Thus concludes my Cheat-kend.


  • Two eggs over easy with buttery sourdough toast (*drools*) and coffee w/ creamer
  • Beer.  Martini (w/ Bleu Cheese Olives)
  • Flank Steak, Salmon, Quinoa /w Garbanzo beans, Salad w/ Greek Yogurt Red Wine Vinegar “dressing,” Red Wine, french fries
  • Chocolate Ice Cream, Red Wine
  • Red Wine


  • Scrimmage

That’s right.  Cheat-kend. My weekend of cheating.  And the eggs and toast were delicious and did not give me the liquid shits today (bonus!)  The vodka, beer, and wine were divine, as usual.  Scrimmage was fun.

This whole cold + dark at 5pm shit is gonna get old fast.  I’d love to be walking Reilly right now, but, well.  It’s dark.  So there goes about half of my exercise.  Fuck.  Gonna have to figure that out STAT.

What else?  Oh.  Well.  Apparently I am an asshole and am currently ditching dinner at Tootsie’s.  😦  I didn’t mean to.  Bad Mean@$$.


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