Ungghh. >:( Vodka is not my friend. Vodka is not my friend. Vodka is not my friend…

Food: 3264/1737

  • Frosted mini wheats, coffee, creamer, milk
  • Luna Bar (Vanilla Almond)
  • Natural PB & Banana on Wheat, with milk
  • Apple
  • Jalapeno Spinach Cheese Dip (with chips), Chicken Avocado and Swiss w/ Ranch sandwich, coleslaw, 2 Pints.
  • 3+ Martinis w/ Bleu Cheese Olives.
  • Mango Sherbet.


  • Reilly Walk.  Short

Hung the fuck over this morning.  Great big glass of ice water instead of coffee.  Have the coffee.  Drinking the water.  Coffee doesn’t sound appetizing.  I nearly tossed my breakfast this morning.  Here’s a list of things that give me diarrhea:

  1. Menstruating
  2. Liquor
  3. Fatty Foods
  4. Spicy Foods

Please cross reference that with my food, and add in that my monthly gift arrived yesterday.  Holy butthole explosion.  And why is it so bright in here?  Surely a library doesn’t need so many lights?

In other relevant news, Tim and I went out last night to avoid the trick or treaters.  I know, I know.  Makes me sad too, but Tim hates them.  Anyway, I ordered the healthiest thing I could find.  Grilled chicken w/ swiss, avocado, and ranch sandwich.  I asked for the ranch on the side (I should have left it off, but I put a lil on my sammie.) Coleslaw instead of fries.  I tried to not eat too much spinach dip (that was an epic, epic, epic fail.  😦 Tim ordered it.  His fault.)  My dinner logged in just under 1500 calories.  😦  So I just gave up.  When things get tough: give up.  Right?  Actually I didn’t at first.  I did get really really bloated though.  Ugh.  Then we got home and I spotted the jar of olives in the fridge.  And I don’t remember much after that.

PS: weighed in at 152.8 and 17.5% Bodyfat this morning.  I’m thinking the latter must be a mistake, but still: cool.

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