Catching Up

So I haven’t written in a few days. Oops.  I actually wrote a novel of a post Saturday that didn’t post and isn’t lurking in my “drafts” folder.  Oi.

Saturday–ate well through the day.  Greasy pizza and breadsticks and a beer for dinner, but only water at prom.  Spin Class.  Push-ups, Sit-ups.

Sunday–same…  Tim made steak and bacon wrapped shrimp, and salad, and mac-n-cheese for dinner.  nom nom nom.  Beer and Wine.  Scrimmage. Push-ups, Sit-ups.

Monday–Turkey Sausage Biscuit, apple, steak salad, Naked Mango, energy bite.  Reilly walk, practice, scrimmage.  Wasn’t feeling well and forgot my push-ups and sit-ups.  😦





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    It published for like five seconds then kept saying the link was broken in my reader when I tried opening it! Last night was crazy, thanks for setting it up. No one plays that hard during intraleague scrimmages.

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