Catching Up

Sunday Food:

  • 3 eggs over easy, buttered toast, coffee, creamer.
  • Pho Rolls, Quesadilla, 1/2 BLT @ Eden (w/ Eve and Rad Die)
  • Mimosas.  So many mimosas.

Sunday Exercise:

  • 5 jams
  • 50 toe push ups
  • 50 sit ups

Monday Food:

  • Honey Nut Cheerios, 1% milk, banana, coffee, sugarfree hazelnut creamer
  • Apple.  Greek yogurt w/ fruit and granola.  Turkey and Swiss sammie on wheat.  Diet Hansen’s Soda.  2 cuties.
  • 3 cookies.  2 pinwheels.  
  • Berry Blast Smoothie.  Carrots and Hummus.
  • 6 Cliff Shot Bloks, 1/2 Luna bar (shared other 1/2 w/ Frak)

Monday Exercise:

  • Teaching = 5,000+ steps
  • 50 toe pushups 
  • 50 some kind of sit ups
  • Reilly walk
  • 2 hr. Thunda practice (I didn’t think it was that bad??)
  • 1 hr Slaughterhouse Scrimmage.

So I taught two English classes yesterday.  It was the introduction to one of my favorite books ever, To Kill a Mockingbird (I always enjoyed teaching it.)  The worst part was… 90 mins of TKM = ughh.  But the kids were super awesome and we powered through together.  One of the classes was a co-taught special education class (half regular ed and half special ed.)  Those kids were so freaking smart!  My jaw was just on the floor.  They answered my every question, correctly, while the regular ed kids sat there like zombies.  When I taught, I always had the “won’t do” students, not the “can’t do” students.  It was a great eye opener and…  well it was just cool.

Walked Reilly, went to practice–left 20 mins late.  Got there the same time.  (wtf?) Dillied and Dallied (talking to Batty) and missed part of the 40 laps first drill.  Did everything else.  Was everyone else that much more exhausted from the 30 laps I skipped?  I dunno.

Slaughterhouse scrimmage.  I did great for a bit then sucked balls.  Then got pissed off.  Then sad and teary.  I’m about done with this emo bullshit.  I was “myself” for all of league practice.  Being tool-y and having fun.  Then I just.  I dunno.  Maybe 3.5hr practice was just too much.  I also felt a little like no one wanted to be my partner at league practice.  I’m a little tough on those newbs… maybe that’s why.  

So yeah.  I’ve been saying I have a “pretend” bad attitude.  I had planned to leave early Sunday.  I was intentionally (not) late last night.  But really… I have a bad attitude.  😦  And I don’t like it.  

Thanks for the support, y’all.  I’m a lil busy at work for another day or so (there’s supposed to be a real sub tomorrow…) but I appreciate it.  



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  1. 1

    Doing falls generally wears thin with me and even more so last night- I could feel that I hadn’t gone running recently. You were doing awesome at scrimmage. Looking forward to your cloud lifting, as I’m sure you are.

    • 2

      haha. thanks. 😉

      I wonder if I’m doing them right. I don’t really “stop.” I make those falls fluid, so they’re more like a lunge. Not exciting or fun or anything, and tiring in the moment… but… they don’t wear on me. I dunno.

      Know what you mean about skipping running–I don’t run, but, I felt that way when we returned from Dec. break. And now I’m skipping spin tonight and Thursday! (basketball) Yikes!

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