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Unghhhh Sickly Pickly Ickly… tickly?


  •  Haha suck it.  Go to fit bit and read it.   Ok just kidding.
  • 1% milk w/ frosted mini-wheats, coffee w/ half and half
  • Apple & 1% cottage cheese
  • PB & J on wheat, 1% milk, Slenderize Fuze
  • 2 banana, Hershey’s Special Dark syrup, natural peanut butter, nonfat vanilla yogurt, and 1% milk smoothie


  • 2hr derby practice
  • 1mile Reilly walk

Yesterday…  reviewed applicants for my new assistant.  There are some highly qualified candidates.  And some interesting looking people who I unfortunately will be unable to interview.  So, we’re probably interviewing next week sometime, and I have high hopes that we’ll find someone good.  Raced home, was fortunate to find a lull in the rain, walked Reilly, whipped up a fancy smoothie based on a recipe I found on Sunny D’s Pinterest page, and went to practice.  Unfortunately for me…  the smoothie didn’t settle well in my tummy.  😦  I was all burpy sickly during practice cuz my tummy hurt.  I think it must have been the oil in the peanut butter.

Went home, checked in on fitbit, and discovered I could still consume 138 calories…  exactly enough for a large glass of wine.  😀 Showered, put on my pink fluffy robe, and poured myself a delicious, refreshing, giant glass of… water.  😉  I needed it.  Actually, while I was showering, pondering the wine, the thought of water popped into my head and was more enticing than the idea of wine.  Weird, right?

Then bed.  Reilly likes to sleep between my legs.  So she did last night.  Yeah, that sounds weird, esp. if you factor in that I sleep butt-assed naked, but take into account the blankets and it isn’t weird.  (Right?) She likes to curl up in a ball, and then she has mommy legs all around her to keep her warm.  I assume that’s why.  Oh, and I have a bed heater…  like a heated blanket, but it’s a mattress cover.  I put that on low last night.  Sooo nice…  🙂  eventually I rolled onto my side so Reilly had to sleep curled up behind my legs instead of between them.  (Which is less weird, right?)  And then I had to roll over and Reilly was in the way and when I moved her she got fed up and relocated to the floor.



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