Working on it



  • 50 toe push ups
  • 5o crunches
  • 25 min. “All Abs” class
  • 1hr Body Pump

I will probably drink more wine and maybe eat ice cream tonight.  The good news is, when I decided to start drinking (around 4:30pm,) my taste buds opted for wine over liquor or beer.  Yay!  We’re getting there.

Woke up and did my 50 crunches/push-ups.  BAM.  Researched recipes for dinner, wrote ridiculously long shopping lists, went to All Abs and Body Pump.  Did much better in the ab class today than I did two weeks ago when I went.  Learned some good Exercise Ball exercises to do on my own.  We’ll see if I remember them–or if I do them alone.  😉  Doubtful.  Body Pump was Body Pump and sucked.  But…  I did alright.  Plus, I did pushups and situps, etc, in both of those classes on top of the 50/each I did on my own.  Yay me.  Not much walking today, but.  Well.  I’m still on the non-TBT warm-up, so whatev.

Both of those recipes were amazing.  I will likely add tofu or chicken to the Lo Mein when I make it again, and will serve the Chicken over rice to enhance the delicious flavor (see the notes I made on the recipes for further info.)


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