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More Karma

Food: 2240

  • 3 eggs w/ 2 pieces buttered wheat toast, coffee, hazelnut sugar free creamer, and hershey’s special dark syrup
  • Natural Peanut Butter, Banana, honey on wheat w/ 1% milk
  • Apple, 3 clementines, 5 Dove Dark Chocolates
  • Tofu, yellow/orange pepper sauteed in olive oil w/ garlic and onion over brown rice w/ red wine
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Moose Tracks Ice Cream.


  • Long Reilly Walk
  • 50 toe push-ups
  • 50 hodgepodge sit ups
  • Spin Class w/ Leslie

So I jinxed the fat guy.  He didn’t show up last night to spin.  Neither did the creepy guy.  So that was cool.  There’s a new guy–the one who is sitting in my seat–loud guy.  He was there.  Good class last night.  The irony–at the end–Leslie commented that I had been working hard.  I laughed (without humor.)  Too little, too late.

This morning.  Starbucks.  Triple Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Late.  I’m in a funk.  Whenever I feel negative I do something extra positive to counteract it.  So I paid for the person behind me’s Starbucks.  Then I drove off crying.  Everyone applauds me for saying nice things to people at practice/on facebook after Sunday scrimmages.  Yeah.  That’s to counteract the hate inside.  Really I’m just another asshole.  


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Mid-Morning Muffin Stare Down. Cheat Day.



(You’ll notice my “To Do” list staring at me from next to the Muffin, as well…)


So… today’s my cheat day, right?  Traditionally, even on cheat days, I stay pretty healthy in the mornings.  Cereal, apple and yogurt, lunch.  It’s Happy Hour that gets me.  And my cheat days are usually unintentional, they sneak up on me when the first beer slides down my throat before I have a chance to remember I’m not supposed to be drinking it.  *Blinks.* But today… today is an unintentional cheat day.  I definitely pondered my favorite Sausage Egg Sammie from Starbucks and a holiday late.  But I prevailed with a Jimmy Dean Delight  Canadian Bacon Egg White Honey Wheat muffin.  And I walked out the door w/ the coffee Tim had made and poured for me to take to work (like he does every day, so sweet.)  But it tasted funny.  Now I really want Starbucks…  a Pumpkin Spice Late… and this is a Pumpkin Muffin… and it’s my cheat day…  and…

yeah, I just ate it.  Sooo delicious.  OMG good.  I don’t wanna go nuts today, you know?  But then I do.  DORITOS!!!  MARTINIS!!!  BEER!!!  …  CHEESE!!!  So.  We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

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