I like it EXTRA DiRTY when I’m pulling pork

If you’re here for entertainment, hang in there…


  • OJ, banana, Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin Sammie
  • Egg white omelette w/ Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Dill, and Parmesan Cheese
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Almond Clusters
  • Triscuits w/ cream cheese, VitaRain Sport
  • Pulled Pork Sliders, Coleslaw, 3 Dirty Martinis


  • Body Pump
  • Walk w/ Reilly

As usual, I did well w/ food in the morning and not so well in the afternoon.  I was going to order Chicken Strips and french fries, Tim seemed to think the sliders would be less bad for me.  I think he was wrong.  600 calories?  yikes.  Anyway, they were good.  The martinis were average, but it sated my going-out-and-drinking-martinis craving.  Perhaps.  The bar I want to drink martinis at was too busy again yesterday.  *sigh.*  They have a U-shaped bar, with some tables to one side by big windows and a courtyard w/ a fountain.  then on the other side of the U, there is a wall, with a half shelf thing, and some chairs in front of it.  That was where we were sitting.  It is awful.  You are staring at a wood paneled wall with barely enough table to set a drink on, let alone your dinner.  But they play jazz music, and there are all kinds of old guys drinking chardonnay and cosmos that I can make fun of, and they have delicious martinis.  I debated even ordering my standard dirty because they infuse their own liquors there.  This week they had: triple berry vodka, grapefruit vodka, and jalapeno orange tequila.  The first two are standard and ingredients in specialty martinis.  They have a rotating third.  Once it was Cinnamon apple and I had a Caramel Apple Martini.  Holy fuck.  Good.  Anyway, I have ordered the triple berry strait before, it’s delicious.  And the grapefruit goes into a Ruby Red Slipper Martini, which is delicious, and not too girly.  Love it.  Anyway, I got a dirty martini.  It was average, we were smushed against a halfwall, the one guy had left before finishing his Chardonnay and we’d exhausted all “look at the dude drinking chardonnay/leaving a full chardonnay when he leaves” conversation and the other  guy had just ordered his second Cosmo,  so we meanedered elsewhere.

We went to the bar next door, which is Tim’s favorite.  *Sigh.*  It’s dirty, and dark, and western-ish.  The food and drinks are cheap, there are no men ordering chardonnay or cosmos, just burgers and beer.  So not what I was going for.  But, we had gone there once over the summer and I had a delicious dirty martini.  Yesterday, it was average.  The pork sliders were good, but not what I was looking for.  Then we went and saw the movie Looper.  I hated it.  Ok, I didn’t hate it, but it was bad.  They messed w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s make -up, eyebrows, and nose to make him look like Bruce Willis and it was fucking creepy and weird.  You knew something was wrong, but not what, and so it was sickening to look at him.

Body Pump.  I didn’t like it.  I don’t like working out/exercising for the sake of exercising, and I freaking loathe lifting.  Body Pump was basically lifting.  I learned I have no arm/chest strength, my back is okay, and my legs are slightly above ok.  I had totally the wrong weights on.  The leg circuit was fine.  The back circuit was too light.  The chest circuit was probably just right.  Biceps: too heavy.  Triceps: soo much too heavy I had to slightly give up.  I couldn’t do tricep extensions w/ a 5kg weight, and I didn’t want to wuss out w/ a 1kg donut.  I didn’t sweat very much, and when I was done I didn’t have that “ahhhh” feeling, just a “mehg”  feeling.  I’m not really sore at all today.  My chest a lil, and my already sore groin area.  So… it seems like an EPiC FAiL.  I’ll go again and decide.  Interesting things about Tuesday morning Body Pump at the Castle Rock Rec Center:

  • It is taught by Freda.  Not to be confused with Frida.  I have been wanting to meet her to see.  She’s about the same height, but that’s about all I could tell.  She had baggy black/white/gray camo knee length shorts on, those black bands around her knees that are for adolescent males, a long dirty blonde ponytail, and well.  Frida runs a good practice.  Freda’s class was meh.  And it’s pronounced “Frehhhda”
  • Apparently I was slow packing up my Body Pump junk.  As soon as class ended, Freda cranked “Gangnam Style” and all of these older ladies with their sweat pants pulled up to their chests started coming in and getting jiggy.  I was like “wtf, am I in senior citizen dance aerobics?”  After “Gangnam Style,” “Ice Ice Baby” came on.  It was Zumba.  I think the older people were just because it was Tuesday at 9:30am.  As I stepped out of the Body Pump/Zumba room to do some yoga-ish stretching near the track,
  • I was bombarded by dozens of very very old people walking backwards around the track carrying resistance bands.  As they rounded a corner where their instructor was, they pulled gently on the resistance bands (similar to how he was demonstrating at them, but he actually pulled his band taut and then some, they just sort of pulled theirs outward a tad.)  I waited to see if an elderly individual would come around the track carting an oxygen tank instead of a resistance band, but it didn’t happen.

    After I got over my initial amusement, I noticed their attire.  Most were sporting cotton pants and tee shirts, but there was the occasional man in navy dockers pulled to his chest and secured with brown suspenders.  Even a woman in acid wash jeans with an elastic waistband that I’m pretty sure was high enough to go over her boobs, securing them “down” instead of “up,” as us young people prefer.  Juxtaposing these individuals, a woman came skipping sideways around the track in spandex shorts and an adidas tank.  (Thankfully someone had talked her out of the sports-bra and spandex shorts look before leaving the nursing home.)

    I began stretching.  Eventually, the elderly crowded around their instructor, then all leaned up against the wall.  I thought for sure they were going to pass around a pack of smokes and light up, since I see my husband lean similarly against a wall when smoking quite often.  But no, they just leaned there, in that position, for about a minute, until their instructor stopped his watch, and they all stood up cheering.  I realized they had been doing a “wall sit.”  When I left the Rec Center, I did not see a Dial-a-Ride anywhere, which was surprising.

    Yes, it was amusing, and I jest, but seriously: good for those old people!  Getting their Vanilla Ice Zumba on and their backwards walking.  Some of them really struggled walking backwards.  Like newbies trying to skate backwards.  I wondered then what these people had done in their youth.  Because I’m sure someday I’ll be walking around a track backwards, and doing “wall sits” at the Rec Center.  Did some of them do ballet?  Or fight in a war?  Etc, etc, etc.  Or maybe, one of them was one of those 1920s Roller Derby chicks.  Anyway, I feel silly going to the Rec Center when most of my friends and peers go to “the gym.”  You know, 24hr Fitness or some place with a membership fee and a nice spa and fancy trainers.  But…  I like the ghetto Rec Center.  It reminds me of being a kid and going to swim practice.  And where else would I see a hoard of elderly walking backwards or wall sitting?


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