This might be my limit


  • 3 egg omelette w/ mushrooms, bagel w/ butter
  • apple, banana, cheese, wheat thins
  • wine.  martinis.
  • pepperoni pizza, salad w/ honey mustard dressing,


  • scrimmage

Yeah.  I’m fucking beat.  My legs is tired.  Scrimmage today was hard.  I had no energy, my legs were screaming at me all day.  But it was fun!  I can’t wait to see the final product, etc, from today’s filming.  I’m super excited for Misto and Fi.

I’m gonna write a “Menace’s Musings” post, so I think that’s all I have for now.  Today is a cheat day cuz I’m drinking a lot.  YAY ALCOHOL!

Oh–that’s something I can say.  I’m not sure about these bleu cheese olives.  They have this super strong tang to them that is… not… my favorite flavor.  I think I might buy plain green olives and stuff them myself.  (Did that for Thanksgiving a few years ago.)

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