When things get tough, give up.

Just kidding.  That’s something I tell students sometimes.  They complain that things are hard, so I say: well.  you should probably give up, then.  if it’s hard.  you know, like, when you want to get a job, and the first place doesn’t hire you?  give up.  when you want a date for prom, and the first girl says no?  give up.  etc, etc, etc.  I’m using this new thing called sarcasm when I do that.  It’s where you say the opposite of what you really mean to prove a point.

Anyway, we’re halfway through this TBT business.  Lots of us have already dropped like flies, and the rest of us are getting sick, busy, etc.  For me, looking at my caloric intake the past few days/weeks… I’m over nearly every day.  I have about 3lbs left to lose to reach that 150 goal.  And sure, I said 150ish…  but what if I could hit 150, a healthy 150, and keep myself there?  That would be pretty fucking cool.  Plus people like Rad Die and the Power Weights teacher at school have noticed my fit-ness, and it’s definitely encouraging.

However… that last 3lbs…  that’s the hardest.  That last 10%.  Right?  And I’ve had these busy weeks and not kept to my plan.  So now what?  Give up?  No.  Definitely not.  Gotten this far, keep pushing myself to see where I can get.  And sure, it will be extra hard.  I’m busy.  Derby season is over.  The RMRG LOA list is already pages long.  Why keep going?  What’s pushing me?  I don’t even know.  It’s just that last time I dropped out after 2weeks and this time I’ve made it this far.  And I’ve been feeling better.  And if I can stick it out, I’ll feel so much less guilty about all those December treats that are coming my way.  I also have that weeklong trip to Grand Cayman w/ my family.  Fortunately: my mom will be there so I’ll have some motivation to exercise (she will every day.)  Conversely, alcohol, treats, etc, etc, etc.  I may add a week to my TBT to make up for that week.  We’ll see.

Also: my abs.  I want Bijou abs.  Mine sort of look like they’ve had a stroke.  One side is wider than the other, and higher up.  A result of no gallblader, I think.  The one side is all wilty.  Anyway, they’re getting there.  They are sort of defined.  I’ve still got a bit of fat store on the lower part of my belly, so I don’t look like some kind of man-woman yet.  And my thighs.  I’m getting cycling thighs.  Which is interesting.

So–today.  I will walk Reilly.  Ugh.  In this horrible horrible weather.  I might do some Yoga.  But that’s probably all.  However, tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will go to Spin Class, I may Body Pump, I will bout, and I will double practice it Sunday.  I will go to practice Monday, Tuesday maybe a repeat of the Leslie Spin, practice Wednesday, Spin Thursday?  Friday off?  We’ll see how it goes, but ladies: it’s time to get back on track and finish this shit out.  Five weeks left.  Let’s make ’em count.  Let’s make those first seven weeks worth it.


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