Monday, February 17 Fitness

  1. Short Reilly walk (probably slightly less than one mile)
  2. Insanity “Light”

I had intended to attend league practice (I love Gaygan practices, and she was running it) and Contenders practice (Rowdy taught new offensive drills) but I woke up with a sore throat that worsened through the day, so I opted for sleep and taking it easy instead.  Good thing, too, cuz I kind of feel like crap again today.

I did Insanity Cardio Circuit and Cardio Abs, but I had to modify several of the exercises because my left knee is still bothering me.  Dr. Borman and our new physical therapist tested it and it seems fine, but it hurts if I squat/put too much weight on it.  Matt, the physical therapist, said it was okay to keep skating/working out as long as I don’t squat to deep.  So I think I modified lunges, squats, and power jumps (landing in squat position on my hurt leg was a big no no.)


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