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The Runs!

Food 2295/1805

  • Frosted mini wheats, 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree  vanilla creamer
  • apple, greek yogurt w/ fruit & granola, Luna Bar (Iced Oatmeal Cookie)
  • VitaRain Sport, Wheat bread, olive oil mayo, mustard, turkey, colby jack sammie, cottage cheese, banana.
  • Salad w/ avocado, balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing, glass of red wine, meat loaf


  • Reilly walk
  • Spin Class

Leslie’s spin class is really hard for me.  Ow ow ow.  That’s why I went.  😀  My knee swelled and hurt.  I think my calf tendon is tight or something.  Avoided cupcakes at lunch (these were birthday cupcakes, and while delicious looking, still store bought and not work effing my caloric intake.)  I tried hard to just have salad for dinner, but I was still hungry.  I actually think I probably did okay even though it has me almost 500 calories over…  maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think it accurately tracks my spin classes.  I dunno.  Cutting the olive oil mayo, the olive oil, the wine, and the extra bit of morning snack (Luna Bar) would have had me at the correct calorie count.  I can cut olive oil, and mayo.  Even a bit of that cheese.  But the wine was necessary.  It tasted sooooo good last night.  Earning it makes it taste better?  Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t had as much lately.  Either way: delicious and well worth the extra calories.

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Bad Mean@$$! When will you learn?

Food: 2345/1935

  • Frosted Mini Wheats, 1% milk, coffee, Sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Apple, Greek yogurt w/ granola and fruit
  • Salad w/ honey mustard, turkey, colby jack, lettuce, olive oil mayo, mustard on wheat, Fuze Slenderize…  brownie cupcake…with… a york… peppermint patty inside…
  • 1% cottage cheese, wheat thins, milk w/ hershey’s special dark
  • Luna S’mores Bar


  • walked Reilly
  • Nona practice (She shattered a bearing.  It was cool.)

Any boys reading, you likely wanna skip this part.  Raging, raging PMS.  I don’t get a heavy flow or cramps or anything, but dear lord the crazy the week before.  I go from horribly, horribly depressed to uncontrollable rage to exhausted and back again.  I have limited control over my emotions and even less control over my short temper.  Karen (my new assistant) asked me twice yesterday if I was okay.  The best part: I don’t even realize it’s happening until too late.  Fortunately, I’ve kept a handle on things for the most part this go.  I snapped at a few kids yesterday (I was less patient with them, less polite when asking them to shush, but nothing too crazy.)  It’s worse when I… how do I put this w/o being graphic?  Or do I just get graphic?  I use the nuvaring.  Love it.  But sometimes I forget to… um…  take it out.  Then the rage builds for a few days.  I’m slightly less than a week late, so… super rage.  I also get terrible diarrhea.  That’ll be a few days from now.  Something to look forward to!  😉  Seriously, though.  When the diarrhea starts, the crazy stops.  Fucked up Catch-22, I tell ya.  Bring on the liquid shit!

Boys–you’re safe now.  One of the history teachers brings homemade treats from his mom every Monday.  (So cute, right?)  Yesterday, he was gone, and one of the principals delivered the treats to our lunchroom (missing two, of course.)  Yesterday, they were individual brownies in cupcake paper with a York Peppermint Patty in the middle.  They looked like innocent brownies, so I had one.  Then I got to the york.  Nom nom nom.  Then I looked up the calories for it.  322 calories.  OMG.  Then, I got nauseous.  Not sure if that was a physical reaction to the onslaught of sugar or a mental reaction to what I’d just done.  You’ll notice I’m just over 322 calories over for yesterday.  😦

So yeah.  That was my day.  In other news: weighed in at 152.5 today!  And that’s during the… bloating… part… once I hit the diarrhea phase…  well I’m interested to see what happens to that number over the next few days.

Also–fun–check out the photo one of the newbs (Lisa) posted on my fb:

Do you think it’s accurate?  I want one.  Stocking stuffer.  Heck yes.

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #fitstats for 10/29/2012: 11,896 steps and 5.4 miles traveled.

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How to Lose It (by Menace)

Disclaimer: I’m a ‘lil tipsy and I ❤ on everyone when in this state…

So.  Everyone keeps commenting on how “thin” and “fit” I look.  I shall commence tooting my own horn:

  • Rad Die: “Menace have you lost weight?”
  • Menace: “meh… a little”
  • Rad Die: “You’re looking really fit…”
  • Menace: “I lost an inch and a half on my waist, but that’s about it…”
  • Rad Die: “Are you sure?  Your arms look thinner too”
  • Menace: “Oh. Yeah. I lost a half inch on each…”
  • Rad Die: “And your back, your spine is really defined, etc”

I ❤ Rad Die.  She keeps to herself, and sometimes comes off as harsh, but I ❤ Rad Die.  She’ll call me on my shit, and tell me I’m doing good when I am.  Which makes her compliments all the more valuable.  And she will be there for me any time I need her.  Once, I hurt myself at USPS vs Conts scrimmage.  Know who picked me up?  Rad Die.

  • KB: “You’ve lost some weight, haven’t you?”
  • Me: “Yeah, a little”
  • KB: “You’re looking really fit, your waist is really thin”  Etc.

*KB is a work friend.

Nona also said something last night.  And someone else.  I don’t remember who (Tia?)  I get embarrassed.  I don’t think I’ve lost that much…  Fitbit says 11.8 since January.  I think I’m a ‘lil over 10lbs for the TBT duration.  So, I thought I should post some “Menace’s Weight Lost Tips”  here for review, and then if they’re as funny as I think they might be… er… useful as I think they might be, I’ll share them elsewhere.  Ahem.

  1. Stop eating Pizza Rolls 1-2x/ week.  (Verdict out on baked Chicken Nuggets, though they should likely also be avoided)
  2. No McDonalds (or other fast food)
  3. Suck it up and go to the fucking gym
  4. Fiber = poop.  You do the math.
  5. Coffee & Sugarfree creamer over Triple Shot Venti Pumpkin Spice Late w/ sprinkles and extra whip
  6. Anything goes into a smoothie.  It will still be delicious.  It’s the mystery casserole of fruit and veggies, and it’s delicious.
  7. QUINOA!
  8. Go to Roller Derby Practice Sunday 11am.  Chicken Wing Dip, beer, and other extra calories averted.
  9. Yoga helps keep things aligned (but so does Dr. Boreman.  Combo = bonus.)
  10. Walk the dog.  Literally.  10,000 steps a day, baby.

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This might be my limit


  • 3 egg omelette w/ mushrooms, bagel w/ butter
  • apple, banana, cheese, wheat thins
  • wine.  martinis.
  • pepperoni pizza, salad w/ honey mustard dressing,


  • scrimmage

Yeah.  I’m fucking beat.  My legs is tired.  Scrimmage today was hard.  I had no energy, my legs were screaming at me all day.  But it was fun!  I can’t wait to see the final product, etc, from today’s filming.  I’m super excited for Misto and Fi.

I’m gonna write a “Menace’s Musings” post, so I think that’s all I have for now.  Today is a cheat day cuz I’m drinking a lot.  YAY ALCOHOL!

Oh–that’s something I can say.  I’m not sure about these bleu cheese olives.  They have this super strong tang to them that is… not… my favorite flavor.  I think I might buy plain green olives and stuff them myself.  (Did that for Thanksgiving a few years ago.)

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Gangnam Style?

Food: 2235/2299

  • Turkey Sausage Muffin w/ Blueberry Pomegranate Juice (and Seltzer water)
  • 3 egg omelette w/ mushrooms (I left the yolks in…)
  • Almond Butter and Honey on Wheat, 1% milk, banana
  • Meatloaf on french baguette, martini, red wine


  • Endurance Cycle w/ Kill Bill
  • Bite Club bout

I managed to avoid Newt’s adorable and delicious looking axe cupcakes (so sweet) and all the candy after the bout.  I just had two glasses of wine (1/2 at the war*house, and 1.5 at Pippi’s.)  Then I went home and Tim made me a martini.  I technically only drank half, but I’m finishing the other half now… so…  yeah.

So we lost.  But.  Considering their roster vs our roster, my team player a fucking bad ass game.  I am really proud of us.  We skated together, we had great communication, etc, etc, etc.  And we only ended up losing by 10.

Spin Class.  Today was Kim’s week, but she traded with the marimba lady and did the first Saturday.  Then Marimba forgot to show up.  So, Bill was going to take the class and ended up teaching it.  It was good.  Apparently next week he wants to do 3 sets of 5 minutes sprinting.  He acts like that’s hard.  I mean, it’s not “easy,” but…  well really I just don’t like it because it’s boring.  Ugh.  Whatever, I’ll go.

So yeah, that’s all.

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  • Frosted Mini wheats, 1% milk, coffee, vanilla sugarfree half and half
  • Yoplait Greek w/ fruit and granola
  • Havarti Cheese Sammie on Wheat, Fuze
  • Cheeseburger, fries, broccoli, red wine


  • Longish walk w/ Reilly

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When things get tough, give up.

Just kidding.  That’s something I tell students sometimes.  They complain that things are hard, so I say: well.  you should probably give up, then.  if it’s hard.  you know, like, when you want to get a job, and the first place doesn’t hire you?  give up.  when you want a date for prom, and the first girl says no?  give up.  etc, etc, etc.  I’m using this new thing called sarcasm when I do that.  It’s where you say the opposite of what you really mean to prove a point.

Anyway, we’re halfway through this TBT business.  Lots of us have already dropped like flies, and the rest of us are getting sick, busy, etc.  For me, looking at my caloric intake the past few days/weeks… I’m over nearly every day.  I have about 3lbs left to lose to reach that 150 goal.  And sure, I said 150ish…  but what if I could hit 150, a healthy 150, and keep myself there?  That would be pretty fucking cool.  Plus people like Rad Die and the Power Weights teacher at school have noticed my fit-ness, and it’s definitely encouraging.

However… that last 3lbs…  that’s the hardest.  That last 10%.  Right?  And I’ve had these busy weeks and not kept to my plan.  So now what?  Give up?  No.  Definitely not.  Gotten this far, keep pushing myself to see where I can get.  And sure, it will be extra hard.  I’m busy.  Derby season is over.  The RMRG LOA list is already pages long.  Why keep going?  What’s pushing me?  I don’t even know.  It’s just that last time I dropped out after 2weeks and this time I’ve made it this far.  And I’ve been feeling better.  And if I can stick it out, I’ll feel so much less guilty about all those December treats that are coming my way.  I also have that weeklong trip to Grand Cayman w/ my family.  Fortunately: my mom will be there so I’ll have some motivation to exercise (she will every day.)  Conversely, alcohol, treats, etc, etc, etc.  I may add a week to my TBT to make up for that week.  We’ll see.

Also: my abs.  I want Bijou abs.  Mine sort of look like they’ve had a stroke.  One side is wider than the other, and higher up.  A result of no gallblader, I think.  The one side is all wilty.  Anyway, they’re getting there.  They are sort of defined.  I’ve still got a bit of fat store on the lower part of my belly, so I don’t look like some kind of man-woman yet.  And my thighs.  I’m getting cycling thighs.  Which is interesting.

So–today.  I will walk Reilly.  Ugh.  In this horrible horrible weather.  I might do some Yoga.  But that’s probably all.  However, tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will go to Spin Class, I may Body Pump, I will bout, and I will double practice it Sunday.  I will go to practice Monday, Tuesday maybe a repeat of the Leslie Spin, practice Wednesday, Spin Thursday?  Friday off?  We’ll see how it goes, but ladies: it’s time to get back on track and finish this shit out.  Five weeks left.  Let’s make ’em count.  Let’s make those first seven weeks worth it.

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Even Less Good things


Food: 3276/991

  • Frosted mini-wheats w/ 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree vanilla goodness
  • Apple, Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola
  • Tomato Soup, Wheat Bread w/ cheese slices, Fuze Slenderize…. cheese…. more cheese…  some cheese… a piece of pineapple…  and some cheese
  • P/T Conference Dinner: Salad, Meatballs, Cheesecake-y Key lime pie thing.  Cookie Brownie.  Diet Dr. Pepper.  Water….  Cheese Quesadilla… … …  more salad.  water


  • Bahahahaha.  hahahahaha.  HA!

I couldn’t enjoy the second cookie brownie thing because it made me sick.  Too much sugar.  Icky Sicky.  There was a cheese and fruit platter at lunch.  I figured I was already gonna eat bad at dinner, so why not.

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I forgot my witty title idea. :(

(For  10/24)

Food: 2344/1472  

  • Frosted mini wheats, 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree vanilla creamer,
  • Yoplait Greek yogurt w/ Nature Valley granola & fruit, Honey Crisp Apple
  • Natural PB & Simply J on Wheat w/ 1% milk
  • Mini Hershey’s Special Dark bar 😦
  • Meatloaf Sammie on French Baguette w/ Jalapeno Muenster, Red wine, Raspberry/Dark Chocolate yogurt pretzels


  • waat waat wattt…  Very short Reilly walk.  Oops.

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