ¬†it was sort of “blah.” ¬†Not a very interesting flavor, but it was heartier, manlier than my cheese soup. ¬†This year… ¬†we’ll see. ¬†But my entry has been delish in the past.

I’m not stressed about missing tonight’s extra practice. ¬†It’s sort of like… 1.5-2hrs of drive time for a 1hr scrimmage… I might have gotten there by 7/7:30… but is it worth it? ¬†And rush hour, etc. ¬†Saturday there won’t be traffic, and I get two hours of scrimmage in, so… yeah. ¬†If I had to miss one, tonight was the night. ¬†Also, if I had gone tonight, it would have been 6 days of derby in a row. ¬†Too much. ¬†I may/may not hit the Pub Crawl tonight. ¬†Anyone going? ¬†Bueller? ¬†Anyone?

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Stressed Out.

OMG my stress factor is approaching the roof.  Stressful life items:

  1. Life
    • Still need to do the bills!
    • Other chores, dishes, my garden, etc.
  2. Work
    • No Assistant = longer, busier hours
    • Longer hours… this whole 4pm thing is seriously effing with my Mojo.
  3. Impending Contenders vs. DRD Fillmore Bout
    • my first fillmore bout
    • my first DRD bout
    • Cont-ing it up (this is very nearly my first Contender bout)
    • Pub Crawl
    • Selling tix, FB updates.
  4. Newbie Insurance
    • We’ve got a new batch of newbs, I’m in charge of their insurance, and I have a folder full of forms and $$$ that I’ve yet to glance at (since Monday.)
  5. Skates, skates, skates.
    • They are still not perfect. ¬†It’s those damn ankles. ¬†I tried heel cups yesterday, and we were doing stops and sprints the opposite direction. ¬†Every time my heel came up (halfway out of the boot), and when it went back down it smushed the heel cups. ¬†So I took them out. ¬†It was fine. ¬†I rubbed a “Friction Stick” on my feet to prevent blisters, and heavily taped where I already have blisters. ¬†That seemed to work ok. ¬†But the heels. Fuck.
    • What am I going to do about my heels slipping out of the boots? ¬†I’m thinking I’ll get these other kind of heel things today, but when ¬†am I going to have time to go to Walgreen’s to get them since I’m working til 4 and want to get to practice tonight? ¬†Ugh, ugh ugh.

I don’t know if it’s the bout, the longer hours, no assistant, or what, but seriously. ¬†Shit’s starting to wear on me. ¬†I want to go to Thursday and Saturday practice this week. ¬†Because of the upcoming bout and my new skates. ¬†But I need to work til 4, which has me home at 4:30 (I usually leave for practice at 4:45,) I need to walk Reilly, and I need to get the new heel things for my skates before I go. ¬†Which means I’m leaving at… ¬†5:30? ¬†5:45? ¬†So I will be there late. ¬†Which is okay for a Thursday, the real draw of tonight is the PM scrimmage, but it would be nice to attend a “Q” practice and skate with the newer girls. ¬†Plus I’ll be driving in rush hour (the main reason I leave at 4:45 is to avoid it.) ¬†I need to pay the bills. ¬†I need to do the dishes. ¬†Tomorrow, I need to go to the Pub Crawl. ¬†Saturday, spin class and scrimmage. ¬†Sunday (Tim asked if I would miss Sunday scrimmage–as if. ¬†It’s the only day I *might* skate against FC in my new skates before skating DRD. ¬†I need to be challenged and test them and see how it goes.) ¬†Tim’s aunt and uncle are here, so we are supposed to go to his parent’s for lunch/dinner. ¬†Monday practice/scrimmage, Tuesday interviews, Wednesday spin class. CHRIS PARENTE!!!, practice, Thurs/Fri chill, Saturday DRD bout.

I can do this. ¬†It will be okay. ¬†Tim is just going to have to be patient with me, and understand that the extra practices are how I manage the stress, and are necessary due to the new skates. ¬†I can do the bills/dishes/insurance stuff Friday before the pub crawl or Saturday after scrimmage. ¬†And what doesn’t get done, I can work on Wednesday after the CHRIS PARENTE!!! thing.

That’s the other thing. ¬†Chris Parente. ¬†OMG, I fucking love him. ¬†He’s so freaking awesome and I get to meet him and be on TV and how cool is that OMG!!! ¬†But… ¬†maybe I shouldn’t do it? ¬†Because I have no assistant, that means a substitute teacher will be in the library by him/herself all day Wednesday if I am gone. ūüė¶ ¬†And that person may or may not have any library background/knowledge. ¬†The shit could seriously hit the fan in here. ¬†Or not. ¬†I dunno. ¬†So I’m a little stressed about that. ¬†Also, I called in “sick” that day, and I can technically get in trouble for that. ¬†No one in my building will care, but if the anti-teacher school board finds out and decides to care… ¬†I could get in trouble for not using a personal day. ¬†But I’m using two personal days to go to Grand Cayman with my family, and I only have two per year, with two “built up” from previous years, but I may have used them all last year… ¬†so I may only have had the two to begin with…


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Unghhhh Sickly Pickly Ickly… tickly?


  • ¬†Haha suck it. ¬†Go to fit bit and read it. ¬† Ok just kidding.
  • 1% milk w/ frosted mini-wheats, coffee w/ half and half
  • Apple & 1% cottage cheese
  • PB & J on wheat, 1% milk, Slenderize Fuze
  • 2 banana, Hershey’s Special Dark syrup, natural peanut butter, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and 1% milk smoothie


  • 2hr derby practice
  • 1mile Reilly walk

Yesterday… ¬†reviewed applicants for my new assistant. ¬†There are some highly qualified candidates. ¬†And some interesting looking people who I unfortunately will be unable to interview. ¬†So, we’re probably interviewing next week sometime, and I have high hopes that we’ll find someone good. ¬†Raced home, was fortunate to find a lull in the rain, walked Reilly, whipped up a fancy smoothie based on a recipe I found on Sunny D’s Pinterest page, and went to practice. ¬†Unfortunately for me… ¬†the smoothie didn’t settle well in my tummy. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†I was all burpy sickly during practice cuz my tummy hurt. ¬†I think it must have been the oil in the peanut butter.

Went home, checked in on fitbit, and discovered I could still consume 138 calories… ¬†exactly enough for a large glass of wine. ¬†ūüėÄ Showered, put on my pink fluffy robe, and poured myself a delicious, refreshing, giant glass of… water. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I needed it. ¬†Actually, while I was showering, pondering the wine, the thought of water popped into my head and was more enticing than the idea of wine. ¬†Weird, right?

Then bed. ¬†Reilly likes to sleep between my legs. ¬†So she did last night. ¬†Yeah, that sounds weird, esp. if you factor in that I sleep butt-assed naked, but take into account the blankets and it isn’t weird. ¬†(Right?) She likes to curl up in a ball, and then she has mommy legs all around her to keep her warm. ¬†I assume that’s why. ¬†Oh, and I have a bed heater… ¬†like a heated blanket, but it’s a mattress cover. ¬†I put that on low last night. ¬†Sooo nice… ¬†ūüôā ¬†eventually I rolled onto my side so Reilly had to sleep curled up behind my legs instead of between them. ¬†(Which is less weird, right?) ¬†And then I had to roll over and Reilly was in the way and when I moved her she got fed up and relocated to the floor.



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Stroooooooooooooooganoff. And memories.


  • Breakfast: Frosted mini-wheats, 1% milk, coffee, half & half
  • Snackie: Yoplait Light Yogurt w/ Granola, Pink Lady Apple
  • Lunch: Ginger Quinoa w/ red pepper and green beans, Chicken Piccata, Fuze
  • Snack: Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer.
  • Dinner: Red wine, Beef & Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff, french bread w/ rosemary garlic olive oil


  • bwaaaaahahahaha.

O.M.G. ¬†Stroganoff is fucking delicious. ¬†Wow. ¬†Impeccable flavor. ¬†And I love flank steak, and this included flank steak. ¬†Not gonna lie…I used a lil extra vegetable oil cooking the veggies (4 portobello mushrooms seemed like way too many… and 1 tblsp. of oil didn’t seem enough to cook them.) ¬†Also… I used regular fat sour cream… and regular noodles instead of wheat.

… I know, I know. ¬†Bad Menace. ¬†I’d have had to hit King Sooper’s in addition to Sprouts to manage the noodles, and I really didn’t have time… ¬†Annnnnd… I had reduced fat sour cream… but… ¬†Tim seemed excited about stroganoff, and I have been making him eat some weird shit due to proximity to my diet, so I figured wtf.

The beer. ¬†Technically a cheat day item. ¬†Ok, literally a cheat day item. ¬†I’m down 8 lbs, my pants don’t fit b/c 8s are still tight and 10s are too big, and I came home to find that Reilly had eaten… *sigh.* ¬†My wooden bench. ¬†I wanted a beer, so I indulged. ¬†And now wine. ¬†And it’s okay. ¬†I can have beer and wine today and it’s okay.

Reilly. ¬†Love that dog. ¬†She ate my bench. ¬†I’m adopted. ¬†My parents rescued me from foster care in early 1986, I was one and a half. ¬†My maternal grandfather built my brother ¬†Matt and I wooden (miniature) park benches from scratch for Christmas in 1986. ¬†That is perhaps my earliest memory… that Christmas, those benches… one of them mine. ¬†It survived over a quarter century of childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. ¬†I remember setting my dolls on it, my stuffed animals, my CDs and video games. ¬†It survived. ¬†To be eaten by a puppy. ¬†I cried. ¬†A lot. ¬†When I got home. ¬†I saw the wood bits near the bench in the living room and knew. ¬†I put my stuff down and walked over to see… ¬†I sat down and stared at it for a moment… then turned it upside down to where I knew the inscription from my grandpa was. ¬†In his familiar handwriting, from so many birthday cards. ¬†To Lindsey. ¬†From Grandpa and Grandma. ¬†Christmas 1986. ¬†He spelled my name wrong, with an “e.” ¬†I had just been adopted. ¬†My name had just been changed. ¬†If it wasn’t the first thing someone made for me, it was close. ¬†And it was made with love. ¬†And today Reilly ate it.

My grandfather was a truly incredible man. ¬†And he loved me. ¬†So much. ¬†And I didn’t fully appreciate what a great man he was until he was gone. ¬†Gil Reimers not only fought in WWII, he was a medic at D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, and he lived. ¬†He had no weapon at two of the bloodiest battles of one of the bloodiest wars, and he lived. ¬†The parachute he landed in was sent home to my grandmother, Anna, who used it to make her wedding dress. ¬†He did “Meals on Wheels” for elderly and disabled people ¬†for years when he had retired. ¬†He took my father, who’d been kicked out of the house at 16, graduated with honors, and put himself through school, under his wing. ¬†He was a good man, and he loved me, and he made me a wooden bench to tell me so, and for me to have once he was gone, to give to my children so they could share his love, and now it’s gone, too. ¬†I feel so stupid for leaving it out where Reilly could get to it. ¬†Of course she did, it was wood.

In reality… ¬†it’s a bench. ¬†I’m not going to have children. ¬†It looks silly in my formal living room… ¬†but little Max and Mia (they’re 3 now, and have curly black hair like me) come over and see it and just have to sit in it… it’s just their size… and it warms my heart… ¬†and now it’s destroyed.

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