1912’s “Perfect Woman”

1912’s “Perfect Woman”

Isn’t it interesting how Body Image has changed over the years?  A society’s ideal body image illustrates the culture’s values.  For example, in 1912, preceding the first World War, a 5’7″ woman weighing 171lbs with a pear figure was considered ideal.  Oh–and blue eyes and “light” hair.  Food wasn’t as readily available in 1912 as it is today.  There were no potato chips or CocaCola or other high fat, sugary foods.  This woman, Elsie, was a model of health and opulence.  A strong, curvy woman in 1912 was harder to come by than a rail thin one in 1912.  

Enter 2012.  Potato Chips, Coca Cola, Easy Cheese, Chocolate, etc, etc, etc.  What’s easier to find?  A curvaceous 171lb woman or a rail thin 120lb one?  One has to work at thinness these days, which I think, is why it is valued in our society.  

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