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I’m currently having my morning snack.  Yoplait Cherry Pomegranate Greek Yogurt.  More protein = healthier than the regular stuff.  All I can say is EW.  I am doing my best to limit what it comes into contact with inside my mouth.  Down the hatch.  It’s disgusting.  Blech.

Yesterday.  Not a total waste.  I think I already mentioned my usual breakfast and the choco-bar snack…  I then had a very late lunch (1:45 or so) of a Lean Cuisine Panini and an apple with gatorade. I try to leave by 2:30 on practice days so I have time to walk the dog.  Didn’t happen yesterday.  I drove her to the dog park instead, where she ran wild for a bit before I had to head out to practice.  So I ditched out on walking the dog, but I did do a 3hr practice yesterday.

And… that’s all I ate.  No pre-practice/mid-practice/post-practice snack.  Didn’t even get home til ten, just showered and crashed.

Btw. what kind of sick joke is it that the first thing we do the first day of evals is the one thing I can’t, for the life of me, manage?  Oi.  Plow stops.  I dunno.  I get a little squeaking, but def. no stopping.  Then hockey stops.  Oi.  Hopefully I’ll get there soon because I’ve been noticing my inability to plow stop affecting my ability to block, and… well… hockey stops are just plain the shit.  And if I could do that while hitting someone out.  Fuck yeah.

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Off the wagon

Alright, I’ve fallen off the wagon.  With the loss of my fitbit, I’m lacking the will to strive forward.  Why walk up those stairs?  Fitbit won’t know.

I had a healthy breakfast/lunch yesterday (cereal & banana, then veggies)  but seriously craved pizza and rocked four pieces of Barbeque Chicken Hawaiian from Papa John’s for dinner.  Including that delicious butter garlic sauce.  Plus no exercise yesterday.  Go me.

Today, healthy breakfast, but on my boss’s secretary’s desk, where I have just returned from, a jar of candy with reece’s and almond joy.  *drools.*  I indulged in both.  I know.  I’m sorry.  But…  I’m having a serious case of the winter blues today.  I woke up thinking “what’s the point?”  You know, like, the meaning of life style.

We are media-cized to want to grow up, get married, get a house, a dog, and kids.  I’m not doing the kids thing.  I’ve got the hubby and the puppy and a good job, a good job that hasn’t given raises in five years.  Or even cost-of-living increase.  So that’s depressing.  Yes, I enjoy derby, and I have my derby goals… but…  I dunno.  Just kinda BLEH today.  I know, I know, poor me.  I’ve got scabies face still (not literally–see my previous posts.  Sick + dry skin + kleenex = scab-y face = scabies.)

Anyone have ideas for the “why-i-should-get-another-fitbit” argument with my husband?  I’m lost without it.  *sigh.*

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Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Yeah, so yesterday was a horrible day.  Prom was wicked fun, but I, of course, had too much to drink and when I drink I get handsy, so….  yeah.

I got up, had my standard breakfast, did some yoga and abs, then went to scrimmage.  Still sick, so I did okay.  Then I got home, and my husband was yelling at the puppy, who had been in her crate all day, and was super hyper.  So…  sick, post-scrimmage, tired, needed to prepare for the prom Menace took the dog on a nice long walk.

… where I promptly lost my fitbit.  😥  I didn’t realize it til I got home, and then I went on my walk backwards, and forwards, and backwards forwards again until it was getting dark and I had to go home and get ready for last night.  It’s gone.  So sad.  It had such a short life and was so well loved.


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I guess I forgot yesterday?

Hmmm…  I don’t do routine well.  I think I forgot to post yesterday.

Let’s see.  While home sick Wed, I made tortilla chicken soup, which I had leftovers of for lunch Thurs really late in the day (1:45.).  It made me sick.  Tummy sick.  I had a Cholecystectomy last spring (took my gallbladder out) so I don’t digest fats as well.  The tortillas in that soup are tortilla strips brushed with vegetable oil and baked.  I’m thinking that was the culprit.  Anyway, as a result, no dinner.  Couple sips of wine, but only b/c my husband was being sweet and poured me a glass before I got home…  had to be done.

Yesterday was a relatively good day.  I had a district librarian meeting, which sucks because the other librarians hate me and are mean to me (no really.)  Fortunately, I sat with the boys so no one was mean to me (yes, yes I did just type that.)  I ate well.  Normal breakfast, veggies and an apple and cottage cheese for lunch.  Then I left early (1pm) and walked the dog for 40 mins.  I got home and felt miserable.  Like terrible. But I had to work my school’s basketball games last night, so I took extra meds, sucked it up, and went to school.

Sophomore game I effed a ton of stuff up and was falling asleep and snotty and I felt so shitty.  Then I ate a subway–turkey this week, so actually healthy.  And 6″.  I felt way better, which was weird, I thought.  So I made it through the rest of the night then came home and crashed.

Woke up this morning feeling shitty.  Again.  My throat’s a little sore today, I think just from breathing through the mouth at night.  Either way it sucks.  What’s worse, though, is I have really dry face skin, esp in the winter time, already…  with this cold.  It’s effing terrible . I look like I have smallpox of the nose area.  I have to put vaseline or antibiotic ointment on it all the time to keep it from cracking and bleeding. Miserable.  And tonight: prom.  Ugh.  Nobody wants to be ugly for prom.  😥

Anyway, I have EPIC-ally failed at my lower back/ab/yoga exercises this week.  Ok, ok, I’be been sick.  (And thus also less active as a result.)  But still: I have to do those, otherwise I experience terrible back pain at practice.  So.  I need to get on it.  Which means now, b/c I have to leave for scrimmage soon.  So.  I’m going to do that, go to scrimmage, then spend the rest of the day cheating the hell out of this TBT bullshit at Prom.  Hopefully.  We’re eating there, and I LOVE fish and chips.  If you read all of this, you know that I don’t digest oil.  Fish and Chips are not only unhealthy, they make me wicked-sick.  But I loooooove them….

Decisions decisions.

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Orange JUICE

Ok, so I was sick yesterday and didn’t do any activities.  Tried to lay around as much as possible so as to be well enough for practice tonight.  I drank a RIDICULOUS amount of Orange Juice.  Like a half gallon.  At least.  I ate healthy…  I think.  I had veggies and hummus for lunch, a grapefruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, and homemade Chicken Tortilla  Soup for dinner.  Delicious.  Recipe: I use a larger can of green chile instead of a small can and water, and I used black beans instead of corn (we didn’t have much corn.)

Today is going smoothly.  Sort of.  I am still sick, but literally I woke up like death yesterday and just a little stuffy/headache-y this morning.  Anyway, had my usual breakfast and snack… kind of.  I had a tangelo and tried to have a yogurt.  Trouble is, my friend had the same kind about a month ago (Yoplait) and found a spider in it.  (No joke, I saw the spider, this isn’t like a “she said” it’s a “and then she pulled her spoon out of the container with a spider on it.)  Blech.  Well… I took a bite (and you have to understand I have a love-hate relationship with yogurt as it is, the texture sometimes grosses me out) and… it was all.. crusty.  Blech Blech Blech.  So the second half of the yogurt is sitting next to me uneaten.  It was cherry, too.  *sigh*  I love cherry.

Anyway, I’ll leave work early, walk the dog, then go to practice.  Probably a quick (25-35 min) walk today.  I need to get back with my lower back/ab exercises and yoga stretches.  Won’t have time tomorrow, either, since I’m running the bball scoreboard all night.  *Sigh.*

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Death by cold

I feel horrible.  I went to bed at 7pm, I felt so yucky, woke up at 5am with my husband.  I took Nyquil through the night, woke up every time it wore off because when I turned to lay on my side, snot literally started leaking from my nose.  Disgusting and icky feeling.  😦  I’m experiencing something similar on Dayquil right now.  Anyway, I woke up with my husband, called in sick, took the last of the Nyquil then went back to sleep for a few hours.

I’m going to have to head to the store for more OJ and meds and soup and stuff.  I don’t feel like eating, but I have made myself.  I had a grapefruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, and am currently trying to drink the last of the OJ and some coffee.  

I actually took today off partly because I know if I had gone to work I would feel too shitty for practice.  If I lay around all day, maybe I will feel okay for practice.  Methinks not.  This is some serious headcold.  Like woah.  *Sigh.*  I’m very upset with myself because next week are evals and I have things I am trying to work on this week.  😥  I was actually going to go to an extra practice this week.  Alas.  Woe is me.  



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And today

Sunday was a wash, so we’re just going to pretend it didn’t happen.  Let’s just say it involved no exercise and an 8 pack of regular beer.  I did eat a chicken sandwich for lunch instead of a burger, though …

Monday.  Food:  I did awesome on food.  I was way under on calorie intake and all of it healthy, and no booz for once.  I consumed just over 1200 calories, mostly fruits and vegetables and some cottage cheese/milk.  Granted, leaving for practice at 430 and returning at 10 helps with that…

Exercise: I did good yesterday.  Reilly and I went on a long walk, where we discovered (for Reilly’s first time) prairie dogs.  That was unpleasant for me, but entertaining for her.  We walked a little less than an hour at a moderate pace.  Then I had practice.  Holy SheWho.  Lots of squats and… what were they called…  rolling lunges?  My ass hates SheWho today, which means it will hate her even more tomorrow.  I was really stiff trying to sleep last night.

In other news, I am getting sick.  Ok I am sick.  As soon as I sat in the car yesterday I felt the scratchiness in my throat and my swollen lymph nodes.  Today I’m wicked sneezy and sore throaty and my head hurts and waaaahhhhhhhhhh.   😦  I’m torn between a couple of things.  I often leave work early.  Especially now with the puppy.  Well.  Today is not a day I need to leave early, so I should not.  But I sooooooo want a nap.  Need a nap.  Also, the puppy.  I should walk her.  I should do some yoga/abs.  But I feel like shit.  Motivation, come on, I need you today.


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I feel I have done well today.

I did yoga & ab work, then scrimmaged, then walked the dog for 50 minutes.  Woot woot.

I ate a toasted bagel with butter and a glass of juice for breakfast and a Jimmy John’s sub for lunch with a cherry/diet coke combo and some Kraken rum.  (The Kraken is the shit btw.)  I can eat 1167 more calories today, according to fitbit!

It’s now 7:30, and I’ve not eaten since lunch, but I also haven’t drank.  Which, as I think we all know, is a huge accomplishment for Menace.  I’m probably going to pour myself something here soon.  And have something (hopefully healthy-ish) to eat.

Oh–and I’ve lost more weight!  Granted my “monthly gift” (who the fuck came up with that euphemism, btw?  “gift” my ass. pfft) came today, but still.  Down to 160, which is where I was pre-holiday season.

Tomorrow will be a challenge.  I am going to scrimmage, but to NSO.  I’ve yet to make Sundays.



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I think Frida is going to kill me.  That is a literal fear that I have.  I decided to have a bagel for breakfast.  As I made that decision, I heard Frida’s voice telling me not to give in.  But… well…  I hit Costco and King Soopers pre-TBT and I’m not well off enough that I can not eat the food I bought.  So.  Bagel.  As I was toasting it, thinking about which method Frida would likely use, one half of my bagel burned.  Not even a little.  A lot.  The whole thing, black.  Friday the 13th and all…  I decided that was Frida’s doing.  I ate it anyway.  With butter.  Delicious.  (I am having a love affair with butter.  I see no end in sight… but I fucking love that stuff… all melty and warm on a toasty bagel…. I’m drooling just thinking of it.  mmmm… butter.)

Took today off of work.  Was very active, and am thanking my fitbit for that.  I did my yoga/light ab work in the morning, then played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution,) then visit my derby wife and made sweet bearing necklaces, then took the dog for a long walk.

But then… my husband wanted to take me to dinner. He never takes me to dinner.  We went to Carlos Miguel’s.  (Mexican.)  We had guacamole tableside, which I’ve always wanted (they make it at your table!!! So cool, and fresh, and delish.)  I know Avocados are fattening… but it’s good fat.  And my muscles are sore today, so clearly I need the potassium.  Anyway, I tried to order healthy.  I ordered Salmon with veggies and rice.  The salmon was WAY overcooked (it was like a brick!), the vegetables DRIPPING in butter (to the point that it grossed even me out), and the rice… well.  Mexican rice isn’t real healthy I don’t think.

I had one bite of each and after an argument with Tim, sent it back.  (I do NOT send food back. I don’t want to eat a lugie or some shit.)  Anyway, I ended up not ordering a meal.  Just had two margs and the guac and chips.  Surprisingly, I’m not way over on calories (yet) and I do feel full.  I’m actually glad that my meal worked out the way it did.  I wasn’t hungry after the guac.

Anyway, now for some hubby time.  And beer.  And maybe wine… or liquor.  *blinks.*  Frida really is going to kill me, I think…

The necklaces I made:

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For 1-12-11


Took Reilly on an hour walk yesterday, that was good.  Had a couple of glasses of wine and some jalapeno poppers for dinner.  Not so good.  Cheat day, I guess, yeah?

Anyway, I had a shitty Thursday.  Took today off work.  Woot woot.  I should be up and walking the dog shortly, then doing some yoga and/or ab work after that.  Maybe I’ll even play DDR on Wii today!

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