Calisthenics, etc.







  • Stale Honey Nut Cheerios & 1% milk, Coffee w/ Sugarfree Vanilla Creamer
  • Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, Protein Chewy Bar, Apple
  • Ham and Swiss w/ Horseradish Mustard on “Stuffing Bread”  w/ banana and Fuze Slenderize
  • Beer…
  • Pastaroni w/ Tuna/Salmon (from a can) and peas.  Red wine.  Dirty Martini(s.)  Bleu Cheese Olives


  • Reilly Walk
  • “Calisthenics”
    • 50 push-ups (37 on toes)
    • 50 bicycle crunches
    • 25 ass lift crunches
    • 25 crunches
    • 3 x 20 Shoulder Lift Ab Crunchie things w/ 10lbs (each side)
    • 3 x 20 5lb. Bicep Curls
    • 3 x 20 10lb.Tricep Presses
    • 3 x 20 10lb.Upright Rows
    • 20 10lb. Rows
    • 2 x 10 10lb. Bow & Arrow things…
    • 2 x 12 10lb. Shoulder Press

It’s only one martini if the glass is never fully drained, correct?


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    […] love chartreuse.)  Push-ups, sit-ups, other ab work, curls, presses, etc.  (I listed it out on my daily post last night.)  So…  I’m actually not beating myself up about it.  It only took 30 mins or so, […]

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