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The Battles Continue: Negative Nance-hole vs. Positive Polly, Dove Dark vs. Energy Bite, Red vs. Black

Food: 2809

  • Honey Nut Cheerios w/ 1% milk, coffee, carmel macchiato sugar free creamer
  • apple, yoplait greek w/ fruit and granola.  2 clementines.
  • Turkey, Reduced Fat Swiss, Spinach, Cucumber, Mushroom and Cucumber Dill Greek Dressing on a Sun-dried Tomato & Basil tortilla with Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime and two baby energy bites
  • Spinach salad w/ almonds, strawberry, clementine, tofu and Cucumber Dill dressing
  • Natural Almond Butter, milk, banana, whey protein, chia seed and Hershey’s Special Dark smoothie/protein shake
  • Red Wine


  • 50 toe pushups
  • 50 situps (25 leg lifts, 25 cobras)
  • Reilly walk (short)
  • 2hr. Sweets practice
  • 1hr. scrimmage

After sitting down and writing all about being positive, I had a major Hulk Menace negativity slip.  😦  Oops.

Huge food success yesterday.  2800+ healthy calories.  I have decided to experiment with wraps, so yesterday I smashed myself a turkey-swiss spinach wrap.  I’ve never been good at rolling burritos and I always overfill my tacos.  These skills translate to wrap-ping, so I struggled and designed a cucumber-dill dressing disaster.  Oddly enough, after being refrigerated all day, it stayed together well.  And was filling.  Despite the lack of bread-stuffs.  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and have another for today. It kills me that 6 tortillas cost $3.59 and a loaf of bread is $1.99, though…

I brought clementines and energy bites to ward off the Dove Dark Chocolates (the stash of which Karen refilled yesterday.)  Success!  Those energy bites rock.  Remind me again why I didn’t make them the past few weeks?  I jammed on a spinach salad and a smoothie-shake (what’s the difference?) before practice yesterday.  Waaay more than enough, even for a 3hr. night.  I didn’t have a snack before scrimmage, or even afterwards.  Chia seeds keep your blood sugar regulated, and your tummy full.  Considering they were in everything I ate yesterday…  must be true.  🙂

Practice was… practice.  My backwards skating has improved tremendously the past week alone.  Misto hugely helped last Thursday.  When crossing over, she told me to keep my feet on the ground.  Aha!  I can still only do it going the correct direction, but yesterday I worked on the foot movement to cross the wrong direction and improved.  Baby steps.  At scrimmage…  well first I was pleased to have four refs.  Really.  It was such a relief seeing them all show up.  I’d have been happy with three, four was amazing! Yay.  I played… okay.  I fucked up a few times and did some good things as well.  But.  Positive Polly focuses on the things she did well, so…

  • I didn’t give up.  Jamming against a Sweets-Nona-Bijou-??? wall I pushed and pushed and fought and fought and got a high block and went to the box.  But Sweets said it wasn’t really a high block.  😀  Regardless: I didn’t give up.  I kept pushing and pushing and maybe I didn’t get through, but someday soon I will.
  • Cass jamming…  seconds on the jam clock.  I dropped back and nailed someone out of Cass’s way so she scored her points as time expired.  I’m not so good at the drop back (the clockwise “danger zone,” so to speak,) so this was pretty cool.
  • Last jam, power jam Menace.  I get out of the pack and look at the jam clock.  8 seconds to get back around and through again.  Fuuuck.  My instinct is to conserve energy, w/ 8 seconds I’m not getting around the track and back through… but I’ve seen She Who lap a pack and score in 8 seconds, so fuck it.  I sped up, got around the track, and with the help of an amazing offensive hit from Cass, scored my 5 points.  Fuck yeah!  … and that was the end of scrimmage.  😀

I’ve still got an Apex-Jumping mental block.  I think I have to skip practice tomorrow (we’re hosting a playoff basketball game.  They haven’t asked me to run the clock, perhaps due to the faux pas from Saturday… perhaps b/c they think I intuitively know to be here… not sure.) So maybe I’ll hit up Saturday Scrimmage and focus on my hops.  (My hops, my hops, my lovely lady hops?)

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Negative Nancy vs. Positive Polly

Attitude is everything.

A bad attitude will make a difficult situation worse, while a positive attitude can transform a situation.  Many travelers are stuck at DIA right now.  Those looking at the delay as an adventure will have a much more positive experience than those complaining about it.  Complaining that your child has nothing to do and is cranky and misbehaving will only put both parent and progeny into a bad mood.  Instead…explore the airport.  Play hide and seek… make an adventure of the delay. You’ll still be exhausted, but in a better much better mood than the parent who nags his/her child all day to “behave.”  (Who said sitting quietly in a chair waiting patiently was “behaving,” anyway?  Children are loud and messy, trying to make them anything but is like trying to make a fish climb a tree.)

I’m on this positive kick, I have been for a while.  I understand transforming everything into sunshine and rainbows is beyond annoying–nauseating, even.  In college, a girl on my floor had been overprescribed Prozac (or some similar mood-altering drug.)  Her sunshine and rainbows and smiles made me sick; I loathed her.

When people talk shit about us, our defense is: they are jealous.  They say mean things because they are unhappy about themselves.  Negative Nancy is the same.  I know because I default to Negative Nancy.  When I am upset, when I am sad, when I am angry, when I am hurt, I become Negative Nancy.  In college those first few months: Negative Nancy.  This whole past two months: Negative Nancy. And I haven’t enjoyed being myself, so I can imagine it’s been a chore to be around me as well.

Enter: Positive Polly.

I forced myself to focus on the positive by publicly pointing out amazing things RMRG skaters do at scrimmage or practice…  it really took off.  Everyone thinks it’s really cool I do that, a few others have started doing it themselves, etc.  I actually won an award for it at Prom–kind of embarrassing, since I feel like a fraud.  It was the “fuzzy kitty” award for being warm and fuzzy.  All I was doing was forcing myself to look on the bright side.

Anyway, my point is: it’s not easy or natural to be a Positive Polly.  At least not for me.  But…  people really like Positive Polly.  Plus, Positive Polly has way more fun!  She looks at every situation as an opportunity or an adventure, not as a chore to get through.

Saturday night, the World were Positive Polly’s.  And we scored 68 points to Fight Club’s… 18?  in the first few minutes of that scrimmage.  That was incredible!  How was that even possible?  Anything is possible for Positive Polly.  Nothing is easy… but it’s possible.  Keeping a positive attitude in the eventual 420-100 point beat down was challenging.  And there were moments where we lost our cool, but we clung to our positivity as a child to his blankie, and we scored 100 points.  Against Fight Club.  And that was pretty awesome.  And totally thanks to Positive Polly (even if she is annoyingly nauseating and sugar coated.)

So.  The lesson I learned this weekend is: Positive Attitude.  Always look on the bright side of things.  And when negativity starts clouding your focus… force it.  Force a smile on your face, say something nice to someone, and make yourself be positive.  You’ll feel much better about the situation, yourself, and… everyone else will appreciate it, too.

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