Bad Mean@$$! When will you learn?

Food: 2345/1935

  • Frosted Mini Wheats, 1% milk, coffee, Sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • Apple, Greek yogurt w/ granola and fruit
  • Salad w/ honey mustard, turkey, colby jack, lettuce, olive oil mayo, mustard on wheat, Fuze Slenderize…  brownie cupcake…with… a york… peppermint patty inside…
  • 1% cottage cheese, wheat thins, milk w/ hershey’s special dark
  • Luna S’mores Bar


  • walked Reilly
  • Nona practice (She shattered a bearing.  It was cool.)

Any boys reading, you likely wanna skip this part.  Raging, raging PMS.  I don’t get a heavy flow or cramps or anything, but dear lord the crazy the week before.  I go from horribly, horribly depressed to uncontrollable rage to exhausted and back again.  I have limited control over my emotions and even less control over my short temper.  Karen (my new assistant) asked me twice yesterday if I was okay.  The best part: I don’t even realize it’s happening until too late.  Fortunately, I’ve kept a handle on things for the most part this go.  I snapped at a few kids yesterday (I was less patient with them, less polite when asking them to shush, but nothing too crazy.)  It’s worse when I… how do I put this w/o being graphic?  Or do I just get graphic?  I use the nuvaring.  Love it.  But sometimes I forget to… um…  take it out.  Then the rage builds for a few days.  I’m slightly less than a week late, so… super rage.  I also get terrible diarrhea.  That’ll be a few days from now.  Something to look forward to!  😉  Seriously, though.  When the diarrhea starts, the crazy stops.  Fucked up Catch-22, I tell ya.  Bring on the liquid shit!

Boys–you’re safe now.  One of the history teachers brings homemade treats from his mom every Monday.  (So cute, right?)  Yesterday, he was gone, and one of the principals delivered the treats to our lunchroom (missing two, of course.)  Yesterday, they were individual brownies in cupcake paper with a York Peppermint Patty in the middle.  They looked like innocent brownies, so I had one.  Then I got to the york.  Nom nom nom.  Then I looked up the calories for it.  322 calories.  OMG.  Then, I got nauseous.  Not sure if that was a physical reaction to the onslaught of sugar or a mental reaction to what I’d just done.  You’ll notice I’m just over 322 calories over for yesterday.  😦

So yeah.  That was my day.  In other news: weighed in at 152.5 today!  And that’s during the… bloating… part… once I hit the diarrhea phase…  well I’m interested to see what happens to that number over the next few days.

Also–fun–check out the photo one of the newbs (Lisa) posted on my fb:

Do you think it’s accurate?  I want one.  Stocking stuffer.  Heck yes.

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