Blogging Tips for my ladies: Sunny & Rowdy READ, damn it. (Don’t worry, they’re from someone who knows shit, not me.)

Hi All,

So Dosa pointed out a few weeks ago that some of us are falling of the bandwagon.  That’s fair.  It’s been a long 70ish days, and this shit is getting old, right?  I enjoy writing these blogs in the morning.  They’ve become part of my routine that I enjoy with my morning coffee.

So while I understand it’s been a long haul that’s almost over…I have no problem blogging in the morning and have been trying to come up with things I can write about during non TBT months.  Poop is definitely high on the list.  And wine.  (Anyone have other ideas?)

Anyway, I read this blog.  This woman started one blog, then became a Professional Blogger w/ 6 Blogs she writes/edits, etc.  (How fucking BA would that be?) and these are her 11 Blogging Tips.

Anyway, two that apply to us: #4: Be You!  and #11: Keep it Fun!  Ladies, we’re almost there.  Hang in there, and try to have fun with your Blogs.  Sunny, you’re the fucking shit.  Hang in there, and make that blog something fun to write about!  And Rowdy–if entering calories into MyFitnessPal is sucking the life out of you (my words, not Rowdy’s,) it’s okay to stop.  Make it fun for these last 20 days.  We’re so close.

And to those of you I’m not calling out, if you’re struggling too: hang in there.   Keep it fun.  And for Newt who’s just starting–make it fun, lady, so you stick with it.

❤ Mean@$$

PS: Ideas on topics I could move forward writing about after TBT are encouraged comments to this post.  For anyone reading this.  Thanks!


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    Did someone on our team post that blog link on FB? I just read that the other day, too. As for what else to write about – all I can think about is DERBY!

  2. 3

    As for MyFitnessPal – if I don’t track what I eat, I go wayyyy over calories. I’ve learned that lesson time and again, unfortunately. My enthusiasm for the site comes and goes but overall, it’s more helpful than not.

  3. 4

    Should I be using MyFitnessPal?? I think I have a hard time in-taking the right amount of good stuff(blogging it is making me realize this). I am lazy, a procrastinator, and I feel like I am never home, so coming up with ideas and making food is hard. Any tips?

    • 5

      I use Fitbit’s website to track mine, and I think it helps. (

      Example: I was like 200 calories over one day, and had had 100 calories of mayonaise and 100 calories of butter. Or Orange Juice. Good for you, right? Nope. Even a glass of milk has 200 calories.

      So, it helps me sort of see what I’m putting into my body that isn’t working for me.

      And… if making food is hard, there are lots of healthy quick options, too! 😉

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