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Justin Bieber is ruining my life.


  • Coffee, creamer, Honey Nut Cheerios w/ banana & 1% milk.
  • Apple
  • Snap peas, celery, red/yellow bell peppers, VitaRain Zero, Brussel Sprout Lo Mein, Rice Krispie.
  • Green Machine w/ Greek yogurt & No Bake Energy Bite  (a big ‘un, though.)


  • 50 toe push ups
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 cobra reverse crunches
  • Most of a Die practice
  • My own practice (weird.)

I haven’t been sleeping.  And while I managed to eat ~1800 calories yesterday, it felt like I’d eaten nothing.  Yesterday was a hard day.  Traffic was terrible (Justin Bieber concert,) I was late to a Rad Die practice, and if I hadn’t had responsibilities at Conts practice, I’d probably have turned around and returned home rather than fight the traffic.  I left at 4:30 and sat from Lincoln to I-225, finally making it onto the track at 6:25.  I missed a 100 laps opportunity, then wasn’t warmed up and had to sit out during the Black Widow a bit, too.

I’m super disappointed in myself right now.   I know I’m doing better, and yesterday I was over here ready to work at it some more, but.  Well.  A part of me really is saying fuck it all and giving up.  Last night was hard for me.  I sat out part of the Black Widow because I was fighting tears and my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe.  I let them take me in the car on the way to practice, home, and on the way to work, and I’m sitting here fighting them again.  No reason.  I’m being stupid and feeling sorry for myself for no reason.  But I’m having a very “why try” day or two and am really struggling not to give up.


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Yep. Not quite starting yet–but getting there!

Exercise: Traditionally, I start w/ food… but… well… I look like a better TBTer in terms of exercise today…

  • 1hr spin class
  • 50 push-ups
  • 60 crunches


  • Sesame bagel w/ honey almond butter, orange juice, coffee w/ half & half, four turkey sausage links
  • Naked Berry Blast blended w/ Pom and Greek Yogurt, 1% cottage cheese
  • can of three bean salad…
  • leafy greens w/ firm tofu cube, balsamic vinegar, orange-honey-greek yogurt dressing, and some hummus.
  • 2 clementines
  • Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball, triscuits, cherry vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate syrup
  • 2 extra dirty martinis with olives.

Yeah, so I’m not quite TBTing yet, but I’m a step closer than yesterday.  I did my 50 pushups and situps.  I did not walk the dog, but b/c of Spin Class I got 10,000+ steps.  (I feel like spinning for steps is a bit of a cheat, though…)

I’m a little irritated about spinning.  Kim had a sub today, and while he’s a great teacher with great music…  he’s a chauvinist dickhole.  Once, I attended his Wednesday 5:45am class, that wasn’t on the schedule, I had just heard about it.  He told me “you can come back.”  As if you needed an invite to attend.  Then today I did well.  Or so I thought.  At the end, he ignored four females and invited a roid-ridden meathead in a cycling unitard to an unscheduled 10am Saturday class.  (Yes, I was jealous… of the unitard!)  Anyway.  Grr.

So I ate alright until I got home from basketball, when I downed some bacon cheddar cheese ball, ice cream, and dirty martinis.  Gotta get my fill of the dirties now so that I can miss them for three months.  *sigh.*  Speaking of–hit Costco today and did *not* get the giant jar of green olives.  Go me.

Oh–btw–Rowdy–my digestive system didn’t appreciate all the fiber today either.  I had mad farts sitting on the bench running the basketball scoreboard.  Fortunately there weren’t 7 other people on the bench w/ me… oh wait.  There were…

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