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Oh, so that’s why I’m supposed to take a day off…

Food: 2249

  • Honey Wheat Egg White Canadian Bacon Jimmie Dean Breakfast Sammie, 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Apple, Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, Luna Bar
  • Wheat bread chicken breast and swiss sammie w/ banana and Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 1% Milk, Tuna Casserole, White toast w/ Apple Butter
  • Wine.


  • Short Reilly walk
  • Spin Class

I’m over on calories.  This wine is heavenly.   Fitting, since Spin Class felt like hell tonight.  I loved it.  My right knee hurt a fair amount towards the end, though… I’m a tad concerned.  Last week I hit practice or Spin Class Sun-Thurs.  Burned my legs out a bit.  This week, you may recall, I guiltily skipped Spin Class on Tuesday.  Today I felt like a powerhouse.  I pushed myself harder than usual and it felt great.  Very rewarding.  Mmm… this wine is divine.  Spicy without acidity.  It’s Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel.

I sort of want to eat an avocado.  Soaked in Balsamic Vinegar and salt and pepper.  Tim and I head out of town on Wednesday and I have two that I hope get eaten before we leave.  I suppose I could put some one my sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  Speaking of which–has anyone noticed?  I’ve stopped saucing my lunch sandwiches.  I went from mayo and mustard to just mustard at the beginning of this week to just Chicken Breast and Swiss on bread these past two days.  Surprisingly: they’ve been good sandwiches.  In fact, despite this being the second week in a row I’ve gotten deli chicken breast, I noticed a pepperiness to the meat yesterday for the first time.  So flavorful.  I hadn’t noticed because the mustard had been overpowering it.  That reminds me.  I also have a bunch of smoked salmon I need to eat.  I wonder if Avocado and Smoked Salmon go well together?  I may find out tomorrow.  I’m not really hungry right now, soooo…  I’ll do my best to forego food the next few hours.  Oi.  Maybe I am hungry.  All this talk about food. Ugh.

Since my trip is nearing, I’m becoming concerned about the end of TBT.  I’m in Grand Cayman on my parents’ dime the 21-27th.  They will feed and drink us well. Do I say fuck it and enjoy that, or…  temper myself and finish out this TBT business?  I can always add a week to the end of my TBT.  Or… since I’ve hit my weight goal and seem to be doing pretty well… do I wrap this business up Sunday before I head out of town?  Or a combo?  I just want to do my last weigh in, after photos, measurements, etc, and have them truly illustrate my success.  I don’t want to go to Cayman, gain 5lbs (or 10), come home, and weigh/measure in.  And I don’t really want to weigh/measure in a week (or two) late, either.  Not that I mind the extra weeks.  Just…  well.  Considering how “done” everyone is already, I don’t want my end to be later.  I wanna finish with everyone else.  Anyway.  We’ll see.

In other news: Bijou’s husband Sean needs to come to the Martini Maelstrom:  Cool, yeah?

Another aside–can you tell I been thinking of my Bijou lately?  Changed my facebook cover photo to one from my first Contenders bout.  My ass is HUGE!  No wonder everyone keeps telling me I look good.  I didn’t realize my butt was so big last summer.  Daaaamn.


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I’m gonna need a real cheat day soon. Like, a stuff my face and get wasted cheat day.

Food: 2054/1801

  • Jimmy Dean Honey Wheat Canadian Bacon Egg White sammie, coffee, creamer
  • apple, banana
  • Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich on wheat, VitaRain Sport, Yoplait Greek w/ Fruit and Granola
  • Triscuits.  Salad w/ Greek Yogurt & Red Wine Vinegar dressing
  • Chicken Salad Sammie on Sourdough, Red Wine, 1% milk


  • Reilly Walk
  • Leslie Spin of Death

Damn it.  I’m really bummed.  I forgot to log that fruit/yogurt yesterday during the day, so I thought I was under on calories and I drank my wine like a victory toast.  Savored every last drop.  Turns out it put me over.  Grrr.  And those triscuits.  I got home from school and ate a salad–which I managed to use my own advice to dress (I blended Red Wine Vinegar w/ Greek Yogurt–not super creative, but I was huuungry.)  But then I wanted to jam on some Doritos.  Like.  Real bad.  And Tim has had the pantry stocked with Doritos for months and I have eaten none.  None, I say!!!  So I ate a few triscuits.  So not the same, but it sort of satisfied the urge.  Still–freaking 160 calories for 6 crac–aawwww CRAP.  Fitbit only logged one triscuit.  Who eats one triscuit?  Argh.  Now I’m even more over.  😥  Shouldn’t have had the wine or the milk.  Ugh.  Anyway.  Triscuits.  Not quite Doritos.  And six, not quite stuffing my face.  I realize I had an enjoyable cheese cheat date last week, but… Ima need a junk food one soon, too.  Blergh.

Spin Class.  I’ve become a Leslie stalker.  I’ve gone to her every class since the first one I attended a few weeks ago.  Yesterday, just like Die said they would  be, my right hamstring was pretty tight. Same one where the knee/groin/hip has been bothering me.  Spinning was a ‘lil tough yesterday.  And–it was all climbing/lots of weight on the wheel–no sprinting.  Basically the class of death.  Death, I say!!!  😉 It was awesome.  I did it all.  And I sweat like a pig the whole time.  And when it was over, I had that Jello-feeling Sunny mentioned for a brief moment (I think I only noticed b/c Sunny mentioned it the other day) and it was Bliss.  🙂  So glad I went.  Oh–also–super hottie totally sat right next to me.  And before class I happened to be texting Blew, so of course I text her about that (he was totally her type–big.  Ripped. “Corn-fed.”)  And then I had this shit-eating grin on my face and was giggling like a child and Leslie said “something you’re happy about, Linds?” Uhhh… nope.  :D:D 😀  Anyway, it was amusing.  Oh–and I totally bike kicked his ass.  Haha.  (As I dripped sweat all over my bike and myself.)  Being married definitely has its perks.  Handsome boy sits next to me when I’m all sweaty and smelly?  I don’t give a shit.  I’m not trying to impress anybody.  It’s great.

Lastly–my hips were a popping all night last night again.  😦  They did not on Monday, I thought b/c of Die’s class.  Now I’m wondering if it had to do w/ my pillow/sleeping situation.  I am allowed two pillows.  One for my head, and one to hug and smother and lay on top of. (But in the summer Tim tries to make me lose that one, too.)  I’d really like a third to nestle along my backside, but Tim says no.  😦  Well, Monday, I came home to a third pillow and just left it there…  So I was more on my back with the pillow under me, and my huggle snuggle pillow on top of me, with my head pillow under my head.  (If I were cool like Quentin, I’d draw a diagram, but this, alas, is not Chickpeas and Hulahoops.)

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