The Weekend

Well.   I packed a few healthy snacks, I tried to eat healthy, and I avoided alcohol… mostly.  I started off tracking my food on fitbit, then it got too busy.  So let’s see.


  • Great big quinoa bowl with banana and maple syrup, a mostly egg white scramble w/ onion, red pepper, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes.
  • 2 apples, a giant shot of tequila (w/ Bijou–to curb flight anxiety)
  • Luna Bar
  • I got Chip Faced w/ Tina, Bijou, Blew, and Roxx at Chili’s (tons of chips and guac and salsa) and ate Shrimp Tacos for dinner (I skipped the rice and beans, though…)
  • Exercise: walking through the airport.  I tried to walk instead of use the…  flat escalators.


  • 3 pieces wheat toast w/ peanut butter and honey, apple danish (it was gross, too), and a banana
  • Starbucks Triple Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Late
  • Jack’s Urban Eats Chicken Teriyaki w/ Pineapple sandwich and a ton of sweet potato fries.  😦
  • Luna Bar, Pretzels, Cheeze-Its, Cliff Shot Bloks
  • 3 pieces Dominos Pepperoni Pizza
  • Exercise: Bout.


  • Special K w/ 2% milk, banana
  • Cliff Shot Bloks, banana, mimosa
  • Jack’s Urban Eats BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Hummus wrap (thanks Cruelie), White Cheddar Wheat Thins…
  • Leftover Pasta (chicken, broccoli, white sauce) from Thursday…  2 beers
  • Exercise: Bout, airport walking.

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    sunnyd605 said,

    sounds like you guys had a blast, what a great way to end the season!!

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