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Buckling Down. Again. For realz this time. No–really.

Food: 2271/ 1772 ¬†ūüė¶¬†

  • Turkey Sausage Sammie w/ 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Apple, Yoplait Greek w/ Fruit and Granola
  • … ¬†Two Dove Dark Chocolates.
  • … ¬†Two mini KitKat bars…
  • Two more Dove Dark Chocolates.
  • Ham and light swiss on wheat. ¬†Naked Green Machine (10 oz). ¬†1% Cottage Cheese.
  • … four more Dove Dark Chocolates (Karen put them in my hand–not my fault! ¬†Ok she put three in my hand. ¬†They were gone before I tasted them, so I needed one more…)
  • Giant Leafy Greens salad w/ cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, imitation crab meat and light italian dressing with 1% milk


  • 1 mile walk w/ Reilly
  • Spin Class

Ugh. ¬†I need to do some yoga. ¬†After 9 days with virtually no exercise, my legs are tight and sore after spinning. I’m just so tired. ¬†ūüė¶ I may yet rally. ¬†We’ll see. ¬†It would burn more calories which would increase my caloric intake which I (of course) exceeded.

Then again I’ve got about 500 calories worth of chocolate in there. ¬†*Sigh* ¬†I didn’t really try to resist them. ¬†They are in the library now. ¬†On my desk. ¬†Staring at me. ¬†Calling to me, saying “I am your favorite kind of chocolate. ¬†Think how creamy and delicious I am. ¬†You know you love me more than Hershey’s dark chocolate, because I am Dove Dark chocolate and I melt in your mouth.” ¬†So then I put one in my mouth and suck to feel it melt away whist coating my tongue in its chocolate glory, dissolving to delicious nothingness. ¬†But then I get greedy and want more chocolatey goodness so I bite into it–another wonderful sensation altogether–and chew and swallow it’s creamy glory. ¬†Then I’m sad I didn’t let it dissolve so I try again. ¬†Same failure. ¬†I should give up. ¬†(You really need to eat those things with a good Pinot Noir anyway, or it’s a complete waste.)

I commented on the hardship of chocolate accessibility on facebook today, and Dosa and Sunny are agreed to continue this TBT hell another two weeks, so I said fuck it and jumped on that bandwagon, too. ¬†At least we’ll be miserable (and skinny bitches) together. ¬†Rowdy I’ve noticed has responded with “likes” and amused comments, but no affirmation of another two weeks. ¬†Piper and Newt are completely ignoring us crazies, though. (Can’t say I blame them.) ¬†Anyway, December 15th. ¬†We can make it.

I have to say, though, if I’m going through this misery another two weeks, Ima fucking do this shit right. ¬†No more damn chocolate all day long. ¬†No more cheat-kends or full cheat days. ¬†I’m not gonna say no cheating, because that’s a recipe for disaster, but I don’t want to go all out ever. ¬†That’s what got me off the bandwagon in the first place. ¬†So cheat meals or cheat treats. ¬†Maybe like one a day. ¬†One glass of wine or one chocolate or if it’s a “cheat day,” one meal or one six pack. ¬†No going nuts. Something like that. ¬†We’ll see how it goes.

As I was warming up for Spin Class this evening, perusing the December Fitness Guide, looking at all the classes I might be able to attend during finals week (when we have half days at school) or during my two week break, I thought “maybe I should TBT another three weeks–til December 21!” ¬†And about 25 minutes later when the sweat started pouring and my legs started shaking I realized that was the crazy talking. ¬†The point is to change habits and move forward positively. ¬†Exercising more. ¬†Eating healthier and less. ¬†Managing those extra “empty” calories. ¬†I’m going longer because I don’t think I’m there yet. ¬†I’m giving myself an extra two weeks to get there. ¬†To remind myself what empty calories can do and that I am capable of avoiding them.

Before this TBT, I didn’t exercise outside of derby. ¬†I won’t stop when TBT is over, and I shouldn’t. ¬†Continuing to exercise after TBT ends doesn’t mean I should extend TBT–I shouldn’t. ¬†I should move forward with these new habits I’ve taught myself. ¬†After the 15th, though, I will be done with this “dieting” bullshit. ¬†I fucking hate it. ¬†Hate. ¬†Loathe. ¬†Ughhh. ¬†But it’s good for me, and I need to learn to manage my caloric intake better.

I think that’s all for now.

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