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I made you out of clay.

I have the Dreidel Song stuck in my head.  You too can share my misery, just click that link. Oh–and if you’re speculating: I’m not Jewish.  Not at all.

Food: 2607/2195

  • Quinoa bowl w/ walnuts, banana, and maple syrup.  Coffee and gloriously delicious Sugar free Pumpkin Spice Creamer.
  • Apple.  Greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola.  Banana.  Breakfast on the Go, Fruit and Berry Blend.
  • Chicken and Rice, Cranberry Orange Bread (courtesy of Colin’s mama,) VitaRain Sport
  • Cottage Cheese, Naked Might Mango.  Slice of thin crust frozen pizza.  
  • Chicken Breast, almond, mixed green, cherry tomato, sugar snap pea salad w/ Greek Yogurt, Pom, Red Wine Vinegar dressing.


  • Medium Reilly Walk
  • Practice

Yeah, so I was over on calories.  Should have, could have skipped that salad after practice. (461 calories–that would have put me where I’m supposed to be.) Conversely…  as Batty commented a few days ago: focus on eating better food, not less.  I think I’ve been doing that, but then last week when I didn’t have any snacks, I jammed on that chocolate.  Since then, I’ve been packing a shit ton of food in my lunches.  Like.  A shit ton.  My lunch suitcase needs wheels.  I would totally rock a rolling lunch suitcase.  Anyway, it’s working, and I don’t feel so badly when I eat good stuff.  I had one cheat item yesterday, but it could have been so much worse.  I had a slice of Colin’s mama’s Cranberry bread.  It was delicious and worth every one of those 120 calories.  

Gayg practice yesterday was excellent as usual.  I liked doing the Speed Skating laps instead of  like 100 laps in a pace line, or the lead for five laps version.  I doubt we did 100 laps yesterday, but we did quite a few, and it was challenging but mentally engaging as well, so that’s good.  Plus the passing piece kicks my competitive nature into overdrive so I didn’t sit out despite the throbbing back pain.   Really impressed with Saultz.  She was my partner yesterday, and she’s just returned from injury.  She hung in there like a champ.  I thought for sure she’d drop out, and was trying to keep her motivated to finish our lap together.  When we got back to the pack I expected her to sit out for a bit.  She didn’t.  She rolled on Gangnam Style.  It was B.A.  

Oh–also–Lops was my feedback buddy.  Totally scored the jackpot on that one.  She gives the best feedback and is sooo positive about it.  Lops is one of my most favorite league-team-mates.  I was really excited to be drafted to USPS for a number of reasons, and to be able to call a number of skaters “teammates” officially, but Lops was probably the one I was most excited about.  Simply because: she was at the War*house for my tryout, and her face lit up, she hugged me, and she was genuinely excited to see me there.  I was nervous and shitting my pants and there were other RMRG girls there who I knew better than Lops who were nonchalant at me, gave me a “what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-here?” look.  Well.  I was thinking to myself “what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-here?” and when I saw some girls I knew and they ignored me…I assumed that was what they were thinking as well.  Regardless, Lops was an encouraging face/body for me that day, and I needed it.  Plus she’s just the shit.  

So… yeah.  Pretty solid Monday.  Effectively avoiding the hordes of treats so far today.  


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