Pumpkin Eater

Food: 2716

  • Quinoa Bowl in 1% milk with 1/2 banana, walnuts, maple syrup.  White toast w/ honey almond butter.  Coffee.  Sugar free Pumpkin Creamer.  
  • 2 Silvermine Sub Catering Sammies via Blew.  Two Beers.
  • A home brew beer.
  • Leafy greens, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes salad w/ nonfat greek yogurt, pom, and red wine vinegar dressing* with Lemon Herb Wild Rice and a Grilled Chicken Breast.  With wine.
  • 1% milk w/ Hershey’s Special Dark syrup.

* The Greek Yogurt, Pom, Red Wine Vinegar Dressing is good–but it was better Saturday when I put Honey in it as well. I left it out yesterday b/c it seemed an odd combo. Perhaps a Raspberry Honey would perfect this recipe.  (I’ll post once I know for certain.)


  • … scrimmage.

I ate poorly. I ate okay well yesterday, but I drank a shit ton.  Almost 1,000 calories in booze.  I’d be so much slimmer if I were like Mormon or something.  Also, because Blew’s brews (teehee) were good beer instead of shit, at 6.5% alcohol… yeah.  I felt it.  And then it was dusk when I was driving my one-eyed Subaru home.  Lesson clearly not learned.  I put my brights on.  I apologize to the poor soul in front of me.  It had to be done.  Even if it wasn’t really dark out yet.

I was totally in a negative funk (with girl plumbing issues to boot) when I got to scrimmage yesterday.  Rebel saved me on the plumbing problems.  Whew.  I almost shouted “does anyone have a tampon?!” to a warehouse full of boys.  (Sheriff and Cuddlefish and Tanaia were the only three there when I walked through the door prepared to yell.  I stopped myself in time.) Rebel is the shit, btw.  Anyway, I shook the funk, had a great scrimmage, a great beer and chat w/ Cruelie, fun NSOing the Punks (the littles are so freaking cute) and a great sober up water with Rowdy.



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