For Sunny. ;)

A review of my first few days after TBT.

Friday (technically still during TBT)–Ate well all day, went to Speed/Off Skates and hadn’t eaten enough.  Nearly passed out during Aussie hell–err Off Skates and had to step out for a bit to eat a Luna bar.  Dr. Boreman’s party–drank champagne, but ate cocktail shrimp, sugar snap peas, and a few bites of cheese, so I call that success.  (The shrimp was amazing, btw.)

Saturday: Yay!  Done.  Skipped Body Pump and slept in.  Eggs and toast for breakfast, with a smoothie.  Triscuits with cream cheese, cucumber, and smoked salmon for lunch.  Altogether way too effing much lasagna and salad for dinner at my parents.  I *LOVE* my mother’s lasagna.  It’s my fav. comfort food.  And I ate a bunch.  Then we made Christmas Pizelle Cookies, like we do every Christmas.  I ate a shit ton of those.  They are basically butter and sugar mixed (with eggs, vanilla, and anise) fried.  Delicious.  Holy Eff.  I’d bring some to practice, but they’re so light they’d end up a mess on the track.  Maybe I will tonight anyway, we’ll see.  Also some wine.  (White.)

Sunday: Scrimmage–started at 11 and I sweat a fair amount.  Even suffered through a few power jams–still need to work on endurance.  And my lower back.  Talked to Thunda about that.  We’ll see how it goes. Eggs and toast for breakfast.  Overdid it and had wicked diarrhea–I need to remember I’m eating healthy for more reasons than just being fit.  Salad and two bloody’s at Scruffy’s–not the back mac which is fucking delicious, so good for me.  Then tricuits w/ cream cheese, cucumber and salmon for dinner followed by a large warm piece of cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.  OMG.  Hit the spot.  And of course a glass of wine.

I think I did pretty well, considering.  I celebrated being done a bit and indulged in some things.  My mom’s lasagna, cherry pie with ice cream, and a skipped workout.  But I did sooo much better than I was doing before TBT, so I think I’m okay.  Also, I bought myself an almond snicker’s bar at the grocery to enjoy at some point this week.  Mmm… treats.  They taste better when you earn them, you know?  Anyway.

Eating my usual, but I got a box of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal instead of eating my stale honey nut cheerios.  😉


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