Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 1/04/2015: 300 steps and 0.1 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/22PZFF

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Weekly Workout

I have been trying to work out every morning before work and not quite made it until this week.  Here’s what I did this week:

Sunday – scrimmage
Monday – Insanity DVD
Tuesday – All Abs Class @ rec (this was a :25 min crunches class & was terrible) & Legs
Wednesday – 1hr Spin, 3hrs Derby
Thursday – some yoga/rest day
Friday – Misto workout
————————————————————————————————————————————————–I have been trying to do Insanity since it is Intervals, but I really struggle to keep up and then I don’t think I get as good of a workout because of the modifications/rest I have to take while everyone in the video keeps going.  Anyway, that’s why I asked Misto to put together a workout for me, which I did this morning.  I felt like I got a lot more out of it (I was def. way more sweaty) because I could go at my own pace.

The pic doesn’t do the sweatiness justice.  I did pigeon pose to stretch (probably a minute or two each side) and had two fist size puddles of sweat where my head was.  Hahaha.

photo (1)

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Sun 5/4 – Wed 5/7

Sun – Fight Club practice, TT32 scrimmage, League Scrimmage

Mon – Ran practice, 1hr Conts

Tues – Spin.  Lots of sprinty things.  

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Thurs-Sat 5/1-5/3

Thursday 5/1 – Interview, so no time

Friday 5/2 – Short Run

Saturday 5/2 – Short Run

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Mon, Tues, Wed

Mon 4/28 – thought about running.  realized i’d played six hours of derby the day before and decided fuck that. (plus it was cold.)

Tues 4/29 – spin class

Wed 4/30 – Misto practice, MHC scrimmage

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FCUK Aftermath

  • Monday, 4/21 – sleeping
  • Tuesday, 4/22 – sleeping more
  • Wednesday, 4/23 – not going to practice even though I probably should have-ing.
  • Thursday, 4/24 – Ran a mile/mile and a half BY MYSELF.  Whaaaaaaaaaaat?  Yes indeed.
  • Friday, 4/25 – Fridays are for beer even when I did not work out at all this week or last week.
  • Saturday, 4/26 – Ran AGAIN.  A little farther today.  I guess I’m a runner now or some shit.  Who’d uh thunk that?  

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Europe ‘n stuff

  • Thurs 4/10 – airport walking/walking through Guildford for an eternity
  • Friday 4/11 – :30 run with Misto, Gayga, and Lops.  (This was a bad idea.  I could barely climb the stairs by evening.)  Walking to ALL THE PLACES in Guildford with ALL THE PEOPLE, too.
  • Saturday 4/12 – Detroit game, London game.  NBD.  
  • Sunday 4/13 – Toronto game, “dancing” at the after party. 
  • Monday 4/14 – Walking through Guildford, Picadilly Circus, & up and down the Thames with Bij, Die, and Helen.
  • Tuesday 4/15 – Walking in London w/ Raven.  Buckingham Palace, a Park there, Camden Town, etc.
  • Wednesday 4/16 – Walking all over the Tower of London (totally nerding out for 4.5 hrs,) past Parliament and through Parliament Square, all over Westminster Abbey, and racing back across town and over the Millennium (“Wobbly”) Bridge to the Globe Theatre.  
  • Thursday 4/17 – Airport walking
  • Friday 4/18 – Walking everywhere in Stockholm w/ Gayg, Misto, and Helen.  
  • Saturday 4/19 – On skates all damn day at the bootcamp.  Participated in the warm-up I ran w/ Die.  (This was stupid.)  Stockholm game.  

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