More Karma

Food: 2240

  • 3 eggs w/ 2 pieces buttered wheat toast, coffee, hazelnut sugar free creamer, and hershey’s special dark syrup
  • Natural Peanut Butter, Banana, honey on wheat w/ 1% milk
  • Apple, 3 clementines, 5 Dove Dark Chocolates
  • Tofu, yellow/orange pepper sauteed in olive oil w/ garlic and onion over brown rice w/ red wine
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Moose Tracks Ice Cream.


  • Long Reilly Walk
  • 50 toe push-ups
  • 50 hodgepodge sit ups
  • Spin Class w/ Leslie

So I jinxed the fat guy.  He didn’t show up last night to spin.  Neither did the creepy guy.  So that was cool.  There’s a new guy–the one who is sitting in my seat–loud guy.  He was there.  Good class last night.  The irony–at the end–Leslie commented that I had been working hard.  I laughed (without humor.)  Too little, too late.

This morning.  Starbucks.  Triple Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Late.  I’m in a funk.  Whenever I feel negative I do something extra positive to counteract it.  So I paid for the person behind me’s Starbucks.  Then I drove off crying.  Everyone applauds me for saying nice things to people at practice/on facebook after Sunday scrimmages.  Yeah.  That’s to counteract the hate inside.  Really I’m just another asshole.  


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  1. 1

    dosapayne said,

    Meanass,you have got to stop calling yourself names! You are not a asshole and if you where I would tell you!

  2. 2

    sunnyd605 said,

    ok buddy. we’re going to go get drunk. i hate to see you in this funk. all of this shit will pass in time, i promise. until then, martinis and wine.

  3. 3

    Elizabeth said,

    Listen you little turd. You are amazing and I’m constantly impressed with your positive attitude (even though you are likely beating yourself up inside). You crush it at roller derby and you will keep crushing it–because that’s what you do!

    If anyone knows how you feel it’s me. So, let’s drink too much vodka/wine soon and compare notes.


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