Weaning myself.

Yeah… I haven’t written in a few days.  Busy derby weekend.  I’m weaning myself off of this TBT.

So.  Friday.  Avoided the Dove Dark Chocolates like a champion.  Standard breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Speed Skating and Off Skates workout.  Saw an entirely different side of Thunda.  I knew that lady was fit, and now I know why. Shit.  There were multiple “it’s Friday night, right?” comments.  It was a fucking EPiC workout.  Hell.  And then Glory.

Dinner and wine/beer w/ Rowdy, Suri, and Hertz.  Rowdy made: Chicken Sausage Deliciousness and holy hell was it delicious.  Nom nom nom.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  I licked my bowl clean.  Suri made an apple pie.  I had TWO slices and I don’t even care.  Homemade apple pie?  No way I’m passing that shit up.

Woke up Saturday in time for Spin Class.  Usually I “prefer” (“loathe”) BodyPump on Saturdays, but I’m missing Tuesday, Denny came down to join me, and Leslie was teaching.  I sweat a lot.  I think it was mostly wine, too (the sweat.).  It was an extremely difficult class.  Saturdays are “Endurance Cycle” but most of the teachers do their regular thing (Kill Bill added three 5 minute sprints to his “Endurance Cycle” (they are also 15 mins longer…)) but Leslie took the “endurance” part seriously.  A little too seriously if you ask me.

I was feeling a little sickly (hungover, or, asI told Batty, Hang-rover) so I didn’t eat much.  I had a Turkey Sausage muffin before Spin, a Naked Veggie-Berry smoothie and some cheese samples at the grocery, Velveeta mac ‘n cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs.  Ok that sounds like a lot, but it didn’t feel like I ate much.  Had a half glass of wine with dinner.

Sunday Bloody Sunday wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be (after speed-skating, Thunda’s death-by-squatting, and Leslie’s death-by-bicycle, I was concerned.)  I died hard when I had a couple of power jams as a jammer, but everyone said I did well.  I got a good three scoring passes in, I just need to get to where I can run the clock out on those.  It was really fun today, and Alex Terminateu skated with USPS.  I really like her.  She looked good in Navy.  😉  I’m excited for the next draft because between newbs and transfers, there are a lot of skaters ready to move up!  It would have been more fun if Dosa had been there, though.

And then I drank a lot.  Beer.  Margarita.  Vodka OJ.  Wine.  And ate a large Wahoo’s Bonzai bowl w/ Cajun Fish (delicious) and a bowl of Tim’s chili.  With everything.  Unfortunately I’m feeling a little sickly with some stomach issues.  Clearly a result of my poor food choices.  So.  I’ll be back on the wagon tomorrow.

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    Menace you are sweet

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