3559 steps. No really. 3559 steps. Yikes.


  • Eggs, quinoa w/ maple syrup, walnuts, and banana (nom nom nom), coffee & sugarfree creamer
  • Nonfat greek yogurt w/ honey and walnuts, 1% milk, triscuits, fruit salad
  • Peanut M&Ms, Diet Coke
  • Hawaiian stuffed chicken breast, Quinoa w/ garbanzo beans, Sourdough toast w/ butter


  • Yeah.  None.

I literally sat on my ass for 7 hours.  Running the volleyball scoreboard.  My team won, and will be playing at State this weekend, which is pretty BA.  I’ve never had so few steps, which is bad . 😦  Skipped spin class, too.  😦  Wish I’d gone.  Didn’t enjoy sleeping in as much as I needed to go to Spin.  Oh well.  Now I know.

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