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The Spiral Continues


  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin
  • Apple
  • Salad w/ light balsamic vinaigrette and gorgonzola cheese
  • peppers, carrots, hummus
  • Beer, Coke Zero w/ Vodkas
  • Martini, Filet, Lobster Bacon Mac, green beans, caesar salad


  • Body Combat (boo)
  • Body Pump

Body Combat was terrible yesterday.  I am awful at it, and i kept getting lost, and I almost walked out several times.  I stuck it out and did Body Pump after.  I hate lifting, too, but at least I can do that.

Then shopping–yay!  New jeans size 8 from Levi’s (last year I had to get size 16s, so holy shit!)  Size 6 pants on clearance at Eddie Bauer so I will be comfortable at work.  New Nike’s on clearance from the outlet (mine are ghetto 1999 style, so these new ones are sweet.)  They’re navy blue w/ chartreuse accents.  Which is cool, but clashes with my black pants.  Oh well.

This lady was really mean to me at Nike.  It was super busy, so I walked over to the only place I could find a seat to try on four pairs of shoes (which I was carrying along with a pair of sweats and bags from several stores I’d already hit.)  This lady started complaining and pointed at my sweats and said “hit in the face.”  Had I hit her with my sweats when I sat down?  So I said “I’m sorry… ?”  And she said “Well you don’t have to be so RUDE.  You could say ‘EXCUSE ME'” and turned her back on me.  I said “I didn’t realize I’d done anything, and as soon as I heard you, I apologized.”  She ignored me.  I got up and moved.

Came home, put on my new Skinny Jeans and a Nuggets Tee Shirt and waited for Tim so we could go to the movies.

My principal called me.  An English teacher had a baby.  Her sub resigned Friday.  Apparently I will be teaching her classes for the next month. Which is awesome!  But I have no idea what they’re learning, what they’re supposed to do Monday, and the Assistant Principal who was supposed to call me w/ that info never did.  So I’m stressing a bit.

We saw Hansel and Gretel.  Then we went to The Outback for dinner and Tim got mad at me and it was awful and then we came home and I locked myself in the bedroom watching The Time Traveler’s Wife on TV.

He was going to go skiing with his friends this weekend and stayed home b/c I had a rough week.  I told him to go, because I knew this would happen, it always does, and I have no patience for it anymore, which only added to the awful.  I take him to the movies.  He doesn’t thank me.  We’re sitting having drinks and he starts talking about Wicked as if he’s ever seen the play or read the book (he hasn’t.)  I say it would be cool if we could go to a play once in a while.  And he blows up about how I don’t appreciate him staying home with me instead of going skiing.  He just went to a movie I wanted to see–why isn’t that enough?

If it’s such a chore hanging out with me, i wish he would stop.  Which is why I told him to go to the fucking mountains and ski with his friends.  He never wants to do anything with me.  Ever.  And when I finally drag him out, begrudgingly, on my own dime, all he does is complain and say I should be grateful he even came out.

And then he starts bitching that all I ever do is derby, and Tim should come first (and he should) but derby comes first etc etc etc.  It was really downhill from there.  Maybe i should quit.  I’m not getting out of it what I put into it.  My husband hates me.  I’m teaching tomorrow.  And i’m sitting here waiting around to go to practice.

Clearly a turning point for me.  What’s going to happen?

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Food: 2568/2598

  • Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin, Coffee w/ Sugarfree Pumpkin Spice Creamer, banana
  • Luna Bar (Vanilla Almond)
  • Leafy greens, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, and tuna salad w/ greek yogurt, honey, red wine vinegar, and Pom dressing, Blue Machine Naked Smoothie w/ Nonfat greek yogurt
  • Almonds, banana, Dole fruit cup, 1% cottage cheese
  • Salmon filet, steamed broccoli, Lemon garlic herb wild rice, red wine.


  • 1 hr. Body Combat
  • 1 hr. Body Pump
  • 45mins Yoga (stretching)
  • Long Reilly walk

About 20 minutes into Cardio-Kickbocking, the past 24 hours flashed before my eyes: Yesterday–a long walk with Reilly, Speed Skating/Off Skates training, martini, sleep, breakfast sammie, Body Combat, Body Pump, Luna Bar, Reilly walk.

Holy Shit.  Tired.  Sore legs.  Ran into Leslie on my way to Body Combat.  She was teaching Spin today.  I was tempted, but as my semi-conscious self struggled to convince me I was too stiff/sore to go to class today,  a leg workout was out of the question.  Plus I had shorts on.  Shorts + Spin = Chaffage.  Ouch.  So I missed Leslie’s Endurance Cycle.  Unfortunate.  I’d love to see what she does with that extra 15 minutes.  Anyway.

So Body Combat.  Holy Eff am I terrible at it.  Yikes.  Jennifer, the instructor, asked if it was anyone’s first time.  It was my second.  So I kept my mouth shut.  Mistake.  I couldn’t see her/myself in the mirror where I was standing.  I get so confused in that class.  And this week we… like..  sword chopped the air.  Repeatedly.  Then held someone on the ground and punched them in the face.  It could have been worse.  It could have been a real person.  Or I could have been stomping on their face.  But still.  Somehow the act of holding my arm as if I were holding someone down and beating them to a pulp was repulsive to me.  I suppose I’ll go back a few times.  See if I “get” it eventually.  It is a good workout.  I’m thinking about trying Zumba.  Anyone?  Yes/no?

After Body Pump Jennifer stopped me and told me I had great legs.  😀  Asked if I ran.  I said no I play Roller Derby.  Then I blushed and walked out to my Yoga mat, and realized it’s probably actually the spinning…  anyway.  It was a really nice compliment.

So I’ve eaten 2500+ calories, and even on the 2000 calorie/day deficit, fitbit says I have not exceeded my caloric intake for the day.  Cool, right?  I should do this exercising business more.

In other news, I’m raging bitch PMSing, so I’ve been all grumpy all day.  Tim and I were hanging Christmas Lights. I hate Christmas.  I spent $100 on lights, and a) I didn’t get enough and b) Tim wants to exchange them *rolls eyes.*  He insisted we go to Lowe’s for more even though the originals were from Costco (farther away.)  Unfortunately, the new Lowe’s ones won’t plug into the Costco ones.  So Tim bought some adapter, but they don’t make the right adapter b/c the brand new Costco lates are “outdated,” so he also bought a file to file the plug down.  Sounds safe, eh?  Anyway, so I was irritated that he won’t listen to me, etc.  And then he was being bossy about the Christmas Tree so I may have said some things below the belt.  (I broke a light, and now a whole branch is out, and I was struggling to fix it, and when he kept telling me to leave it and hang ornaments I finally said “I have to fix it b/c you never fix anything.”  Which is true.  But apparently not appreciated.)  Boys.  Ugh.

Anyway, so.  Maybe one more glass of wine before bed.  But I’ll have a large glass of water first.  😀

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Friday: 2414 Calories


  • Cheerios w/ 1% milk, coffee, creamer
  • Apple, Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, almonds
  • Chicken breast and swiss on wheat bread w/ Diet Dr Pepper, banana, and three brownies…
  • Triscuits w/ avocado and salmon, carrot, vodka.  Lots of vodka.


  • Long walk w/ Reilly

Saturday: 5000+ calories

  • Quinoa bowl w/ maple syrup, walnuts, apple slices.  Three eggs w/ salmon and avocado.
  • Peanut Butter and Banana w/ honey on wheat.  Milk.
  • Pizza.  (4 slices.) Garlic knot.  Beer.  Vodka.  Lots and lots and lots of vodka.  With olives.  It was mayhem.


  • Body Pump
  • 2 40 minute bouts

My legs hurt.  That is all.

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Hooooray Beer!

Food: 3100 Calories.  Woot Woot


  • 1hr Body Combat
  • 1hr Body Pump

So.  I accidentally showed up for Body Combat at the Rec Center instead of Body Pump.  I read the schedule wrong.  Fortunately the teacher was Leslie, who I adore, and she assured me I’d be just fine, so I stayed for the class.  Interesting.  It’s like boxing the air.  And shuffling left and right.  And there was this short, older, wider man, who apparently takes the class all the time (or maybe he used to actually box?) and he felt the need to explain to me how to be successful in Body Combat at the end of the class…  (Meanwhile, I was watching everyone in the mirror.  Let’s just say it was a Cardio class and he didn’t really get any cardio in…)  There were a couple of dudes of a similar ilk who thought they knew everything, but mostly the class was filled with very fit females punching and kicking the shit out of the air.  I sweat a lot.  It was cool.  Glad I stayed.

Directly after Body Combat, Leslie taught Body Pump.  Lifting.  I hate that class.  I don’t really sweat at all, and I’m not really sure what my weight limits should be, so I end up all wrong.  For example, I didn’t have nearly enough weight on for the back circuit, so it was really easy.  But then I had wayyy too much for the Tricep circuit and nearly died.  Biceps were hard, too, but probably close to where they should be (read: I need to toughen up.)  My arms and shoulders hurt today.

I usually like Saturday morning spin, but yesterday was Sue’s class.  I don’t think Sue is the crazy Marimba lady, I think she is the easy hour and fifteen minute pyramid lady.  Either way, I was happy to skip for a Leslie class.  (I feel a bit like a stalker.  But I don’t care.)  Also, I did derby, derby, spin, derby, spin, rest this week.  I needed a lifting day, as much as I hate it.  And I think Body Combat was a good cardio workout for me that wasn’t Spin.  The one disappointing bit is that I didn’t get that many steps out of it (for Fitbit.)  So I didn’t hit 10,000 steps yesterday.  Oh well.  I also did not walk Reilly yesterday.  (I had planned to, but Snow & Beer got in the way.)

After class, I starved myself til my lunch date w/ Feist E.  I knew I’d be eating a lot yesterday, and I wasn’t that hungry, so I just held off eating.  Isn’t it weird how working out makes it so you need to eat and are hungry, but sort of a…  maintainable hungry?  Like an “I don’t have to eat right away, but I’m fucking starving” hungry?  I dunno.  Maybe I’m weird.  But when I’m having a lazy day and I get hungry, I stuff my face.  Exercise-y days I can hold off.  Anyway.  Lunch with Feist E.  That was awesome.  Miss her.  My derby wife looks just like a Super Model.  Every time I see her, I can’t help but think how beautiful she is.  She also used to skate for the Castle Rock ‘n Rollers, but now skates for the Boulder Bombers.  It’s cool that I still get to see her, and we still have so much to talk about despite being in very different places in life (she’s a mama) and on very different derby leagues.

A quick note–I had a Skinny Margarita that was very good and tasted almost just like Feist E’s regular marg.  It substituted Soda Water for Sweet and Sour.  So it was: Tequila, Triple Sec, lots of Lime juice, and soda water.  It was a bit fizzy which was cool, too.

Then I went to Tim’s friend Brian’s house where they were brewing beer.  I don’t get it.  It’s his man time, but he wanted me to come watch.  It was sweet.  And freezing.  We were outside.  And it was snowing.  Brrr…  Anyway, this was Tim & Brian’s fourth batch of beer, a Honey Porter.  And today we tried the first bottles of their first brew, but I forget what it was…  It was tasty, though.  They are calling their “brewery” “High Steel” because Brian likes the Broncos and Tim likes the Steelers.  I’m glad I got to try Tim’s first beer at it’s first tasting.  (I have this fantasy that he and Brian will make it big with their beer and I’ll make it big writing… somehow…)  So it was cool to be there at the beginning of it.  Anyway, I was glad to have been there, but I hope they don’t want me to come again because it was soooo cold and I had so many errands to run yesterday that didn’t get done.  Plus I really needed a nap, and ended up falling asleep at 8pm (which I also did Friday night.)  Lame.

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