Please Excuse My Tardiness

Food: 2401/1786

  • 3 egg white, 1 egg omelette with kale, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan cheese w/ coffee and creamer
  • Quinoa cooked in 1% milk w/ banana, almonds, and maple syrup
  • Honey Crisp Apple, Raspberry/Dark Chocolate Yogurt Pretzels, Broccoli, red pepper, cucumber, and hummus
  • 2 Pumpkin Beers, Fried Pickles, Catfish Bites, Quesadilla with gloriously deliciously bad for me sauces.


  • Derby practice that I was late for.  😦

Weird things happened yesterday.  My hips have been popping in and out of place when I sleep.  This happens all the time.  It means I need to go see Dr. Borman.  I have needed to see him since the DRD bout.  So I went yesterday.  Trouble is, my phone, which I have used for directions to Dr. Borman’s before, took me to basically the Denver Zoo instead of Dr. Borman’s office.  I got off the highway at Colorado, looked up, saw Dr. Borman’s office, realized my phone had taken me to the wrong exit, and proceeded to drive five miles north through terrible traffic.  Even though I knew I was supposed to have gotten off at Evans and driven less than a mile to get to the office.  It dropped me off at some random house.  Right at 3:00.  When my appointment was.  Oops.  Fortunately, Dr. Borman did not have an appointment after me.  So I drove back through the terrible traffic to his office.

I was really gassy and so Dr. Borman had to keep telling me to relax b/c I was trying to hold the farts in.  *Blushes.*  I did mostly.  He said my hips were 1/2″ off when I got there, so no wonder they’ve been bothering me.

Then I went to Derbyville, again using my phone directions.  It was trying to take me to the wrong place again!  Fortunately, I was wise to it’s plan and went the way I knew to get there…  I only got a lil turned around.  I had ordered Poison Slims, Knee Gaskets, and TSG Wristguards online.  Unfortunately, they were out of the Poison Slims.  Fortunately, there are new 84a wheel options; Derbyville had: Reckless Envys and Radar Villians.  The Villians are 59mm, which I thought I didn’t like based on my Atom Juke experience.  However, I don’t like Quadzilla.  He’s douchey.  So I don’t want to support one of his many companies and put $$$ in his pocket.  So I couldn’t get the Reckless Envy wheels.  Besides, they are turquoise and would clash with chartreuse.  Plus…  the wheels I do like are Mojos and Zodiac, both from Radar.  And the Radar Villians are white… which looks totally BA w/ my white skates.   So I got those.  I think I actually like the 59mm height this go around…  We’ll see.  Instead of gaskets, I talked myself into new 187 Pro Derby Pads.  I really don’t want to make my knees bulkier by adding gaskets, I just want something that will stay on my knee and not slide off when I fall.  I just didn’t want to spend $85 now, when I got my current 187 Pros in March.  But, it was only $50 more for new pads instead of gaskets, so wtf.  And I got the Triple 8 wristguards instead of the TSGs.  Which is cool.  I also picked up a gray sweat liner for my red-black fade RMRG travel team helmet.  I did not purchase red sequin panties, a white pro dent mouthguard or chartreuse schwings.  So.  While I got more than I had planned for…  I think I did alright.

Then I went to practice.  It was 6:00 by the time I got there, and only 6 cars in the parking lot!  I had to put my new wheels on, so I don’t think I was skating til 6:30ish.  Maybe even 6:45.  Yikes.  There were a ton of people who were even later than me, though.  We ended up w/ around 20 girls.  Then USPS / FC took Bob Loblaw out to her favorite restaurant to wish her luck with her surgery.  Bob and her girlfriend Katie are super cute together.  And both so sweet and nice and funny.  Titan and I last minute decided to order and split Catfish bites, a Chicken Quesadilla, and Fried Pickles.  hahaha.  I ❤ Titan.  We were both last minute deciders and it was awesome.  And the food was great.  The pickles were amazing!  As per my standard, I managed to dump an entire Ice Water on Pepa’s lap.  Oops.  It was crazy though, b/c she wasn’t really sitting near me.  I was turning the pickles slowly around (to get to the good dip) and they knocked over the water.  I also had two Lake Shore Pumpkin Beers.  Delicious!  Nom Nom Nom.

On the way home from the bar, my tummy got upset.  😦  Too much fried food, I think.  It wasn’t super sick, I didn’t have any issues when I got home, I just didn’t feel great.  You are what you eat, I guess, huh?


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