That’s Ironical, that is.

I’m skipping a day-ish of food logging.  It’s a bit time consuming and I just don’t feel like it.  I will say: yesterday I ate well until dinner.  I didn’t drink too much because I was feeling sickly (just a couple glasses of wine,) but Tim made Steak and Parmesan Biscuits.  In which I indulged.  A lot.  They were delicious.  Oh–and I bought bad groceries at Sprouts.  I bought dark chocolate covered cherries and almonds.  And dark chocolate and raspberry yogurt pretzels.  Delish.  Today, same-ish.  I got a Fuze that was full (180) calories and wanted to kick myself.  I was looking at the vitamins, etc, hoping it would help me feel better and missed the calorie count.  😦  Fortunately, I feel great after scrimmage.  Weird.   Some Conts. & Hertz went to The Walnut Room for lunch.  I had a salad and none of Hertz & Lops’s delicious looking cheesy bread.  I even turned my nose up at $2 Mimosas.  And then Frak ordered a bloody mary.  I figured I could sample it.  It was fucking delicious.  Horseradishy and spicy and with olives as a garnish.  I fucking love green olives.  OMG.  That’s why I love dirty martinis.  Olives are the shizz.  So I waffled a while, we discussed the pros/cons of TBT as a group, and I decided that as my goals center on improving my derby… one Bloody Mary wouldn’t kill me, right?

WRONG.  Worst fucking heartburn ever.  I almost had to have Blew give me mouth to mouth or some shit.  It was awful.  Naturally, I pointed the irony out to everyone.  We chuckled, and I continued trying to drink it’s sweet tomato and horseradishy goodness.  To no avail.  I did eat the olives.  I think it amused Hertz.  She was trying to point out that my body was telling me no, when I ignored the burning nausea and tried sipping slowly…  then smaller sips… then a sip chased by water, etc, before giving in to the obvious and pouting for the rest of our lunch.

Now I am enjoying a beer, and I may have martinis later.  Who knows.  It’s gettin’ crazy up in here.  It’s fall break, bitches.  I am concerned how my traveling will affect TBT.  Fall Break and Sacramento this week, Grand Cayman with my parents over Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we do a half-way weigh in or something, yes?

And Exercise:

Yesterday–despite the best intentions of going to BodyPump, per Rowdy’s suggestion, I went to Endurance Cycle instead.  I know I mentioned needing to strengthen my core and BodyPump is certainly a better option for that, but…  well.  Yesterday was my favorite instructor’s (Kim) Saturday.  Plus… I’m a lil nervous for BodyPump.  😦  What if everyone laughs at me?  I have this week off, I will go to BodyPump or Kim’s Bosu class Tuesday.  (Anyone know wtf Bosu is, btw?  She mentioned Core…. she also mentioned planks w/ a weight… ugh…)

Today–Cont practice (not quite an hour… hell, I don’t even know if we were athletic for a full half hour–that’s not to say we didn’t have a productive morning) then Conts vs. the world (we fucking tore it up, even though there were some FCers in the world) and then USPS vs Sugars, then vs. Hoods.  I think USPS had the highest home team attendance.  Mostly because we’re fucking awesome.  The poor Sugars only had 5.  😦  Anyway, we did well and had fun doing well.

That’s about it.  I’m gonna try to drink a SHIT TON so that I can get it out of my system and get my focus back on STAT.  I’m debating on practice + _____ at the rec tomorrow… but I doubt it.  I am a ‘lil snotty still and I don’t want to burn the candle at both ends and sick-ify myself before Sacramento, cuz that would blow balls.


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