Even Less Good things


Food: 3276/991

  • Frosted mini-wheats w/ 1% milk, coffee, sugarfree vanilla goodness
  • Apple, Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola
  • Tomato Soup, Wheat Bread w/ cheese slices, Fuze Slenderize…. cheese…. more cheese…  some cheese… a piece of pineapple…  and some cheese
  • P/T Conference Dinner: Salad, Meatballs, Cheesecake-y Key lime pie thing.  Cookie Brownie.  Diet Dr. Pepper.  Water….  Cheese Quesadilla… … …  more salad.  water


  • Bahahahaha.  hahahahaha.  HA!

I couldn’t enjoy the second cookie brownie thing because it made me sick.  Too much sugar.  Icky Sicky.  There was a cheese and fruit platter at lunch.  I figured I was already gonna eat bad at dinner, so why not.


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