Daily Prompt: Be the Change

I’m going to try this “Daily Post” business.

So.  What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

My little TBT/derby blog.  What change would I like it to make in the world.  Hmmm…

Well.  I’m generally pretty lazy and don’t enjoy exercising.  And I love food.  Especially food that is bad for me.  So, I suppose, I would like my blog to show others that you can change your habits if you work at it.   Eating healthy isn’t necessarily difficult to do, and it isn’t necessarily less tasty than eating crap.  It’s really about changing how you look at food and cooking, etc.

Also, well.  Many RMRGers won’t TBT because they think the program is too extreme.  It is.  For the average skater.  Which is exactly what I am.  I joke that I make a mockery and a farce of the TBT.  And I do.  I drink and eat desserts and cheese, etc this whole time.  But…  I’ve changed my habits for the better.  I set goals, I worked towards them, and have found some success.  So, I guess I also hope my blog shows other RMRGers interested in changing their habits that this TBT system works, if the program itself is a bit rigid.

Lastly… I like posting recipes and food pictures.  So I guess I hope people make the food I post or use the tips I suggest on eating healthier.


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