Food: 2581

  • 2 eggs w/ buttered stuffing bread toast
  • Cliff Shot Bloks
  • Swiss cheese, reduced fat cream cheese, and chicken breast on wheat bread with cottage cheese and a beer
  • Smoked salmon on reduced fat cream cheese triscuits
  • Pizza Rolls…  Chicken Nuggets…  bottle of red wine…


  • 2 hr scrimmage
  • long Reilly walk
  • Yoga stretching

OMG my body aches.  My back and my legs.  😦  I took an epsom salt bath, did some yoga-ish stretching, and sat w/ a heating pad on my back.  It felt fan-fucking-tastic.  Probably should have foregone some of the liquid calories, but I didn’t beat myself up about it too bad at the time.  Probably should have.  The bottle of wine was gone before I really realized there was a dent in it.  Ooops.

My weekends have been a little calorically crazy lately, and the result was that this morning the scale said 152.3.  This is really messing with my vacation plans.  There’s a nice gym there, but going to it would seriously cut into my already limited beach time.  *Sigh.*  In other news, despite how much I ache, I will force myself to go to practice tonight, since I will be missing over a week.  And probably something tomorrow, too.


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    My body is aching, too.

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