Carb Loading a day early…

Food: Shocking, but 1919/1919…  

  • Quinoa Bowl w/ Honey Crisp Apple, Maple Syrup, Coffee w/ sugarfree vanilla creamer
  • 3 Egg White/2 Egg scramble w/ kale, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, and red pepper
  • 1% Cottage Cheese
  • French Baguette w/ Olive Oil/Balsamic Dipping Sauce
  • 2 Kona Brews (Pipeline Porter, Big Wave Golden Ale)
  • Spaghetti w/ Light Parmesan Alfredo Ragu, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, grilled chicken breast…  mozzarella balls… and grated parmesan…  2 Glasses of Root: 1 Wine (which is quite delicious.)


  • 1 hr Spin Class w/ Kill Bill
  • 30 mins stretching/yoga

Busy day today.   I almost didn’t make it to spin class.  I did.  And I was early.  And it was Kill Bill.  Not Kim.  😡  Imagine my surprise to find the older, overly chatty, hyper-soldier Bill with his classic rock instead of sweet, petite, chipper Kim with her popular music.  *Sigh.*  What’s worse…I was early.  20 mins. early.  I had to talk to him.  He’s learned my name.  Names have power.  For a while, it looked like it would be just me in the class.  He wondered if I wanted to participate alone.  Fuck yes.  I’m not gonna go downstairs and ride a stationary bike by myself.  That would be a waste of time.  Thus, my name popped up several times during the hour of hell.  *Sigh.*  I added tension.  I pedaled faster.  Ughhhh.  I don’t like him b/c he does so much “speed work” which to him means pedaling over 120 RPMs, where the bike tops out.  I stuck to 115+, and tried to just hold it at 119ish, just before it started flashing at me that I was over 120.  The problem I have with that is…  either my tits are flopping all over the place maniacally, or I’m not going over 115.  There’s no happy medium.  I managed the flopping as best I could.  We did a lot of that.  (Sprinting, that is.) Then we did this “2 x 4” twice.  Two minutes hard pedaling, two minutes even harder, two minutes even harder standing, two minute sprint (which is fucking weird b/c you go from all this tension and just trying to make the wheel go round to going as fast as you can to hauling ass as fast as possible w/ limited tension…)  Then, even worse, we went from standing w/ as much tension as possible for 30 seconds to sprinting w/ little tension for 30 seconds.  It’s hard to explain what I mean, or why it was so hard… the difficulty didn’t bother me… (reminded me of trying to break through a FC wall–the tension–to sprinting back around to score points–the sprinting.)  It just doesn’t seem safe… I dunno

But…it was a fucking badass workout.  Holy shit.  I wobbled downstairs to my yoga mat after.  Oi.  I have been questioning all week if I’m going to get up and go to spin class at 5:45am tomorrow (also Kim’s class.)  I think I can handle it… except I haven’t had a no-exercise day since last Thursday.  And I got an excellent workout today, so there’s no need.  So that’s kind of a relief.  So…  I guess Kill Bill is okay.  And I will admit to enjoying classic rock.

Food–I fucking stacked my breakfast again.  Quinoa Bowl and an omelette.  I wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat after Spin.  Considering the workout I got, that’s kind of a big deal.  I did carb-load for dinner.  We have all these cherry tomatoes from the garden before that first freeze that need to be eaten.  So I threw them and some broccoli in some light white sauce with noodles. I added some mozzarella balls (I know, why get light if I’m gonna do that?  I just don’t want the mozzarella balls to go bad–I bought them to go w/ the tomatoes in a tomato-basil-mozzarella salad, before realizing I no longer have fresh basil.  D’oh!!!)  Anyway, I also ate a shit ton of french bread, two beers, and am about to settle in on–correction 😀 — just started– my second glass of wine.

However…  Even with the second glass of wine… and w/o my fitbit accurately tracking the calories I burned this morning (it counts them as “steps” and doesn’t realize how fucking hard I was working)… I’m not over on calories.  It’s only 7, so I may have more wine.  But either way, even if today is an “EPiC Fail,” I still think I’m doing all right.

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