Bad Mean@$$

Tuesday…  I ate well through the day.  I had basketball in the evening.  No exercise (other than pushups/situps).  Tons of Oreos w/ milk before bed.  Oh.  And 2 Hansen’s Diet Soda’s, One 20oz Coke Zero, and two cans of Diet Coke.  YIKES.



  • Honey Nut Cheerios, 1% milk, banana, coffee, hazelnut sugarfree creamer
  • 3 brownies.
  • Apple.  Another brownie.
  • Natural Almond butter and Simply Blackberry jam on wheat w/ Hansen’s natural diet black cherry soda…  and two brownies.
  • McDonald’s Ranch Chicken BLT w/ small fries
  • Luna Bar
  • Salmon & reduced fat cream cheese triscuits w/ wine


  • 50 toe pushups, 50 situps
  • Reilly Walk
  • 2hr league practice (ok… more like 1.5hr.  I was late and sat out a bit.)
  • 1hr Fight Club practice.

OMG I am soo tired.  Stressful day at work yesterday.  Rough morning (hence the three homemade from scratch with chocolate chunks in them brownies.)  I was exhausted so I went home around 2:15.  Walked Reilly and took a sort of nap.  We listened to Bonnie D on our walk, and then we (me and Reilly) lay in bed listening to it and sort of zoning out.  Then we lay there in silence for 30 mins or so and when it was time to get up…  well I almost missed practice entirely.

I needed to have a TT30 chat w/ Sweets, so I got my ass up and to practice. No time to make food, and nothing looked appetizing, so I figured I’d hit McDonald’s.  Misto (who I carpooled with) wanted a Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  So I got the same thing instead of the cheeseburgers and nuggets I’d originally intended to order.  So one less-than-awful decision yesterday.

And then practice was good.  Cass and Gayg helped me understand a bit of my Eval feedback, and then I used it on them (and Alpha and Sweets) during Fight Club practice…  which feels pretty damn good, I have to say.  I was jamming against them and wore them down so much that my fourth try I juked a three foot wide hole for myself.  Bwaaahahahaha.  Yes.

This morning it was really hard to get out of bed.  I skipped my calisthenics.  I’ll have to make them up later today.  Once the fog clears.

Oh–and btw–for all my “Thunda’s practice wasn’t that hard” comments…  Yeah.  Around 5 on Tuesday.  Hurt to stand up/sit down.  That continued all the way up to practice Wednesday.  I *think* it’s passed.


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