My hips, my hips, my painful lady hips

Food: 2368/2180

  • Frosted Mini Wheats w/ 1% milk, Coffee, Sugarfree Vanilla Creamer
  • Chick Fil-A Breakfast Burrito, Apple
  • Greek Yogurt w/ fruit and granola, Almond butter & Simply Fruit jelly on wheat w/ 1% milk
  • Smoothie: banana, Pom, Greek Yogurt, Frozen Strawberries (boom.)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup, Baguette, 1% milk


  • Short walk w/ Reilly
  • Leslie Spin Class of Death

So, on the bright side, Leslie is not the crazy tribal marimba spin class teacher.  Unfortunately, she is also… not the crazy tribal marimba spin class teacher.  She is new.  From Pennsylvania, near New Jersey.  I liked her.  A lot.  Her class was my hell.  And the fan went out and I was dripping sweat all over myself. Hard hard hard.  Eventually I stopped thinking and just did what she was telling us to do.  It was good.

I also realized that maybe I wasn’t ready for hard spin class yesterday?  I dunno. I woke up Monday like “fuuuuuck.”  I woke up Tuesday like “FUUUUUCK.”  And then I went to spin class.  Perhaps I worked harder than I thought this past weekend?  My body wanted another day.  Oh well.  It gets today.  Also, I did not have time to stretch/yoga after spin class like I enjoy doing.  I had to hit the store (Tim is sick and I needed to get sickly person stuff.)  Then it was 8pm and I heated up soup, ate it, and went to bed.  My hips pop when I sleep.  I roll over: pop.  Roll over again: pop.  Get up: pop.  Sit down: pop.  I need to see Dr. Borman again, but no time this week.  😦

Today I am realizing I might not have time to do any cool Vampire Gifties.  Which is sad.  Cuz I’d be so good at it.  😦  I don’t even know when I’ll find the time to get my damn shirt done.  No time for practice, thus no time for heat pressing.  I don’t even have a white shirt yet, but I do have red shirt paint at home and a husband talented at that stuff.  And work.  I have work stuff to do.  And a meeting after school.  Blarrrgh.

Ok.  So Ima get on that.  Peace, yo.


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