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Spicy Shrimp Noodle Bowl Recipe

Spicy Shrimp Noodle Bowl Recipe 

Made this for dinner last night before the party–it was delicious!  Spicy, flavorful, but not overpowering.  Sooo good.  I follow Cooking Light on Facebook, and it popped up in my feed, looking delicious.  Check out their facebook page for more great recipes.



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And so it begins

Food: 2454

  • Coffee and Pumpkin Spice creamer with Honey Nut Cheerios and 1% milk.
  • Apple, Yoplait Greek w/ fruit and granola, Green Machine, Lemon Zest Luna Bar
  • Fruit Bowl, Ham and reduced fat swiss on wheat, sugar snap peas, VitaRain Sport
  • 5 Dove Dark Chocolates.  😦
  • Almonds, Berry Blast, Sugar Snap Peas
  • 1% milk w/ Hershey’s Special Dark Syrup

No Exercise.  😦

Yesterday the Boys Basketball season kicked off–first home game anyway.  I run the scoreboard for the 10th, JV, and Varsity teams.  Which means I had three games (4pm, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm) yesterday.  No time for exercise.  I was inside at work from 6:45am-9:00pm. Double ugggghhhh.  But.  $85 cash in my pocket.  Groceries for next week.  😉

Those damned chocolates are owning me.  Argh.



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