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  • 2 egg muffins, banana, 1% milk, coffee, carmel macchiato sugar free creamer
  • greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola, apple
  • 1% milk, greek yogurt tuna on wheat with spinach.  bell peppers, cucumbers, hummus.
  • Cheesy Penne with Broccoli and baked chicken breasts.  Red wine.  Lots.


  • 50 toe push ups
  • 50 sit ups (25 leg lifts, 25 cobras)

Tim and Misto convinced me that it would be okay to miss practice yesterday, even w/ a TT30 mix-up scrimmage.  (Snow = bad roads.)  Which was good because the scrimmage was cancelled.  So I went shopping!  😀  I’ve decided that since overweight and old teachers wear leggings to work, I should too. (My legs look way better, it’s a disservice to the people if I don’t wear them…) I bought some online at Kohl’s, but they fit a little awkwardly, so I went to try the smaller size on.  Ended up keeping the size I originally purchased (though ironically one of the packages says “M” but is actually “L” so I will have to return today to exchange them…), but picked up a pair of clearance real suede F-Uggs and some long sweaters for my new leggings look.  (Rocking them today.  Gray leggings, F-Uggs, lime green sweater!  Pearls.) Then I went to Levi’s and (sorry Rebel) exchanged the black skinny jeans for a new pair and some gray ones.  They look like khaki so I can also wear these to work, and those colors didn’t come in strait leg.  And it was 2 for $80.  Again.  And they gave me a coupon.  Again (bastards.)  Who wants a Levi’s Coupon?

Also–went to the Country Pedaler bike shop in Castle Rock and got some fancy cleats for my fancy new shoes.  I’m so excited to try them out tonight!  But I may hit practice instead… not sure.  Misto-run practice w/ scrimmage after is promising…  but spin…  new shoes…  we’ll see.

My shopping prevented me from so much as walking the dog yesterday, but you know what?  I don’t care!  It was awesome.  I had a great day.  I made more of that delicious Cooking Light penne (with chicken this time) and hung out with Tim.  Since he’ll be gone this weekend, that was an excellent use of time.  Plus I didn’t have to sit in traffic and snow trying to get to the War*house or risk driving off the “cliff” by the Rec Center like the last time I went there in the snow.  “Satisfecho,” incidentally, means “satisfied” en español, and is a phrase Tim used to use when we dated after we had a good meal and had that awesome feeling.  I’m applying it to life right now.  I’m content, I’m satisfecho.

Oh–and I was in bed asleep before 10pm last night.  Woke up feeling refreshed–first time that’s happened on a week day in a while.  I did take a Tylenol PM last night… Push-ups/Sit-ups are soooo much easier on a morning like this morning than they are after a late practice when I get home late and don’t sleep all night…  Gotta work on that.


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Justin Bieber is ruining my life.


  • Coffee, creamer, Honey Nut Cheerios w/ banana & 1% milk.
  • Apple
  • Snap peas, celery, red/yellow bell peppers, VitaRain Zero, Brussel Sprout Lo Mein, Rice Krispie.
  • Green Machine w/ Greek yogurt & No Bake Energy Bite  (a big ‘un, though.)


  • 50 toe push ups
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 cobra reverse crunches
  • Most of a Die practice
  • My own practice (weird.)

I haven’t been sleeping.  And while I managed to eat ~1800 calories yesterday, it felt like I’d eaten nothing.  Yesterday was a hard day.  Traffic was terrible (Justin Bieber concert,) I was late to a Rad Die practice, and if I hadn’t had responsibilities at Conts practice, I’d probably have turned around and returned home rather than fight the traffic.  I left at 4:30 and sat from Lincoln to I-225, finally making it onto the track at 6:25.  I missed a 100 laps opportunity, then wasn’t warmed up and had to sit out during the Black Widow a bit, too.

I’m super disappointed in myself right now.   I know I’m doing better, and yesterday I was over here ready to work at it some more, but.  Well.  A part of me really is saying fuck it all and giving up.  Last night was hard for me.  I sat out part of the Black Widow because I was fighting tears and my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe.  I let them take me in the car on the way to practice, home, and on the way to work, and I’m sitting here fighting them again.  No reason.  I’m being stupid and feeling sorry for myself for no reason.  But I’m having a very “why try” day or two and am really struggling not to give up.

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