Donuts, Doughnuts? EVERYWHERE! And not a bite for Mean@$$ :D

Today is a teacher work day, because my school is a Polling Place.  Our administration provided a Coffee and Donuts breakfast in the library for everyone.  As a result, there are donuts EVERYWHERE! It’s like they’re following me saying “eat me!  eat me!”  Here, see for yourself:

Donuts in the mailboxes:

Donuts on one of the library’s AV carts:

Donuts on my desk!!!

Donuts at my meeting!!!


I have faithfully resisted them.  Even though I love how they melt in my mouth…  starting out all puffy and smushing down to a bite of doughy deliciousness…  Sugared are good…  the ones on my desk with the caramel topping are my favorite, though that strawberry looks pretty good…  And coconut.  OMG.  I love coconut donuts.  And chocolate.  Sometimes the chocolate is better than the caramel.

I digress.  Not today.  No donuts.  Just Say No!


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  1. 1

    hahaha you goober! I am always tempted by doughnuts and then remember once I bite into them that I don’t really like them. Unless they are hot off the presses from Krispy Kreme, in which case, get out of my way.

  2. 2

    Impressive! Thats why you now have washboard abs!!

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