A good day off. Got nothing done. EPiC.

Food: 1701 calories

  • 2 egg muffins w/ cheese, coffee w/ carmel macchiato sugar free creamer, banana, 1% milk
  • Cheesy Penne with Broccoli
  • natural almond butter, honey, and banana on wheat w/ 1% milk
  • banana paleo muffin, nature valley trail mix bar
  • wine.


  • 2 hr Nona Practice
  • 1 hr (but not really) Contenders Practice

I was back on track with food yesterday.  Woot woot.  I went shopping in the morning.  New black leather “riding” boots from Nordstrom.  Pretty excited.  Got bra fitted, have been wearing the correct size.  (Bonus.)  They weren’t very helpful, and they didn’t have my size on any of the racks (even though it’s not a super weird size,) so I left and went to Victoria’s Secret.  Where I got two bras and ten pairs of size small panties.  For less than two bras would have been at Nordstrom.  So… yeah.  And size small!!!  My mediums have been loosey goosey but I felt weird getting a smaller size but they fit.  😀  That was cool.

Practice.  Meh.  I hate backwards skating.  But I did like the Black Widow version.  I just tried to backwards crossover.  By the end I could sorta do it.  The correct direction.  Not at all the wrong direction.  Gotta start somewhere.  And then Contenders practice.  There seemed to be some sweating going on, but.  Well.  It’s hard to participate and direct, so I only participated in like 2/3 of it.  Not the stopping/speeding up in partners at all, which was unfortunate since I can’t figure out how to plow stop with a partner to save my life.  Perhaps before practice one day someone will help me…  😀

Dosa and Bijou were both back, which was super awesome.

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Have I been mixing wine and tylenol PM?  I drank some wine, but no tylenol PM and it felt like I lay there not sleeping but processing all things derby all night long.  Oi.


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